The Inheritance

Chandler Marley is a very old man. He lives on a farm on Legacy Island with his seven teenage sons. The farm has been in his family for generations and he wants one of his sons to inherit it and keep it in the family..... but which son will he give it to?

In his Will he has set the conditions:  1. All his sons must live on the farm, work it and learn self-sufficiency.  2.They must all go to university and get a degree in either Technology (to maintain the equipment), Business (to manage the resources), Science (to crossbreed and identify seeds), Fine Arts (for landscaping), and communications (to talk to the plants and animals).  If one fails to get a degree, he is cut out of the will. 3. If they travel, they must all travel together, if one stays behind, he is disinherited. 4. They must all find and marry a wife who already has at least two traits related to farming and family, (Green thumb, Loves the outdoors, Animal lover, Eco-friendly, Vegetarian, Frugal, handy, Angler, Family Oriented, Equestrian, Nurturing, Ambitious or Workaholic).  The one who marries someone without these traits is disqualified. 5.  Lastly, the one who meets all the requirements AND harvests the most produce takes the farm.

Additional Rules

Start out with 7 teenage sons and one father. Their competing starts at young adulthood and ends when they all reach adulthood.

All traits for the sons must be randomly chosen.  Traits for the wives cannot be chosen or changed but must already exist  or be randomized.

All harvesting must be done by hand. Tractor can only be used for watering and Fertilizing.

These are the seven teenagesons of Chandler Marley. First is CHADWICK, who wants to be a Master of Arts. CHARLIE wants to be a Culinary Librarian. CHANCE is all about chess and wants to be a grand chess master. CHANNING wants to grow the perfect garden. CHASE wants a perfect mind and perfect body. CHESTER wants to be a professional author. Lastly, CHAUNCY wants to be surrounded by family. Who will be the one to inherit the farm?
When the stereo breaks Chance tries to fix it but gets electrocuted and starts a fire. Chase comes to the rescue and bravely puts out the fire. The next day after school, Raquel Kruger comes to visit and when she meets Chance there is an instant attraction.He finds out she is Handy, something he's not, and it's one of the traits required by his father's Will.
A few days later Esmeralda Figueroa asks Chase if he is with anyone special. he finds Esmeralda very attractive and spends the evening flirting and getting to know her and discovers she has two of the traits required by the Will. She is Family Oriented and Nurturing, so he romances her with red roses.
It's one day away from everyone's birthday. They will become young adults and have to start competing for the farm. Chase isn't wasting any time, he has found Esmeralda, as woman who meets the requirements of the will. He proposes they go steady and she accepts. Chauncy is also competing for the farm and Sabrina meets the requirements of a wife. When she proposes they go steady, he quickly accepts.
It's Saturday and the boys have had a long week of schoolwork and gaining gardening and other skills. Today is their birthday so they decide to have fun and relax at the beach and maybe meet some girls. Charlie met Raquel at the prom and invites her to meet him at the beach. When she asks him to go steady he's torn, he really loves Raquel but she only meets one of the requirements for a wife..... he accepts her proposal and hopes she gains another acceptable trait as a young adult. If she doesn't, he will have to choose between love and competing for the farm?
The teens have become young adults. CHASE is Adventurous, Athletic, Brave, Charismatic and Irresistible. CHANCE is a Great Kisser, Ambitious, Computer Whiz, Genius and a Bookworm. CHESTER is a Couch Potato, Coward, Irresistible, Inappropriate and a Slob. CHARLIE is Neat, Perfectionist, Hopeless Romantic, Handy and a Natural Cook. CHANNING is an Angler, Loves the Outdoors, Eco-Friendly, has a Green Thumb and is Flirty. CHAUNCY is Family Oriented, Friendly, Good, Hopeless Romantic and Nurturing. Lastly, CHADWICK is Irresistible, Virtuoso, Avant Garde, Schmoozer and Artistic. Which one of these seven brothers will inherit the farm, and who will be disqualified?
After spending most of their teenage years building their gardening skills, they now get busy planting crops to harvest. Then, when his steady girlfriend, Esmeralda, ages up to a young adult, Chase goes to visit her. They spend the evening together and before he leaves Esmeralda proposes. Knowing this secures her as his future wife, he accepts her offer.

The first crops are ready for harvesting. The brothers go out and start gathering the produce by hand which requires hard work on their part.

The time has come for them all to leave for university in order to fulfill another part of the Will. Before leaving, Chauncy goes to visit Sabrina. She doesn't want him to be available to other college women so she proposes. Although she meets the requirements in the Will, she's Unstable and could lose those valuable traits leaving him without a qualifying wife. But he loves her and takes a chance by accepting her proposal.

The Marley Brothers have arrived at the university dorm. They take up all the beds except one, which is occupied by a single female. She doesn't meet any of the Will requirements and is Insane with a few other problems.

After attending the Meet and Greet on the first day of university, the brothers all head out to the local diner for dinner. It's very crowded and they meet a lot of single women.......

Chadwick has met a very interesting student who has really taken a liking to him. She proposes they go steady, but Chadwick turns her down. She is pretty and has the qualities required but he doesn't really know her well enough to make a commitment - after all, this is only the first day and there may be other females he would like to get to know.


Channing meets Ashley Desorrento at the local coffee house. Desperate to find a wife he wastes no time in trying to find out who she is. Being more environmentally inclined, he mind melds with her to try to find out her traits but discovers nothing.

But Chadwick, on the other hand, uses his Irresistible charm and takes a more romantic approach. After spending time getting to know her, he gives her an amorous  hug and discovers she has four of the required traits. feeling no guilt in stealing her away from his brother, he plans to make this woman his future bride. 

Chauncy is in the building but instead of being in class writing his exams, he's in the science lab playing virtual games.

It's Saturday night and Chance meets Shannon Arkers in the park. He knows she is the one for him,  and she meets the requirements for the inheritance. He proposes they go steady and she accepts.


On the first day of classes, Ester Atkins proposed going steady with Chadwick but he turned her down. Determined to get into this family, she sets her sights on Chester and makes him the same offer. He likes her and accepts her proposal.

Channing is the only one not involved with a girl. He's worried  he won't find someone with the right traits to qualify for the inheritance. Although his brother Chadwick is planning on making a permanent commitment to her he takes action and  invites her over to the dorm.   While Chadwick leaves Ashley to take a phone call, Channing moves in on her and gives her flowers. There is an instant attraction and Channing plans to follow it through. After all, everything is fair in "love and war" and this is every brother for himself.

While some of the brothers study for finals, Channing makes sure Ashley stays his girl and proposes they go steady. She accepts and they become a couple.

The brothers have all fulfilled one of the stipulations of the inheritance, they have all graduated university with a degree. CHASE with an "C" in Physical Education, and gained the Disciplined and Party Animal traits. CHANCE with an "A" in Technology, and gained the Eccentric and Workaholic traits. CHESTER with a "C" in Communications and gained the Hopeless Romantic and Great Kisser traits. CHARLIE with a "B" in Fine Arts and gained the Neurotic and Flirty traits. CHANNING with a "C" in Science and Medicine and gained the Loves the Heat and Vegetarian traits. CHAUNCY  with a "C" in Technology and gained the Perceptive and Animal Lover traits.  And CHADWICK with an "A" in Fine Arts and gained the Savvy Sculptor and Hopeless Romantic traits.  Now they only have to fulfill two more requirements before an heir is named.

The next day, all the brothers register at city hall as self-employed gardeners. Back home they start tending their crops and harvesting. It's a race to see who can harvest the most before time runs out.

Chadwick is looking for a girlfriend since his brother, Channing, stole a girl away from him in college. While eating at a diner he meets Hillary and discovers she has the traits he's looking.  Hillary doesn't waste any time, she sees what she wants and goes for it. When she proposes going steady, although she is just an acquaintance Chadwick accepts. It's raining and they're getting wet, so he invites her back to his place.....

Back at the house, Chadwick asks Hillary to marry him and she accepts. He has secured a future wife and is back in the running. Now it's "Party Time!"

Chadwick throws an engagement party - just to show his brothers he hasn't lost yet. His brother Chase steps it up and exchanges rings with his girl and turns the party into a wedding celebration. That puts him ahead in the race for the farm. He has completed two requirements - a degree and a wife.

A few days later, Esmeralda tells Chase she's pregnant. Chase is going to be a father.

Eventually, Esmeralda gives birth to a baby girl. They didn't plan on having children until after the inheritance was settled, but here she is, little baby Rose.

Little Rose needs a teddy bear so uncle Chester goes out looking for one.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Charlie proposes marriage to Raquel. The next day, he meets her after work and takes her as his wife.


Chadwick is the next to get married. He marries Hillary on the porch of the farm with his brother Chance as a witness.

Chauncy takes his girl, Sabrina, to the beach and marries her under the stars. He knows she doesn't have the right traits but being a Hopeless Romantic, he marries her anyway. She is Unstable and her personality traits change so he hopes she will  get the traits needed.

With only a few days left before the heir to the farm is chosen, the remaining single brothers invite their college sweethearts to visit. Chance marries Shannon, Chester marries Esther and finally, Channing marries Ashley.

When Chauncy brings his wife Sabrina back to the house Channing, knowing she is Unstable, tries to intimidate her by telling her she and Chauncy don't stand a chance of inheriting the farm. He is the one that will take it all. He then tells her she might as well pack up and move out now with her husband.

While the brothers are all harvesting the crops Rose grows into a toddler.

The night before the brothers age up to adults and the heir is revealed, the brothers go out and harvest the final crop of the year. This is their last chance  to harvest as much as they can.

After their birthday Chase calls the family  together on the porch of the farm. He sits down at the head of the table and opens the record books. He won't give the results to the group but will reveal the outcome to each couple individually.

First, Chase meets with Chauncy and Sabrina. He tells Chauncy that he completed the first requirement, getting a degree. However, He didn't harvest the most and is disqualified because of marrying a wife with only one of the required traits. It seems Sabrina's Unstable personality caused her to lose a valuable trait.  Chanuncy and Sabrina will have to move.

Next, Charlie and Raquel sit down with Chase. Chase tells him that he has been disqualified for not meeting the requirement of marrying a woman with with the right traits. Charlie didn't expect to inherit the farm, he chose love over money and is happy to move out with his wife.

Chase tells Chadwick that although he married a woman with the right traits and got a degree, he didn't work the farm hard enough and harvested the least amount of produce. He will not inherit the farm. Chadwick doesn't care, he never wanted to be a farmer, he wants to be a Master of the Arts. He is ready to move out with his wife.

Chase calls his wife Esmeralda out to the porch. He tells her that he didn't succeed in harvesting the most produce and therefore, they will not inherit the farm. They will have to move out with their daughter to a nice simple  home.

Next Chase calls Chance and Shannon to the table. He tells Chance  that he did a very good job but unfortunately he has come in third. He will not inherit the farm and will have to take his wife and move out.


Finally, Chase calls Chester and his wife Esther and Channing and his wife Ashley to the table. One of them has inherited the farm and will take it all. He turns to his brother Chester and tells him he is a Couch Potato, a Slob and a Coward, not good qualities to inherit a farm that requires hard work. However, his wife has some great traits. She is Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Good, Never Nude and has a Green Thumb. Plus, she has almost completed a degree in Science and Medicine. Great farm qualities.  Then he turns to Channing and tells him that he knows how ruthless he is, how he stole his brother's girlfriend in college and tried to intimidate his other brother's wife. He does have the qualities needed to run a farm, he Loves the Outdoors, has a Green Thumb and Loves the Heat.  His wife Ashley has some problems, she is Neurotic and Over Emotional but is also Family Oriented, a Vegetarian, Perfectionist and an Angler. She has also almost completed a degree in Communications. But only one of them has become the heir...........

Chase announces Chester and Esther as the heirs to the farm. He tells Chester that the farm cannot be sold, he must keep it in the family,  continue to work it and pass it on to one of his children.

Chester calls Channing out to the porch and explains that he is not interested in farming. He wants to be a professional author.  Now that he has title to the farm, he wants to move into a smaller house with his wife and write books. He asks Channing if he will stay on at the farm and work it for him. Channing agrees but only if he can become co-owner. Chester accepts his terms and they become partners.

The farmhouse stays in the family and is owned by Chester and Channing Marley. All the brothers, including Chester and their wives move out and leave the farm to be run by Channing and his wife Ashley. When the time comes for one of their children to inherit the farm, who will it be - a child of Chester or Channing?  The answer lies in a future challenge....

The End

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