Part 1: The Beginning

Rules to this challenge: 1. Start with a new YA Sim. 2. Set Lifespan to 100 days in any combination. 3. Have the sim build a time machine (from Ambitions) or buy one from consignment store. You cannot get one from buy/debug. 4. Sim must have traits: Nurturing or Family Oriented, Brave and Adventurous. Other traits your choice. 5. Must have LTW of Surrounded by Family. 6. Sim must travel to the past and bring back 5 children (machine will add child to family while in the past) Raise them to Teenagers and fulfill the LTW of Surrounded by family. 7. Sim can marry but cannot have natural children until 5 children from past have been added to family - a natural child disqualifies sim from challenge. 8. Sim cannot woohoo or Try for Baby in past to add child to family. 9. Sim cannot use any age extenders, such as life fruit, LT reward points, potions, etc to extend life. 10. Sim can have death flower but must give it up when reaching elder status. 11. Time Machine cannot be modified or mods used to make machine produce more, no mods for higher chances.
Meet Troy Espinosa, the first Sim to invent a Time Machine. Troy has dedicated his life to traveling throughout history, finding lost and abandoned children in the past and adopting them as his own. He is Brave, Adventurous, Family Oriented, A Great Kisser and Nurturing. His Life Time Want is to save and raise 5 children. He buys a small house with a garage workshop and works long hours as an inventor, trying to build the Time Machine.
When the The Time Machine is complete Troy doesn't waste a moment and takes a trip to the past. After taking many unsuccessful trips, Troy finds a little girl named Merlena and brings her back to the present. Merlena is Grumpy, Frugal and a Bookworm. She is the first of many Troy hopes to find.
Troy has not been able to find any other children before Merlena grows into a teenager. Like any good father, he helps his daughter with her homework. The next morning Troy plans another trip to the past while Merlena is at school. Before she goes he tells her he loves her and gives his daughter a big hug.... It will be the last hug she gets from her father.
While on a trip to the past the machine breaks and throws Troy back into the present. Anxious to get back to his travels He attempts to repair it but gets a serious burn. Without thinking, Troy makes a tragic mistake and makes another attempt to repair the machine. This time he is hit with a bold of electricity and he falls to the ground.
Alone in the house, Troy dies on the floor of his workshop. Merlena arrives home and rushes to her father's workshop. To her horror she sees her father laying motionless on the floor beside the Time Machine and the Grim Reaper standing over him. "Daddy!" she screams, but there is no answer.

Merlena mourns her father's death. Sobbing, she wonders what she'll do now.  Her father encouraged her to learn many skills including the handiness skill.  Desperately, she repairs the Time Machine hoping somehow it will bring her father back.   Merlena  reaches out through the machine calling for her father, but is lost in time once again......

See how a woman in the future changes history in Part 2: Molly Maguire


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2 Responses to Part 1: The Beginning

  1. Avatar Tameria Jones says:

    Please give me the time machine because I really want it.

    • LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

      This is a great challenge, I had lots of fun. My sim built the time machine after gaining enough inventing skills. It can be bought at the consignment store when available. I hope you enjoy the challenge/story, and thanks for the comment. 🙂

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