Generation 1: 5-Star Celebrity


Roma Landloper is a young adult who was abandoned as a child. She has no family or friends  and lives on the streets of Rook Island. Roma is Inappropriate, Irresistible, a Coward, a Slob and Neurotic. She starts out with no money and no place to live.  Her Life Time Want is to become a Singer

As the beginning of the Random Legacy Challenge, Roma must:  Have a second chance at marriage by marrying twice; First husband must be a Fireman, the second husband an Astronomer; She must have 3 children; Become a Vocal Legend;  Become a 5 Star Celebrity; And her husband must be a Perfect Match by sharing at least one trait.


Roma starts off by touring the neighborhood rummaging in garbage cans looking for something to eat.  At one house a man comes out and asks her what she’s doing. She tells him she’s very hungry and looking for food……


3. eat
William Soto  invites her in and prepares peanut butter sandwiches. After satisfying her hunger she takes a bath. Roma is Inappropriate so freely takes advantage of his hospitality.


4. sleep
It’s Winter time with heavy snow on the ground, so the cave on the beach where she lives gets pretty cold. When Wilson goes to bed, Roma takes advantage of a single bed in his room. She’s a Coward so doesn’t want to sleep in a strange room all by herself.  In the morning she’s back on the streets,  dumpster diving behind the local diner for food and any other interesting things she can sell.


5. sell
Then goes to the Consignment store and consigns some of the items she found while rummaging in dumpsters and garbage cans. While there she takes advantage of the stores washroom and has a sponge bath.


5 dinner
Next she stops at the park on her way home and grills up some burnt hotdogs but enjoys the meal. Feeling a little chilly and unwell Roma lights the fire in the park clubhouse and warms herself.


6 breakfast
It’s Spring and the snow has gone. Roma lights the fire pit and roasts some fish for breakfast before starting her day. She knows the only way out of living on the streets is by getting married. But who can she marry? Today she plans to find a husband.


7. Propose
She stops in at the Nectary for a free drink. There she meets Paulo Contreras, a man 49 days older than her. After chatting and a little flirting she moves in with her Irresistible charm and captures his heart. It’s not long before he asks her to go steady and she quickly accepts.


8. married
Roma doesn’t want to waste any time so she proposes marriage and Paulo accepts. They exchange rings  under a wedding arch on the grounds of the Nectary and become husband and wife. Paulo is Family oriented, Friendly, Inappropriate, a Coward and a Workaholic.


10. House
Roma leaves her cave on the beach and moves in with Paulo. Her homeless days are over.


11. Newlook
Time for a new look, so she goes to the beauty salon.  If she wants to work as a singer she needs a makeover and will be glad to get out of her old rags and into something a little more acceptable for a career in show business.

Roma has a manicure, new makeup and a new hairstyle. She buys new outfits for every occasion and accessories to match and walks out of the beauty salon a new woman.


12. work
Since she was a little girl Roma dreamed of becoming a Vocal Legend. Now she’s living her dream. She takes the stage name “Vaga Bond” and works her way to becoming a star.  Meanwhile, Paulo has taken a job as a Fire Fighter.


14. Pregnant
Roma has secured a gig at the Flying V’s Coffee house and performs her heart out. Her career is really taking off as she entertains a crowd with her husband Paulo up front cheering her on.

Just when her career is advancing Roma discovers she’s pregnant. What will she do now? No proprietor will hire a pregnant singer for gigs.


15. oddjobs
Unfortunately being pregnant stops her from performing at live venues so she performs outside the theater for tips and continues to deliver sing-a-grams around town.


17. badday
Roma is sent out to deliver three sing-a-grams but she’s having a bad day. At the first job her equipment malfunctions and explodes in flames. Then at the next job she trips and falls into her machine. Unfortunately her third performance is no better as she falls during her dance. She decides to call it a day and go home.


18. fire
The next day isn’t much better. While delivering a sing-a-gram Roma’s equipment malfunctions and this time it sets her on fire. The woman is highly amused by this but Roma is embarrassed and in desperate need of water. There are no showers around so she runs to a nearby beach and puts herself out.


19. onfire
Having reached the top of the Fireman Career, Paulo becomes a Private Investigator. When Roma arrives home all burnt and dirty he greets her and asks how her day was. She tell him she has run around town, sang and danced for people, been set on fire, laughed at and humiliated. Other than that her day was ok. All she wants to do now is take a bath and go to bed.


20. anna
At 2:00 am on the second day of winter Roma gives birth to a baby girl named Anna. She’s Clumsy and a Heavy Sleeper. Now Roma can secure gigs and continue rising to the top of her career as a singer.


21. performer
Roma doesn’t waste any time in landing gigs after Anna is born. She gets hired to perform live at Mick’s  Karaoke Club on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Paulo takes care of Anna while his wife pursues her career.


22. faint
While Roma is preparing to perform they hear a deathly sound and run outside. They come face to face with the Grim Reaper who has come to take a stray dog. The sight is too much for Roma and Paulo and, having the Coward trait, they both faint out of fear.

After recovering from their frightful ordeal, Roma calls her limo to take her to the MN8 Club for a performance.


23. changes
While Roma is performing for the crowds and climbing to the top of her career, Paulo ages up to an elder and Anna grows into a toddler.


24. aniversary
It’s their first year wedding anniversary so Paulo takes Roma to the Prosper Club for a candlelight dinner of baked salmon. He then gives her red roses and they slow dance. It’s been a a while since they’ve spent time together as a couple.


25. preg
Roma tells Paulo she is going to have another baby. Then she suggests they move into a bigger home with their family growing. Also, having almost reached the top of her career she’s quickly becoming a celebrity and needs a bigger place to entertain the rich and famous. Paulo agrees and they move to a new home.


46. fun
Paulo and Roma take little Anna to the beach. Roma plays with Anna on a seahorse rider while Paulo goes swimming.


47. death
When they get back from the beach Anna grows into a child. Paulo hugs his daughter goodnight and sends her off to bed then goes for a dip in the hot tub. He’s not in the tub for long when the Grim Reaper comes for him. Paulo dies that night and Roma faints when she sees the Grim Reaper take her husband.


48. funeral
Roma invites everyone to a funeral for Paulo, held at the House of Mourning. After the ceremony tea and a buffet is served in an adjoining room.


49. freakout
After the funeral Roma realizes that she is now alone with a child to raise and is about to have another baby. She freaks out at the thought and realizes she needs to find another husband. At the dining room table she writes love letters to the men she’s met but doesn’t get any response. All the men are either married or too young.


50. pedro
The next day Roma gives birth to a baby boy she names Pedro Contreras. She now has two children to raise and wants them to have the best she can give them. Roma needs to make some important decisions.


51. portal
Winter has arrived and the snow is thick but Roma takes her children and goes to the Science center. She knows they have been experimenting with time travel and Roma needs to know what the future holds for her . When she activates the Time Portal a man appears and scares her. He is Emit the Time Traveler.


52. oasis
Emit hands Roma the Almanac of Time then invites her to travel into the future and meet her descendants. Roma is fascinated and excited with this opportunity and, with her children, she steps into the portal and arrives in Oasis Landing and into her future.


53. home
They will be staying in Oasis Landing for some time and the base camp is not a good place to raise a baby. Roma looks into buying a house and finds a small furnished house overlooking the wastelands.


54. descendants
While Anna is in school, Roma goes to the park with Pedro and meets two of her descendants, Kara and Kristine Contreras. They talk about family and Roma learns they are quite wealthy.


55. perform
Roma takes her children with her while she delivers a few sing-a-grams and then performs for tips in the park. Anna does her homework while Pedro lays on the ground.


56. daughter
It’s late when Roma gets home from delivering Sing-a-grams and performing for tips so she gives her daughter a hug and reads her a bedtime story.


57. fly
Wanting to try out the new technology Roma goes to an open area and practices flying  with a jet pack. At first she does well but then she goes off balance and starts falling to the ground.


58. choices
While at the park she met a few interesting men so she calls and invites them over. When they arrive she gets to know them. She can see that Atom Beaker clearly has an identity issue. Anna talks with Planchette Spector and can tell he’s Unstable, not a suitable step-father. Ellis Bates is a Snob and this makes Roma feel inadequate. However, Tobin Tayler, a cute blonde catches her attention.


60. commit
Roma takes him aside and turns on her Irresistible charm. She discovers he is Family Oriented, Charismatic, Handy, Easily Impressed and Frugal – perfect qualities for a husband and father.

When the rest of her guests have left she asks Tobin to go steady and he accepts.


61. marry
Tobin wants to marry Roma so he gets down on one knee and proposes. When she accepts he wastes no time in exchanging rings and making her his wife.


64. pregnant

Tobin has very high Advanced Technology skills and works at the Observatory as a Astronomer. Anna wants to become a Space Explorer which requires high advanced technology skills so Tobin gives her a Windcarver to practice on and help build her skills.

Later that evening, Anna becomes a teenager and Roma tells Tobin she’s pregnant.


66. argue
Roma meets Kristine Contreras, one of her descendants, at the park. When she greets her, Kristine becomes hostile and calls Roma a monster. It turns out that Tobin Taylor was one of Kristine’s lovers and she is furious that Roma married him.

Anna goes to the Erutuf Club. It’s a school night so she doesn’t intend to stay long, she just wants to check it out. While there she meets Gilon Mannin and slow dances with him. Her curfew time comes but she ignores it because she wants to be with Gilon.  When he asks her to go steady she accepts.


69. fly
On Saturday Anna hangs out at the park practicing flying with her Jetpack.  There she meets Deshawn Plumbot who’s impressed with her flying skills. She likes the attention he gives her and, even though she is in a steady relationship she flirts with Deshawn and shows off for him. Then she takes him up in the air and Jetpack kisses him.


72. engaged
Gilon has become a young adult and knows he wants to make a permanent commitment to Anna so he asks her to marry him. She is thrilled and accepts his proposal. He is 8 days older than her and is a Loner, Handy, Artistic, Bookworm and Hates the Outdoors. His lifetime desire is to be Master of the Arts

Meanwhile, Roma gives birth to a baby girl she names Rosita Taylor. She is blonde like her daddy and Loves the Cold and Loves the Heat.


74. married
Anna invites Gilon over and tells him her parents are planning to return to the past and she will have to go with them. To keep her with him Gilon exchanges rings with his teenage bride and takes her as his wife. They move in with his parents so Anna can stay in Oasis Landing.


77. home
Anna has become a young adult. Roma has aged up to an elder and little Rosita is now a toddler.  It’s time for the family to leave Oasis Landing and return home. They go to visit Anna and Gilon to say goodbye.   Before they leave Roma hugs Anna and says goodbye.

Roma and her family arrive back in the present on Rook Island in the early hours of the morning.


79. end
Back home Roma gives her final performance as a 5 star celebrity. It’s an epic show stopper with her adoring fans cheering her on. After the show she has been invited to meet with some fans at the gym before going home.

Soon after arriving at the gym she is met by the Grim Reaper. Roma dies surrounded by all the men who found her “Irresistible.


80. burried
Tobin takes time off work and arranges a funeral. He invites friends and family to say goodbye to Roma, then after the ceremony he lays her to rest. Tobin is left to raise a teenage step-son and a little daughter but he is very old and will soon follow Roma.

Pedro steps up to continue the legacy as heir to generation two.


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