Farm Legacy Challenge


Seven sons of Chandler Marley have been given the challenge of inheriting the family farm, but only one can succeed and become the heir. Who will it be?  The rules are set out in the father’s will.

In his Will he has set the conditions:  1. All his sons must live on the farm, work it and learn self-sufficiency.  2.They must all go to university and get a degree in either Technology (to maintain the equipment), Business (to manage the resources), Science (to crossbreed and identify seeds), Fine Arts (for landscaping), and communications (to talk to the plants and animals).  If one fails to get a degree, he is cut out of the will. 3. If they travel, they must all travel together, if one stays behind, he is disinherited. 4. They must all find and marry a wife who already has at least two traits related to farming and family, (Green thumb, Loves the outdoors, Animal lover, Eco-friendly, Vegetarian, Frugal, handy, Angler, Family Oriented, Equestrian, Nurturing, Ambitious or Workaholic).  The one who marries someone without these traits is disqualified. 5.  Lastly, the one who meets all the requirements AND harvests the most produce takes the farm.

Additional Rules

Start out with 7 teenage sons and one father. Their competing starts at young adulthood and ends when they all reach adulthood.

All traits for the sons must be randomly chosen.  Traits for the wives cannot be chosen or changed but must already exist or be randomized.

All harvesting must be done by hand. Tractor can only be used for watering and Fertilizing.


 Who will be the last man standing?  Find out here in: The Inheritance.


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