Generation 3: Fulfilled


Charlene Contreras takes the university entrance test and scores high in many areas but decides to enroll in Science and Medicine. After taking the test she leaves for university and arrives at the dorm.

As the heir to the 3rd generation of the Legacy Challenge she must complete the following requirements: (1) Get married; (2) Have 2 children; (3) Become a Freelance Scientist; (4) Her husband must be a Doctor; (5) Both she and her husband must fulfill their Life Time Want; (6) Both her children must have at least one of her traits as it “runs in the family”.


Before classes even begin, Charlene impulsively becomes romantically involved with another student. His name is Jeffery Dean, an Art student who wants to be a Doctor. He is Over Emotional, Brave, a Great Kisser, a Daredevil, Charismatic, Irresistible and has high influence with the Rebel Social Group.


During the day Charlene attends classes but throws parties at night. Not sure if she really wants to be committed to one person at this time she checks out her options and dances with Thad Masser, another medical student who wants to be a doctor.


College is all about choices. Charlene was swept off her feet by the Irresistible charm of Jeffery Dean and impetuously accepted a proposal to go steady. During her first semester she met Thad Masser and was instantly attracted to him. Now in the dorm at a Keg party she stands with her two favorite men. Who will she choose?


After the first semester final exams are over Charlene meets up with Jeffery and they go for dinner. She finds him absolutely Irresistible, Charismatic and a Great Kisser, but he’s a Rebel and knows how to charm the ladies. Although he wants to be a Doctor, he’s enrolled in Fine Arts. He’s unpredictable and risky.

Later, Thad arrives at the dorm with a bottle of wine and a picnic basket. He takes her outside and lights the bonfire, spreads a blanket and pillows and they spend a romantic evening under the stars. Charlene feels safe with Thad, he’s Brave, and Nurturing. He is already enrolled in Science and Medicine and working on a medical degree.


Charlene makes her decision. She sends Jeffery a breakup text. Then she asks Thad to Go Steady with her and when he accepts she asks him to move in. Now they can study Science and Medicine together.


Thad calls Gabby Ahmed and asks her to meet him at the Grotto coffee house. When she arrives he tells her he has made a commitment to Charlene Contreras and wants to end their romantic involvement. It does not go well and Gabby gets angry and screams at Thad.


Final exams are over and Charlene graduates with a C and Thad graduates with a B in Science and Medicine. When they come out from the ceremony, Thad takes Charlene and dip kisses her. Now it’s time to go home and put their degrees to use.


Charlene brings Thad home with her and introduces him to her father and step-mother. Pedro is very happy that she has found someone who is Brave and willing to accept his daughter’s mental instability. Thad says he wants to work as a doctor and cure her of her illness.


The next day, Thad buys a house and finds work at the hospital.


He invites Charlene over and asks if she would like to move in and be his patient. She answers by proposing marriage and he happily accepts. They plan their wedding for the next day.


When Charlene arrives home she sees some strange lights in the sky and goes out to investigate. Before she can get away she’s teleported up into a spaceship and realizes she’s being Abducted!


It’s their wedding day but before getting married Charlene asks Thad to meet her at the park. When he arrives she tells him she was abducted by aliens. They took her up into their spaceship and did all kinds of experiments on her. Now she feels different, not the same person she was.


Thad goes ahead with the wedding and marries Charlene. They share wedding cake with the guests and dance under the stars. After the wedding Thad takes Charlene back to their new home.


After breakfast he takes Charlene into his office for some tests. He starts with the Stimulus Response Test. When he tries to give her the Ink Blot Test she freaks out and verbally attacks him.


He gives her a pill to relax her mind so he can Mind Meld and hopefully see what’s causing her new behaviour. His probing into her mind reveals some interesting results. At the time of her abduction Charlene was Unstable which caused personality changes. Besides being Unstable she was Disciplined, Clumsy, Friendly, Absent Minded, and had No Sense of Humor. From her graduation and her influence with the Nerd Social group she gained the Hopeless Romantic and Charismatic trait.

After her abduction her personality changed and stabilized. She is now Neurotic, Unflirty, Socially Awkward, a Kleptomaniac, Friendly, a Hopeless Romantic and she has a Good Sense of Humor. She has lost the Unstable trait but has gained two new mental illnesses which need treatment.


Charlene wants to work as a Freelance Scientist so she searches for space rocks and meteors to sell to the Science Center. When she finds one she scans and analysis it before collecting it.


After a full day of collecting space rocks she is abducted by aliens outside her house. A few hours later they return her – or do they?……


While everyone sleeps Charlene transmutes one of her gems in a very unusual way.


When Thad gets up early and sees Charlene relaxing on the bed with strange blue lights around her he freaks out. He’s noticed her strange behavior and knows there is something different about her.


Thad takes Charlene back into his office for some more tests. He starts with the Stimulus Response Test and she responds the same way as usual but with an un-human remark. Next he attempts a mind meld but Charlene smacks his hand away and won’t let him touch her.


Then he asks her for a DNA sample but she refuses.


When he offers her a Mood Enhancer Potion she drinks it but instead of enhancing her mood it cures her Neurosis which really puzzles Thad.


While Charlene is still under the influence of the potion Thad is able to get a DNA sample from her. When he analysis it he’s shocked to find it is not human but 95% Alien. This is not his wife.


The next morning Thad confronts Charlene. “Who are you” he demands, “and where is my wife?” Charlene says her alien name is Vofura Xip and she IS his wife. Her purpose now is to join their species by producing offspring. Then she tells him she is in a state of reproduction.


Thad decides it’s time to tell Pedro what’s happened to his daughter. He invites Pedro over for lunch and when he arrives he hugs Charlene and tells her he has become a 5 star celebrity Rock Star. When Charlene leaves the room, Thad tells Pedro that Charlene has been abducted by aliens and replaced with a clone. He has tested her DNA and it’s 95% Alien. Pedro thinks Thad has been working too hard and watching too many Sci-Fi movies……


It’s not long before Thad is abducted. He has been searching the galaxy trying to find a way of getting his wife back. When they return him, his Life Time desires have changed. He tells Charlene he no longer wants to be a World Renowned Surgeon, instead he intends to become a Scientific Specialist.


While Thad is working Charlene goes to the Karaoke club and meets Pedro who is in disguise, not wanting to be recognized. They sing together, have dinner and play video games.


When Charlene arrives home she sees a strange black figure with a cat. She scans him and finds he is Neurotic, Grumpy, A Couch Potato and a Great Kisser. Before she can find out more he disappears.


Thad’s boss has asked him to give a party for MaryKay Shallow who has information they need. A friend of Charlene also arrives and joins the party.


Later, Thad overhears Charlene tell Tixxis Ayohod that she has been successfully impregnated and will soon reproduce.


Thad is sent to the park to hold a diagnostic clinic for the people. When he arrives he starts diagnosing their problems while secretly looking for aliens.


Later that evening Charlene goes into labor and Thad helps with the delivery. He wonders what he is delivering, will it be human or alien? Charlene gives birth to a baby boy, she names Zander’Qahi. When Thad checks his DNA he discovers his son is 79% alien.


Charlene invites a few friends over to celebrate the birth of her son. One of her “distant” friends is also invited. Thad take the opportunity to talk to Tixxis Ayohod and asks her to bring his wife back, but Tixxis says that the one he knows as Charlene has always been here. When they took her they changed her DNA and her name so she is now one of them. She will continue to produce alien children in order for their species to coexist.


Little Zander’Qahi has become a toddler and Charlene is teaching him to speak the alien language, and human so he can blend in.


Zander’Qahi grows up to a child and needs a relic from either China or Egypt for a school project. His mother just happens to have a 576 year old vase from Egypt she inherited from her father and gives it to him as a gift. He leaps for joy then thanks his mum with a big hug.


Late one night while everyone is sleeping, Charlene gets a visit from Tixxis Ayohod. They talk about Zander’Qahi and the other child Charlene will soon have. Tixxis wants them to marry into an alien family. They also need to do something about Thad…..


Thad has fulfilled his Life Time Wish of becoming a Scientific Specialist and reaching the top of the Medical Career. Charlene has fulfilled her Life Time Wish of having 20 friends. To celebrate, they throw a party and invite their friends and family to join them.


Zander’Qahi is growing up and has become a teenager. Thad praises him for doing his homework and doing well at school.


The next morning before school, Charlene teaches her son how to use his alien ability to restore brain power.


Charlene gives birth to her second baby boy and names him Inigo’Xilam. Thad tests his DNA and finds he has 62% alien DNA. He is more human than his brother Zander’Qahi. Maybe he will be the one to continue the legacy and somehow bring his family back to a human state.


While Thad is at work Charlene takes Inigo’Xilam outside and teaches him to walk.


As a Scientific Specialist Thad has been working on developing a drug that will change a persons DNA. He asks Charlene to test it without telling her what he hopes it will do. She takes the pill and swallows it down……


Suddenly Charlene starts acting weird. She shouts out about abductions and spaceships. Then she starts freaking out and can feel changes taking place. Finally she comes out of it and remembers nothing about taking a pill.


Thad asks Charlene for another DNA sample and takes it to his lab for analysis. He is happy to learn that the pill has reduced her alien DNA by 25%. Now she is 30% human instead of 5%. He wants to use this on his sons but they are not old enough yet.


Little Inigo’Xilam has become a child and Charlene pillow fights with him before sending him to bed.


One evening while Charlene is at the park she is confronted by a man who verbally abuses her. He scares her and she backs away, but he comes toward her. Charlene then gets angry and pulls out an alien probe and tells him she is going to take him apart and donate him to science. He cowers in fear then runs for his life.


Charlene has completed her part of the Legacy Challenge. She is a Freelance Scientist and has married a Doctor. She has 2 children who have both inherited her Friendly trait and both her and her husband have Fulfilled their Life Time Want.

Zander’Qahi has reached young adulthood and it’s time for him to move out and continue the Legacy Challenge. Before he leaves Thad talks to Zander’Qahi about his being part human and how he wants him to work on purifying his DNA by marrying a human and hopefully down through the generations they will once again be fully human. Meanwhile Charlene talks to Inigo’Xilam and tells him he and his brother were both born with alien DNA and she wants them to continue increasing that DNA by marrying into alien families. What will they do? The next generation starts with Zander’Qahi.

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