SimSelfHere you can follow any of my stories and challenges. I try to plan my Sim’s lives but often they will take me in a completely different direction. I just follow, take screenshots and write about their experiences.
If I were a Sim my traits would be:  Loner, Commitment Issues, Absent Minded, Animal Lover, Friendly, Neat and Socially Awkward.
For me, playing Sims takes me out of this world and into theirs, where anything can happen.  Often I will use their traits and life time wishes as a base for each story and play them to the full.
The use of mods and poses enhance my game-play and make for some interesting screenshots. The only expansion pack I don’t have is Supernatural.  None of my stories include supernatural elements. The only other life form played are aliens.
I love the simple mindedness of my Sim characters. Sometimes they make me crazy but mostly they make me laugh at the things they do. Some of my favorites are Barney Beake: Sci-Fi Madness,  The Time Machine Challenge and the Random Legacy Challenge.
I hope you have as much fun reading about them as I did playing them.

Please Note: This site will always be “in progress” as I continue to add content to my stories and create others.