Sapphira Star: Part 1

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Meet Sapphira Starr. She is Adventurous, Party Animal, Snob, Great Kisser, and Ambitious. Sapphira is all about wealth and wants to Live in the Lap of Luxury, even if she has to marry into it. She loves High Technology, futuristic toys and travel. Sapphira has moved to Isla Paradiso in search of adventure, love and money.

Her first home is a beach house on one of the bigger islands off the main land. It's small but suits her needs at the moment. She intends to renovate it and make it an attractive home to entertain her rich friends.

It's Saturday and time for some relaxation away from the observatory where Sapphira works. She heads to the local beach for some fishing, checking the alignment of the stars, snorkeling for treasures and some sunbathing.

Wanting to throw a party but not having any "quality" wine, Sapphira decides to go to France to find some. At the Nectary  she tastes the different wines, buys a couple of wine racks and a chest, then takes a tour of the place.

Next she travels into the future to learn all she can about Advanced Technology. When Sapphira arrives she is greeted by the time traveler, Emit. He gives her a jetpack and tells her to practice flying around with it.

At the base camp, she changes into some appropriate clothing and then  meets a plumbot who shows her his holographic pet.  Sapphira is fascinated by all this new technology and knows she wants it all.

Sapphira is a Party Animal and that night she throws a "here I am" party to get to know more of the resident. She's having a blast, especially with meeting all the good looking, single men.

When the party is over, Sapphira heads over to the park to try out her jet pack. She flies around but crashes to the ground. All the partying, drinking and eating, then flying about with a jet pack leaves her sick to her stomach. Time to go back to the base camp for a good nights sleep.

Back home in Isla Paradiso Sapphira throws a party. She invites friends over  and serves some of the wine brought back from France. At the party she meets an interesting man and dances with him.

It seems she's had too much to drink and before she realizes it, Sapphira pees herself in front of her guests. How embarrassing!

Taking a leave of absence from the Observatory, Sapphira enrolls in a Technology degree program at the university. The dorm is beneath her status so she decides to stay at a sorority house.

At the meet and greet Sapphira seeks out the most influential social contact, the school Mascot. She gets to know him and eventually becomes part of the nerd social group.

Now that she's in with a social group and having gained the trait of daredevil, Sapphira is dared to successfully kiss a random sim. She thinks this will be no problem, after all, who could resist such a desirable woman...... unfortunately, the sim she kisses doesn't feel the same way and yells at her. If she doesn't succeed she will be mocked. How awful! Her reputation is on the line.

Sapphira is determined to fulfill the dare to successfully kiss a sim. She grabs and kisses men before, between and after classes, in parking lots and anywhere else she finds them. Sapphira is more concerned about her reputation and being mocked than the negative responses she gets.

Right before her time runs out  Sapphira kisses a sim behind the Student Union Building. He responds by pulling her close and kissing her back. Sapphira has saved face and completed the dare.... the only problem is, this sim has fallen in love with her and she doesn't know anything about him. 

After class Sapphira finds herself surrounded by single men and she loves the attention.

Sapphira overslept on the day of exams. She didn't have her morning coffee and is overtired from lack of sleep. She races to class but fails all three exams.

After failing the first semester of college, Sapphira really applies herself in the second semester and graduates with a B in Technology. Time to return home and leave all her college romances behind. Sapphira didn't find a suitable partner, they were either too young or too poor for her.

After returning home and finishing her first day back at work, Sapphira hears a loud rumbling sound and runs outside to see what it is. She notices the sky has gone dark and all of a sudden there is a meteor shower with rocks falling all around her. Sapphira is badly singed but alive. She gathers up the space particles and goes  home to recover.

Later that night Sapphira gets a visit from Emit. He tells her She is needed at the Observatory in the future and he would like her to come back with him.

Sapphira travels to the future to work at the observatory. While there she will be looking for a wealthy husband.

After arriving Sapphira rides her windcarver to Legacy Park.  She hears music and goes over to listen to this new instrument.  After listening for a while, she introduces herself to the musician and discovers an attraction between them.

It doesn't take long before Sapphira is in his arms kissing him. Sapphira is a Great Kisser and loves male attention. She discovers that Atom Beaker is also a Great Kisser.... but that's all she knows about him.

Sapphira managed to get to work the next day but passed out after work. Too much nightlife and not enough sleep.

That night Sapphira programs her dreams for romance. She wants desperately to meet the man of her dreams.... one who can afford her expensive tastes.

In her spare time Sapphira works on building a plumbot.  One who can serve her needs of cleaning, fixing and serving in some way. At this time in her life she can't afford a maid, so she will build one.

Sapphira needs supplies for her bot "servant" and goes to the wastelands looking for Crystal Plants and Nanites.


Back at the base camp she meets Nawaf Giza, a tourist from Egypt. Sapphira flirts and he responds. Her Irresistible charm captures the attention of many men.  In college she left 2 love interests behind and now in Oasis Landing she has another one,  besides the one she is about to capture.

Sapphira invites Nawaf out to dinner and spends the evening with him. They take romantic pictures together and enjoy each others company.

Continuing her work at the Bot Emporium,  Sapphira creates her first Bot and names him Ichi.  She gives him the trait chips - Competent Cleaner, Sense of Humor and Holo Projector.  She decides to stay in Oasis Landing and pursue her new love interest and work on upgrading Ichi.

Having the Sense of Humor trait, Ichi  puts on a comedy show for tips at the Base Camp.

Nawaf  is a real charmer and gives Sapphira flowers.  Sapphira kisses Nawaf for the first time and falls in love. This time she is the one captured and excepts his proposal to go steady. 

Sapphira is going to be leaving Oasis Landing soon and wants Nawaf to leave with her. So after work, outside the base camp she asks him to marry her.  Believing she's found the man of her dreams, they exchange rings  in a private wedding.


Sapphira, Nawaf and Ichi all arrive back in Isla Paradiso. Are her dreams about to come true or is this the beginning of a nightmare?


Continue to follow Sapphira here in Part 2: Transformations.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Great story littlelambsy. And you have even found something useful for that silly Mascot to do besides be annoying. Looking forward to Part 2 to see what Sapphira does next.

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