Part 2: Molly Maguire

350 years later we find Molly Maguire, a young adult  who lives in the swamps of Twinbrooks. She is Brave, Adventurous, Family Oriented, Neat and Irresistible. Molly has a degree in Science and has always been interested in time travel. After reading about a man who built a time machine to find lost and abandoned children in the past, she decides to continue his work and take up the challenge.


Instead of building a Time Machine, Molly decided to check out the consignment store. To her surprise she finds one, buys it and puts it out on her deck. She thinks about the children she wants to find and adopt. 'But first, she needs to find work. She goes to the police department and gets an Investigators license so she can work as a Temporal Investigator, solving cases throughout history.
After accepting a case she takes a trip back in time. Molly hoped to find a child while there but narrowly escaped with her life after being shot at with arrows. Maybe she'll have more success tomorrow. Weeks have passed and still no success in bringing back a child. Molly is getting discouraged and wonders what she's doing wrong.
She spends most of the night reading about Troy Espinosa who built the first time machine. He brought back a child and then died tragically as a young adult while fixing his machine. She learns that she needs to be patient and search every era of time. In the morning Molly decides to take another trip. I don't know where she is going but let's hope she doesn't get arrested as a intergalactic, time traveling flasher!
The next evening, she decides to take one last trip before going to bed. SUCCESS! She has found a little girl named Casey who is Ambitious, Loves the Outdoors and is a little Clumsy. Before bed Molly gives Casey a gift, its a teddy bear.
After a long day at work Molly makes dinner and tucks Casey into bed. Then she steps into Ancient Egypt. She dresses in the local style, not wanting to be noticed while investigating and searching for the children. She made some contacts while there but was betrayed. She had to leave in a hurry when she discovered someone following her.
It's a new day and Casey has gone to school. The night was uneventful so Molly feels safe to take another trip. Today she decides to go to Ancient Rome and dresses the part. Molly gets back just as Casey comes home from school. Casey is sad and hugs her mum and tells her that she has a brother and she misses him. Casey asks her to please find her brother.
Molly can't stop thinking about Casey's brother and how sad Casey is. She needs to find him. After her daughter is in bed, she dresses for the 17th Century and fires up the time machine for another trip. How can she find Casey's brother, she doesn't know where to look but remembers that when she found Casey she was in everyday clothing. This time she doesn't dress for any particular time period then sets the machine to "Random" and pushes the button.
Molly has found James, Casey's brother! He is much younger than Casey and is Ambitious, just like his sister. He is also a Daredevil and a Couch potato. She's thrilled that she has found James and gives him a big hug. His sister will be so surprised but it's late and she doesn't want to wake Casey.

Casey was late getting up and ran off to school while James was still sleeping. When she got home she saw her brother and couldn't believe her eyes.  "James, is that you?"  "Casey?"  Thrilled, Casey grabs her brother and hugs him tight. He has been found!

Continue following in Part 3: Changing history

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