Barney Beake: Into The Future: Part 1

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Meet Barney Beake, a man of many traits. He's a Genius, which borders on insanity, a Bot Fan and sometimes thinks he is a Bot. With a passion for science fiction he's obsessed with Star Trek, Lost in Space and Robots. He's Inappropriate and thinks he's irresistible to all women. However, Barney is also Unstable and has a hard time holding onto reality. His Life Time Wish is to create a robot that is "More Than a Machine" by giving it Sentience.
Barney starts his life in Evensdale County where he buys a townhouse. Now he needs to find a job and start working on the skills needed to get into university and study Technology.
He takes a job as a Life Guard and is assigned to patrol a local beach, but his first rescue attempt fails and the woman almost drowns. This causes Barney to panic and have a psychotic meltdown. To calm himself he breaths into a brown paper bag.
Later in the week Barney successfully rescues a drowning woman and takes her ashore. After performing CPR the woman lives. Barney feels good about his day and goes home happy.
It's been a good week for Barney. Loving the beach he decides to spend the weekend snorkeling and windsurfing. The shells and gems he collects while snorkeling will help pay for his college tuition.
Eager to get started on his future, he takes the University Entrance Test and is awarded a full scholarship in Technology. When he arrives at the dorm he introduces himself to his female roommates.
At the Meet and Greet Barney meets an attractive female named Manisha Kapoor. Turning on his Irresistible charm he winks at her and captures her interest. Later, he dip kisses her and they become romantically involved.
Barney can't stay awake in class after partying all night with his girlfriend. When the professor snaps him awake with a question he has a panic attack and breathing into a paper bag makes him center of attention.
Instantly, in a delusional state, thinking he's Robot B-9 from Lost in Space, he activates his robot mode. Waving his arms about he starts shouting, "Danger, Danger!" Barney is taken out of class still shouting "Danger! Danger!" and taken to the psychiatric ward at the campus hospital. Unfortunately, a temporary stay in the psych ward has put him behind in his studies and he fails all his first semester exams.
The night before graduation Barney sits down and writes a love letter to Manisha Kapoor. He tells her he wants to give her the universe and have her as his "Number One"..... Finally, Barney graduates with a B in Technology. He has gained 2 new traits from his university experience and is now Eccentric, Ambitious, Neurotic, Unstable, Inappropriate, Irresistible and a Bot Fan.
When Barney returns home he invites Manisha to visit him. They spend a romantic evening together and he blows her a kiss. After dinner Barney gets down on one knee and asks Manisha to marry him.
When Manisha accepts Barney's proposal, he wastes no time in making her his wife. After exchanging rings he takes a wedding picture to capture the moment. Manisha doesn't know Barney is Unstable or the plans he has for them, but she will soon find out how drastically her life is about to change.

That night, their wedding night, Barney is too excited to sleep, he wants to share his thoughts with Manisha. He tells her he wants to travel to the future and build robots. He believes he can create the ultimate Robot and travel the universe like Captain Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard. His eyes glaze over as he talks about building Data  - Artificial Intelligence with Sentience.  He says she will be his Number One" and sit beside him.  He tells her a strange portal appeared and is calling him. He's eager to get started and wants to leave that night.  Manisha is a little disturbed by what she's hearing but, being a Daredevil and Adventurous, besides a Hopeless Romantic, A Great Kisser, Artistic, Good, and a Light Sleeper she's curious about the future and agrees to go with him.  Together they enter the portal and disappear in a flash of light.

Continue to follow Barney in Part 2: Artificial Intelligence


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