Part 2: Different Directions

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Lola invites her sister to lunch at the town Pizzeria. After paying the bill she  notices some men being mean to Willow. They are showing disgust at being in her presence. This makes Lola angry.

Sh takes out her bull horn and shouts into the face of one of the men.... "HAVE YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH MY SISTER?" The man is knocked back and Lola takes Willow home.

Willow is sad at the way some people treat her so Lola throws a party and invites most of the neighborhood. There's lots of food and fine nectar served from Willow's supply. Everyone has a good time eating, drinking, dancing and singing. Lola entertains with the Bass while Willow sings along with a party guest.

Lola  goes to the park and meet Donte Benini, a young adult 15 days younger than herself. While getting to know him she finds out he is a Heavy Sleeper, Angler, Charismatic and a Genius. She invites him to dinner at the local diner and over dinner they become quite an item.

Donte really likes Lola and asks her to go steady with him. She quickly accepts but now she has to break the news to Willow.

When she gets home it's late and she's very tired but tells Willow she met a really nice man at the park is now in a steady relationship with him. Willow does not take the new well. She starts to freak out and runs out of the  house.

In the early hours of the morning, Willow runs to the local park where she can be alone.  Under the stars she starts to dance on skates. Like poetry in motion, Willow skates backwards, leaps in the air and lands with a twirl. As she dances she thinks about life without her sister. If Lola gets married - what will happen to her? They have always been together and she feels safe with her sister..... but now things are changing and Willow doesn't handle change well.

Lola is worried about Willow so she decides to take her on vacation to Isla Paradiso for some fun in the sun. They book in at a very luxurious resort for 4 days. Once checked in, the girls head to the pool. Lola enjoys the warm water while Willow orders a Pomegranate Passion drink from the pool bar.   Lola has noticed that people don't treat Willow the same here. They don't shun her like they do back in Monte Vista. She has a good feeling about this place.......

Later Willow decides to check out the town. She starts by visiting the local park and meets a much younger named Teodor Medina. He is Good, a Computer Whiz and Neat. They end up spending the day together.


Teodor has taken a real liking to Willow and asks her to go steady.  Willow is thrilled and accepts his proposal.

Willow is very impulsive and gets caught up in the excitement of having her first boyfriend. She gets down on one knee and without thinking, she proposes marriage to him.... he accepts and they become engaged.

She finds Lola in the dining room of the Resort and tells her that she's met and become engaged to a man here in Isla Paradiso. Lola is shocked at the news and asks Willow if she knows anything about him - who is he? What does he do? How old is he?......

Willow calls Teodor and invites him over. When he arrives she introduces him to Lola. They instantly like each other and Lola feels good about her sister marrying him. In fact, she feels a little relieved that Willow will have someone to take care of her.

With Lola's blessing, Willow marries Teodor in a private wedding even though she doesn't know much about him or that he has a secret, something he hasn't told her.

With another person added to the family, they decide to leave the resort and move onto a rented houseboat for the rest of their vacation.

Once they're all settled on the houseboat, Teodor adds another member to the family. He introduces Willow to Palmira, his daughter. Willow is shocked that she is now step-mother to a toddler and freaks out. Teodor says that he was married before and his ex-wife gave him custody of their daughter...... he then tells her that Palmira has a mental illness - she's insane.

This is all too much for Willow to accept. She takes off on her own and goes windsurfing to escape the overwhelming circumstances that are now her life. She has lots to think about......

After a few hours Willow comes back to the houseboat.  She confesses to her husband that she also has a mental illness, she's unstable and neurotic.  She tells Teodor that she owns a farm with lots of room for horses, chickens and cows. She grows fruits and makes nectar. It's the perfect place for a child to grow up. But, Teodor expresses his desire to be a Deep Sea Diver and can't do that in Monte Vista. He wants to stay in Isla Paradiso........

Willow tries to adjust to being a mother but is still very overwhelmed at having to raise a little girl. She feels a panic attack coming on and breaths into a paper bag. As she looks down at Palmira in her high chair, it all starts to become very real. That's not all she has to deal with, her husband wants to live here in Isla Paradiso and have a career as a deep sea diver. How will she cope with her new life?

Their vacation will be over soon, so Teodor takes the houseboat to Rocky Reef to do some diving. He needs to make a decision. Will he stay here and fulfill his dreams of becoming a Deep Sea Diver, or will he settle down on a farm in Monte Vista? This trip will help him make that decision.

While Teodor steers the houseboat toward Rocky Reef, Willow brings Palmira up top for some fresh summer air and teaches her to talk.

Teodor anchors the boat beside Rocky Reef and dives down into the ocean. He swims around and catches eels, urchins, jellyfish and squid and picks up a few shells. It's so peaceful down there and beautiful..... can he give this up?

he's been diving for hours and it's starting to get dark. When he returns to the surface he finds himself surrounded by sharks. He tries swimming to shore but it's too far and the sharks are following him.  For some reason the sharks swim away and it gives him the chance to get back to the houseboat.

The next morning, he takes the houseboat back to port. Being surrounded by sharks was a wake up call for Teodor. He now has a wife and a young daughter to consider. If he had been eaten by sharks what would his family do?  He tells Willow he's decided to move to Monte Vista and raise Palmira on a farm. 

Back home, Willow shows her new husband the farm and all the fruits she grows. They discuss living there and raising a family together.  The next day the family go to the park and while there, Willow announces  she's pregnant.  


Meanwhile, Lola is at the park with her steady boyfriend, Donte Benini. He has been acting weird lately, rejecting her romantic advances and getting angry. Now he offers her flowers, so she thinks he's got over his attitude. She was wrong. She tries to give him a hug but he pulls away and gets angry with her. Lola doesn't understand and is getting a little fed up with his attitude.


While Lola is on a date with Donte, Willow goes into labor and gives birth to a baby girl they name Mireya.  Willow is settling into family life with Teodor and her two daughters. She's not as anxious now and feels more secure in her new life. With the love of her husband, she loses the Unstable trait and gains the Nurturing trait.

Lola is angry with Donte for his bad attitude and refuses to be romanced at his convenience. She goes to his home and confronts him. They argue and she breaks up with him.

When she gets home she tells Willow about her breakup with Donte. Not only was he weird and had a bad attitude, but she discovered he had a string of lovers.  She wants nothing more to do with him. She has also made another big decision.

Now that she sees her sister is happy, calm and settled she doesn't feel the need to protect her anymore.  Lola tells her she's leaving the farm to her and is moving away from Monte Vista. She wants to start a new life on Sunset Island.

Lola hugs her sister and says goodbye, then moves out on her own. Their lives go in different directions as Willow raises her family, farms the land and makes nectar. Lola want the nightlife, parties and possibly fame and won't find it in Monte Vista.


The End.

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