Part 3: Moving On

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Back in Oasis Landing Sapphira decides to recreate Ichi with traits that will make him useful around the house. After all, why should she clean, cook and take care of the kids when she can build someone to do those things. Ichi-2 emerges from the chamber.

Sapphira has everything she ever wanted, money, technology, luxury..... but there is something missing in her life. she needs romance. While building Ichi-2 she meets a man who catches her interest. His name is Milton McGrath.

Sapphira equips Ichi-2 with the trait chips: Competent Cleaner, Handibot, Robonanny, Robotany Gardener, Limitless Learning, Efficient and Sense of Humor. When Ichi-2  arrives home, the girls are excited to meet him.

while Zaahira and Yasmin are at the prom, Sapphira goes back to the Bot Emporium to meet up with Milton. To her surprise, he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Even though he is much younger than her, she accepts and they become engaged.

She's getting older and wants to marry Milton before she's too old. Without waiting she has a private wedding and becomes Mrs. Milton McGrath. This is Sapphira's third marriage, and she intends to make this one the last.

After exchanging rings Sapphira and Milton complete the wedding with a little extra special romance in the Bot Pod.

To celebrate the girls throw a party and invite a bunch of teenage friends. Sapphira and Milton join the fun and dance with the kids.

It's not long before Sapphira tells her husband she's pregnant. He is so happy, he feels her tummy. This is his first child.

Ichi-2 can tell that Yasmin has gotten up in a bad mood. He scans her with a happiness beam but it doesn't help. So he picks up Yasmin and tries to adjust her attitude with a Bot Body Massage. He shakes her and throws her to the ground.


That didn't go well. Yasmin is angry with Ichi-2 for being shaken and tossed. Ichi-2 is angry with Yasmin for not having a change of attitude.

Later, Sapphira gives birth to a baby boy they name Peirce. He is Athletic and Loves the Heat.

Soon after the birth of her youngest son Sapphira becomes an elder. Now she sits on the couch with her two daughters Zaahira and Yasmin Giza, from her first marriage. Behind her to the left is her teenage son Tanner Wanton, from her second marriage to Geoffrey Wanton. Then, standing behind her is her third husband Milton McGrath, a much younger man. To his right is their son Peirce McGrath. 

Sapphira has accomplished her dreams and become wealthier than she could ever have imagined........ Does she feel satisfied in her old age?  Her days are boring and empty. She has done it all and got it all. There is nothing left but to satisfy her younger husbands romantic passions every moment of every day until she dies.  After all this she comes to realize, love is much more important than money and she should have been satisfied with the simple life forced upon her in the beginning.

She finally dies and all her wealth goes to her husband Milton. He stands at the graveside and mourns the end of Sapphira. Life continues without her and the family moves on.

The End

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