Part 3:Madness

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Barney gathers his Bots and takes them to the crashed shipand sits down in the captains chair, with Data by his side and the other "crew members" standing by. He starts to dream and fantasize about traveling through space and meeting other intelligent life forms. He spends all night in the ship thinking about Manisha wanting to go home.... what will he do?
Barney convinces Manisha to stay in Oasis Landing by promising to move into a home of their own. He has saved enough money to buy a small house on the outskirts of the Wastelands. He brings along two of his Bots, Data and Deanna. After moving in, Manisha looks out the window at the city in the distance and longs to go home to Evensdale County. But her kids were born here and have grown up here, they don't know any other lifestyle. Her husband is unstable and obsessed with Robots. Worse, he believes he can fix a crashed star ship and travel the universe and he's building a crew to follow him. She wonders if she'll ever see her hometown again?
Barney has built many Bots and sold them for the money to build their new home. His latest creation comes out of the chamber a big, strong mean looking bot that has law enforcement on his mind. It scares Barney and he calls this one Warf. Next he creates Spock and gives it the trait chips - Office Drone, Friendly Functions, Mood Adjuster, Solar Powered, Limitless Learning, Efficient and Sentience.
Manisha looks at the new Bot Barney has brought home. She is surrounded by them and tells Barney there are too many Bots in the house - he will have to sell some. But Barney tells her he needs a few more crew members before they can take off into space. He has Data, Spock, Deanna, Warf and Bones but still needs Scotty and the borg Seven of Nine. Manisha can see that Barney is mad and feels she's living in a Si-fi nightmare. There is only one thing to do and so Manisha takes action for her husbands own good. She tell Barney that she has taken all of his Robots except Deanna, and sold them.
Barney can't take this news and has a complete breakdown. He grabs his head and shouts "NOOOOOOO" not my Bots, my crew! His dreams have been crushed. Now what will he do? Losing his Bots takes it's toll on Barney and that night he ages into an old man. He sits down at the dining room table and contemplates what his life could have been. Now it's time to go home.
The next day they leave Oasis Landing and arrive back in Evensdale and move into a bigger house. Barney doesn't know what to do with himself so he buys an old motorbike and goes for a ride. While out riding he comes up with a plan....
Their new house has a big workshop so Barney locks the door to his new lab and starts making trait chips for his crew members. After dinner, When everyone is in bed, Barney sneaks of to his lab to start creating his Bot crew and forgets to lock the door. Just as he begins, Manisha rushes throught he door and into the All-In-One bathroom. Barney quickly moves to the Science machine and starts tinkering. When Manisha comes out she looks at Barney. Barney smiles at her and says: "hello dear, just brushing up on my science". Manisha looks around the room and goes off to bed.
This time Barney starts by creating The Borg, Seven of Nine. He knows his Bots can't be allowed to enter the main house, he wants to keep them secret from his wife. He locks the lab door and wants each Bot to "power down". That way they won't be active until he decides to activate them. But, when he instructs Seven of Nine to "power down" she "does not comply" and zaps Barney with an electrical charge. He wants to tell her "Resistance is Futile", but she seems to have him at a slight disadvantage....
When Seven of Nine attacks Barney he has a panic attack. How will he control this insubordinate Borg? There's only one thing to do - put her in the Stasis Chamber until he can decide what to do with her.
Barney works long into the night while everyone sleeps. He's delighted when "Scottie" steps out of the chamber.
All this stress and excitement is too much for Barney and that night he dies. Manisha takes Barney's remains to the cemetery and mourns her husband's death.
Later that day, Manisha decides to clean out Barney's workshop and is shocked to discover Bots in stasis chambers all dressed in Star Trek uniforms! She revives the Bots from stasis and sells them. Here ends the Barney Beake story.
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