Part 2: Artificial Intelligence

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Barney and Manisha arrive in Oasis Landing, a future world of advanced technology. As they arrive Emit, the Time Traveler greets them. While Manisha checks out the base camp, Barney is overwhelmed and freaks out when he sees robots and holopets.
After calming down, Barney tries out a new mode of transportation - the Jet Pack. Manisha, knowing her husband is obsessed with making robots and completely out of touch with reality, decides to get a job at the Observatory as an astronomer.
After flying around and exploring the future Barney is exhausted. He gets a good nights sleep in his new bed - a Dream Pod. The next morning he goes straight to the Bot Emporium and starts learning how to build Trait chips.
Barney soon discovers he needs special materials to build Trait chips. So he goes out to the Wastelands and finds Crystal Plants that glow different colors for different emotions. Then he searches for and catches a variety of Nanites, little robotic bugs.
Manisha hasn't seen much of Barney since he's been so involved with Bot building. Now its the weekend so she goes to the Bot Emporium to spend time with him. He is glad to see her and wants to show her everything he's discovered. Barney entices Manisha into the Bot chamber, he especially wants to show her his robotic skills and how he can create "life"....
A few days later, Manisha announces she's pregnant. With no money to buy a house and still living at the Base Camp, Barney freaks out. He has no job, no money and no place to live. He panics and has to breath into a paper bag to calm his mind - he needs to think. Although he is unstable, he is also a Genius and comes up with a plan.....
Barney looks up his descendents and goes to visit them. They live in a large, rundown house up in the hills and they are not rich. He is greeted by Kesha and Domingo, and their teenage daughter, Brenda. Barney tells Kesha all about his adventures, his plans and his dreams. He tells her about his wife Manisha and how they are going to have a baby but have nowhere to live and are presently staying at the base camp. He asks Kesha if he and Manisha can move in with them.
Back at the Bot Emporium, Barney is surrounded by "artificial intelligence", robots with personalities. He's so excited it triggers an identity crisis. He activates his robotic mode and thinking he is one he says "Look at me"... then starts acting like a robot.
After moving into their descendants home Manisha offers to redecorate the house and install some advanced technology. She is very pregnant and within a few days she gives birth to a baby girl named Neela. Barney is a good father and feeds the baby while Manisha naps.
Barney creates his first Bot. As Eva-1 emerges from the chamber, Barney gasps with delight. His first robot. He adds the trait chips - Competent Cleaner, Handibot, Robonanny, and Friendly Functions. After Barney calms down he takes Eva-1 home to meet the family. Equipped with the Robonanny chip, Eva-1 will be put to work as the nanny.
While Barney is out in the Wastelands looking for Nanites, he comes across a crashed alien spaceship. This reinforces his plan to travel the universe. Now it's time to create his crew. He works hard and another Bot emerges from the chamber which he names "Bones". He gives him the trait chips A.I.Angler, Handibot, Sense of Humor and Competent Cleaner.
Neela has grown up to a toddler and Eva-1 is potty training her. Bones, on the other hand is being used as a handyman around the house and has been assigned to fixing the toilet. Barney hasn't told Manisha this is his first crew member.
Barney gets up to chaos in the house with Neela crying to be fed and changed. It's too much for Barney to cope with and he has a panic attack. He leaves and goes to visit the crashed ship where he can sit in the captains chair and dream about traveling through space when this new "Enterprise" is repaired...
After coming back to reality from his fantasy flight on the "Starship Enterprise" Barney goes to the Bot Emporium. He needs to make some nanites for trait chips. He succeeds in making a nanite, but it gets away from him and he has a freak attack trying to brush the robotic bug off himself. He builds a few more Bots to sell but first he needs to see if his latest one is functioning correctly. He asks it, "Can you do this" then when it performs satisfactory, he sells it.
Barney freaks out when Manisha finally corners Barney in the bedroom and announces she is pregnant. The only thing Barney can do is panic! His wife is pregnant, they still don't have a home of their own and he has more work to do. His crew is almost complete, a baby may is not in his plans.
After many attempt to create the right trait chips, Barney has finally created the Sentience Chip - the one that will give his creation life! Then he creates his ultimate crew member - DATA!..... or as close as he can get to Data.
Barney introduces Data as his ultimate creation - a Bot with Sentience. Manisha is please that Barney has completed his life time wish, but she has something else on her mind. The household has become chaotic. There are teens, babies, children, adults, elders and Bots all over the house. Manisha wants to talk to her husband about something very important but he's preoccupied and there are too many people around.
Manisha gives birth to their second daughter Lila. After putting the baby to bed she steps outside to think. They now have two children, the house is over crowded and they can't afford to buy their own house. She wants to go home to Evensdale County, but can she convince Barney to leave?

When Barney brings home another robot named Deanna, Manisha has her own meltdown. She tells Barney she wants to go home to Evensdale County and live a normal life.  He tells Manisha about the spaceship and his plans to get it working  again. His crew is almost complete. He has Bones, Data and Deanna and wants to keep working. He can't go home now. Manisha can see that Barney is becoming more delusional and his plans are just madness.....

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