WildFlowers: Part 1

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Willow and Lola Wildflower are of Spanish/English descent and are very opposite in nature with different goals.  Willow is Flirty, Loves the Outdoors, has a Green Thumb, is Neurotic and Unstable. She wants to travel the world to find ingredients to make Nectar. Her goal is to have a Bottomless Nectar Cellar.   

Lola is a Great Kisser, Dramatic, Neat, a Party Animal and a Virtuoso. She wants to learn to play many different instruments so she can throw wild parties and entertain her guests as a One Sim Band.

When their parents died they inherited the family farm in  Monte Vista.  Lola also promised to take care of and protect her younger sister Willow, because of her mental illness.

Willow is thrilled to have enough land to grow her fruits and care for the critters - a real country girl at heart.  Lola just wants to party and drink the nectar that Willow makes.

Willow goes out to milk the cows and feed the chickens before taking care of the crops.

Although it's the Fall season, Willow is anxious to get started.  She jumps on the tractor and starts fertilizing her crops, which are presently dormant.

Willow and Lola take a trip to France for fun, adventure and to gather some fruits. While Lola is off getting supplies, Willow harvests some grapes from the vineyard.

Lola has been asked to find an object which was lost at the Celtic Ruins. She stops by the winery and asks Willow to help her find the object. Willow thinks it would be fun and forms a group with her sister and together they enter the tombs under the ruins.

Although tired, Willow dives into a dive well to see what she can find.

It's late and the girls are very tired so they decide to settle down for the night and continue in the morning.

While investigating the dive well, Willow found a heart shaped stone. When they come to a locked door she notices a heart shaped groove in the wall and inserts the stone. Suddenly it lights up and the chains on the door fall off. They open the door and  go through.

When the door opens they find the room is creepy and Willow has a panic attack. She wants to leave but her sister sees something interesting.

Lola calms her sister down and collects the loot around the room before investigating a stone box against the wall.  Trying to stay calm, Willow jokingly thinks that maybe there's a cute guy in the box looking for romance.

Her panic returns when she sees her sister open the box. She freaks out and shouts "STOP! - DON'T OPEN IT!." .... too late, the box is open and the only thing found inside is a gem.  Willow isn't having fun anymore and wants to get out of this place.

Then, while investigating a wall Lola finds a hidden door and opens it. When they enter the room there's a tent and a skeleton laying beside it. On seeing the bones of the last explorer Lola faints and Willow looks down at her and thinks, "She's so dramatic".

Finally, they enter a room with lots of gravestones. Willow quickly scoops up the treasures, including bottles of wine, while Lola searches a hole in the floor. She pulls up a baseball, the missing object,  and returns it to the owner.

The Fall season puts a hold on harvesting crops making them dormant until Spring, so Willow takes the university entrance test hoping to get a scholarship in Science. This would help her clone, identify and genetically alter seeds so she can make better nectar. Lola wants a degree in Fine Arts so she can really rock with her music..... who knows, maybe she will become famous? Taking the entrance test is the first step.  They are granted a partial scholarship in their chosen field and prepare to leave for university.

The next day Lola and Willow arrive at the university dorm and meet their fellow roommates.

During the meet and greet, Willow finds a quiet room to be alone with a sim she just met. Being flirty and a little impetuous, she plans to "get to know him" ....... when suddenly, from the platform Willow hears Lola say "HEY, that's my sister, so watch it!"  She then tells Willow to go back to the dorm and get ready for classes tomorrow.

Willow feels a little overwhelmed and has a panic attack after the first class. Breathing into a paper bag helps calm her nerves before moving on to her next class.

Willow turns on the science machine and studies for classes while Lola  practices another type of science - how to get "juice" from a keg while upside down. At a party Lola helps another student to find out by assisting her with a "keg stand".

Willow is asked to go to the Science Proving Ground and pull the Lever of Doom on the Group Project Machine. She is to study the effects for her science assignment. When Willow gets to the Proving Grounds there a a few students there, but she focuses on the Group Project Machine and slowly pulls the lever. The machine shoots a blue beam into the sky and a burst of light radiates outward from the center and then everything goes quiet.........

Willow falls to the ground, passed out with the rest of the students. It seems that pulling the Lever of Doom causes everyone around to fall asleep.

Willow hangs out with the Nerd Social Group and enjoys playing video games, discussing comics and playing pool. She has acquired enough influence with this group to increase her traits to include Animal Lover.

Meanwhile, Lola goes to the campus coffee shop to hang out with the Rebel Group. When she gets there it's quite crowded but she sees someone she wants to meet. She pushes through the crowd but when she gets to him he's involved in a conversation with another sim. So she takes out her Bull Horn and shouts into it "HEY, CUTIE!" She gets his attention and they both laugh. It's a Rebel thing and he's impressed. Lola has socialized enough with the Rebel Social Group and gains the Artistic trait.

Classes are over and college is done. Saturday morning Willow and Lola get their report cards. Both girls have completed their courses with an A.

They attend the graduation ceremony. Willow receives her diploma in Science and Medicine and gains the Family Oriented trait. Lola gets her diploma in Fine Arts and gains the Charismatic trait.

It's a beautiful, clear spring day and the fruit trees and plants are growing. Willow jumps on the tractor and waters her plants. Suddenly, storm clouds form and it starts to thunder. Before she can make it to the house, Willow is struck by lightening!

Summer has arrived and the girls go to the summer festival. First, they stop at the tanning booth and come out glowing with a great spray on tan.

Next, they try skating, but it looks like Willow needs more practice as she falls to the ground and hopes nobody noticed. Then its time for lunch. The girls take a break with a plate of chilli chips before going home.

Poor Willow, everywhere she goes people shun her. She doesn't understand why they outwardly show their dislike of being in her presence. Lola knows people treat her sister this way because of her mental illness and has become very protective of her.

Unable to sleep, Willow goes out to harvest her crops at 3:00 am.  Then in the dark she sees a man approaching. Lola is woken up by the tractor and goes out to investigate. When she sees a man talking to Willow she takes out her bull horn and loudly shouts "GET AWAY FROM MY SISTER!"  She doesn't know who he is or what he wants, and she doesn't care.


Continue to follow their story in Part 2: Different Directions

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