Part 2: Transformations

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Back in Isla Paradiso, the next morning Sapphira asks her new husband how much money he has. Before he can answer, she tells him her dreams of living in the lap of luxury.

Nawaf tells Sapphira that he is from Egypt and has always lived a simple life. He does not have money and will not cater to her wants. She is his wife now and she will have to adjust to a simpler lifestyle. Then he tell her he has booked a trip to Egypt.

Things are not quite going the way Sapphira had planned.

Before Sapphira has time to think about it, Nawaf books a flight and takes her to Egypt. As they arrive at the base camp Sapphira already knows she would rather be in Paris!

Nawaf takes Sapphira to the hot tub to unwind from their journey. As she relaxes in the hot bubbly water  her mind is on vacations and traveling to exotic places..... little does she know Nawaf has other plans.

Wanting to please her husband she submits to his wishes and puts on the clothing of the local peasants. She stares into the mirror and wonders what has become of her. What about her dreams and plans - who is this man she married?

While her husband is off completing some adventures, Sapphira goes out to meet some of the people.

Sapphira has a lot to think about and goes fishing at one of the remote lakes. 

At the marketplace she watches a snake charmer and wonders if she could do that. Sapphira buys a snake basket, sits down and plays the flute. The snake comes up out of the basket  but is not too happy and hisses at her.

Finally they are back home. Sapphira just wants to go to bed, get out of these clothes and get back to normal.  Nawaf is quite a bit older than Sapphira and the night they arrive home he ages up to an elder.

Wanting to let loose and glad to be home Sapphira throws a party. She orders Pizza, serves the best french wine and dances the night away - Even Ichi boogies with the rest of them.

While the party rocks on one of the guests makes a pass at Nawaf and offers him flowers. Nawaf is upset and declines the offer.

Nawaf calls Sapphira into the livingroom. He has something to tell her. He has decided they are moving to Egypt. Now that he is an elder he doesn't have much longer to live and wants to end his days in his homeland.  Sapphira is  not happy but has no choice - the decision has been made. 

He also tells Sapphira to sell Ichi.  Sapphira takes Ichi to the Bot Shop and puts him up for sale. It's a sad goodbye to Ichi and her dreams of wealth.

They move to an Egyptian city called Setra and buy a modest house. Sapphira changes into her peasant, Egyptian clothing to please her husband but living a peasant life in Egypt was not in Sapphiras plans.  Taking the next flight out of here is the only thing on her mind.

She asks her husband what she's suppose to do here.  Nawaf tells her to grow vegetables and work in the garden, cook his meals and keep the house clean.  She"s shocked and says: "dig in the dirt?,  I could wreck my manicure and break a nail".  Then she asks if they can hire a gardener, a cook and a maid.

Well that conversation didn't go well. Sapphira finds herself tending the garden that came with the house. As she digs her hands into the dirt she wonders how she will ever get all the high tech toys and the expensive things she wants..... This is not living in the lap of luxury!

That night, just before going to sleep, Sapphira takes Nawaf by the hand and announces that she's pregnant. Surely he will take her away from here now, back to  Isla Paradiso, the perfect place to raise a child.

While her husband is at work delivering newspapers, Sapphira goes to the local pool to unwind. She meets a few people and a dog. If she can get to know the residents of Setra she can throw parties to help take her mind of living here.

Later, Sapphira gives birth to a baby girl named Zaahira. She was born with the traits Hydrophobic and Disciplined.

Sapphira is pregnant with her second child and growing more impatient with her life. Leaving her husband home babysitting, she dresses formal and goes to a nightclub. She meets the bouncer at the door and tells him all about her dreams of becoming rich. He likes Sapphira and they become friends.

The bouncer lets Sapphira into the club and sits down next to her at the bar. She is having a great time and feels more like her old self.

When Sapphira arrives home around 1:30 am Nawaf  wants to know where she's been. She explains that she went to a nightclub, met a new friend and had a great time.  Then tells him she's pregnant again.

During one of her parties, while everyone is having fun, Sapphira goes into labor. The party breaks up when Nawaf takes her to the hospital.

By day Sapphira is the peasant wife Nawaf expects but at night she's Sapphira Starr - born to be rich. When Nawaf comes home from work Sapphira leaves him with the kids and takes off to the Oasis Club downtown. Here is where she feels she belongs, among the rich and famous.


At breakfast Sapphira brings up the subject of money again. Nawaf tells her that they are simple people and will never be rich and she must get her mind off wealth and focus on family life.

When her husband leaves for work and the kids are sleeping, Sapphira throws a party for her rich and famous friends. The party rocks on as she dances with Geoffry Wanton, a Mad Scientist who is famous and very rich.  Although Sapphira  would never be unfaithful to her husband, she intends to live her double life to the full..... until he dies.

The children have grown older and the time has come for the Grim Reaper to take Nawaf.  Sapphira takes his ashes to the local cemetery and the children mourn for him.  She's now free from living the life of a peasant.

Sapphira invites Geoffrey Wanton out on a date to the Oasis Club.  With some slow dancing, drinks, dinner and a dip kiss she hopes to charm her way into his life. Geoffrey is very, very old and Sapphira hopes her Irresistible ways can capture his heart before it gives out on him.

The next evening she invites Geoffrey over for dinner. After dinner he gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She quickly accepts and put on the huge diamond ring.

She doesn't want to loose the opportunity of finally getting what she wants and marries him that night in a private wedding.

Sapphira has completed her life time wish of Living in the Lap of Luxury. Geoffrey calls for his limousine and moves his new family into his mansion in the hills. She's thrilled that her husband is not only rich but famous and now she will live in the style she was born for. A true snob, living in a gated mansion.

Upon reaching the mansion, Sapphira is impressed with the stateliness of the place. When she gets inside she can see it's not what she imagined. She meets Dawn, a bot of some kind, something she has never seen before and it looks strange......

Sapphira looks around her new home and finds some creepy rooms. Then she realizes her husband really is a Mad Scientist with the Insane trait and wants to create 3 of these ... monsters.

It doesn't take long before Sapphira cleans out the house and starts to organize it her way. To fully accomplish her dreams she hires a butler. Now she feels important and can be waited on hand and foot. She instructs the butler he is to have breakfast ready each morning for the children and to keep the place clean and in good repair.

Not long after their marriage Sapphira tells Geoffrey she's pregnant.

Sapphira goes to the kitchen for breakfast and finds the butler has not made breakfast  but  has left uncooked batter all over the kitchen. They have words and Sapphira fires him.

After telling her husband she's pregnant and has fired the butler, Sapphira throws a party. Just as the guests arrive an unexpected guest also crashes the party, it's the Grim Reaper and he's there for Geoffrey.  Sapphira is finally free to move out of Setra and start a new life.


She takes Geoffrey's ashes to the cemetery and lays him next to her first husband, Nawaf.

After the birth of her third child, a baby boy named Tanner, Sapphira packs up her family and moves out of Setra, and into the future. She buys a very expensive house on the water and decides to stay where she has all the technology, toys and money she longed for.  But is she happy?


Continue following Sapphira here in Part 3: Moving On.

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