Part 3: Changing History

Some time has passed and the children have become teenagers. Unfortunately, Molly has failed in her attempts to find more children. Casey tells her mother she should think about getting married, it would be nice for James to have a father, someone he can hang out with .

Molly contemplates what her daughter said.  She needs to find someone who will support her work and love the children.  She has met many possibilities throughout her time traveling but only one comes to mind. She has an idea but it's risky and could change the course of history forever.

When the children have left for school,  Molly stands before the Time Machine,  with her heart racing she makes a decision that will change her life forever.  She has made some mental calculations from her study in history...... with a shaky hand she sets the time 3-4-7. If the years are off she risks arriving too late or too early.  As she pushes the buttons the time machine opens, she steps in.... there's no turning back.

The doors of the time machine open and Molly steps out. She's not alone, she has convinced a man to come back with her...... It's TROY ESPINOSA!  from the pages of history he steps out of the past and into the present.

Molly tells Troy she traveled to his time,  moments before he died and saved his life by bringing him back to the present. His daughter, Merlena continued his work but will never know what happened to him. Now she has taken up the challenge but is having trouble finding children and needs his help. Can he help her?

At breakfast Troy looks at Molly. She is beautiful and Brave, she loves family and has taken up his life's work. He finds those qualities attractive and wants to get to know her.
Resuming his life's work, Troy enters the time machine. He hoped to find his daughter in his travels but comes back alone. While Troy is traveling through time, Molly stands beside the time machine and thinks about Troy and knows she's in love with him.
Later that evening Molly offers to show Troy the town and takes him to dinner at one of the local restaurants. Before going in, Molly playfully blows Troy a kiss. After dinner, Troy is captured by her Irresistible charm and accepts her proposal to go steady.
Troy finds and brings back a little Italian boy named Andrea who is Good, Ambitious and a bit of a Daredevil. Later, Molly's trip is also productive. She finds a little English boy named Cornell, an orphan living on the streets of London. He wants to know if this is his new home.
Troy and Molly move to a bigger home with the children. James is thrilled this new house is out of the swamps. With an Ambitious spirit, he likes the feel of wealth, which this home gives him. His sister Casey is more concerned with her mother getting married. Looking at Troy, she hopes that maybe there will be a wedding here soon.
Wanting some quiet time together, Troy invites Molly to watch the stars with him. He is deeply in love with her and shows it with a passionate kiss.
After another trip she finds a boy named Wesley who is Good, Hot Headed and a Loner. It looks like Wesley has discovered new technology - the Smart Phone! Then, during a trip to the 16th Century Molly finds her fifth child, a little girl named Susannah who is Adventurous, Clumsy and Hot Headed. She tells Susannah that temper tantrums are not tolerated in this family and she is to keep her temper under control.
Troy gets down on one knee and holds out a diamond ring to Molly and proposes. She can't believe it, it's too wonderful. This man, a man right out of the history books has proposed marriage! She immediately accepts. Troy doesn't hesitate for a second, in the garden of their new home, Troy takes Molly as his wife.
Troy takes his new wife out for dinner and give her red roses. Standing by the Time Machine he tells her how very happy he is that she rescued him, allowing him to fulfill his dreams. He tells her he will love her for all eternity.
Eventually Troy and Molly grow old together. They have had a wonderful life working together traveling through time. Now, Molly stands mourning at the grave of Troy Espinosa. She is well up in age and knows she doesn't have long to live without Troy. Until her time comes she will mourn him everyday.
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