Part 2: Journey’s End

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Meanwhile, back in Barnacle Bay, Ray serves lunch and Cassandra tells him she's pregnant.

Every night before going to bed, Davina searches the galaxy looking for alien ships and distant planets, hoping to find something that will help her find Freddy.

Davina joins the Investigator Career and tells Ray she knows there are aliens living in town and she wants to find out where they're from and what they know.

Over coffee, she tells Cassandra she's also going to have a baby.

While on a case, Davina breaks in to a neighbors house and dusts for fingerprints.  Being an investigator is the perfect cover for her to do investigations of her own.

Davina is sent on another case, this time it's to investigate Nikki Xip an alien resident. She gathers information from others who know her and then goes to her home to snoop around.

Ray takes Cassandra and Davina out to dinner and a few drinks at a local pub. They order pizza and enjoy the evening out.

At the library Davina meets Nikki, the alien resident she was sent to investigate. She asks her if there's any chance of her husband being returned.  But Nikki says that abducted men are kept to repopulate their homeworld and by now he's probably been married off to an alien.

Discouraged, Davina goes to the courthouse with Ray and Cassandra.  She asks a judge to terminate  her marriage to Freddy Ragman  on the grounds that he has not been seen since his abduction a year ago.  The judge grants the termination and Davina is no longer married.

Now that Davina is single again, Cassandra throws a party to help her get on with her life.  A man at the party takes an interest in Davina and she spends time getting to know him. His name is Jamaal Newcomb and they like each other very much

Before the party is over they become a steady couple.  However, Davina will soon have her baby and want's  someone to help her raise the child so she takes their relationship a step further and proposes marriage to Jamaal. 

For the past year Freddy has been assigned to working at the Planetarium.  He's been trained in star charting but has been refused access to any spaceships. 

One day while at a restaurant for lunch he meets Whitney Harry.  He remembers her from college and finds out she was also abducted.  He's so happy to see a familiar face, he hugs her.

A couple of days later, Freddy is approached by a co-worker. She says her name is Eavan  Galadiin. She was abducted from her home world and forced to work at the planetarium as a space explorer. Although she has access to a spaceship she doesn't have access to star charts.

Freddy says that he and a friend were also abducted and want to find a way home.  Later the three of them get together and make a plan to escape.

One evening,  after everyone has left the building, Freddy breaks into the hanger at the planetarium.  On the computer he enters the co-ordinance for home while Eavan starts up the ship ready for take off.  When they're all aboard she pilots them back to Barnacle Bay.

While Freddy is on his way home Davina throws a wedding party.  She's had her baby and is now ready to marry Jamaal.  They call the guests together and take their place under the wedding arch....

Just as they're about to exchange rings, Davina hears a familiar voice calling her name.  When she looks up she sees Freddy running toward her.  She can't believe her eyes, her Freddy has returned.  They hug, kiss and embrace while Jamaal watches Freddy take back his true love.

Davina calls off the wedding with Jamaal and remarries Freddy.  After sharing wedding cake with their friends and serving nectar, Freddy holds Davina close and slow dances with her.

When all the guests have left, Freddy explains to Davina that Eavan helped both him and Whitney to escape their abductors and return home. Now she wants to return to her homeworld.  He has invited both to stay overnight and leave in the morning.

Davina takes Freddy upstairs and introduces him to his daughter Fredina, now a toddler. Freddy snuggles his little girl and is happy to be back with his family.

The next morning Eavan says goodbye to Freddy and his family then boards her ship and heads for her home planet Palamar.

Whitney decides to stay in Barnacle Bay and moves into a nice little house of her own.

Freddy has a reason to celebrate so he invites his brother and their wives out for dinner and a game of darts at the Drunken Croc Pub.

Over drinks Freddy announces he's joined the police force and plans to "serve and protect" the residents of Barnacle Bay from the aliens in town.  He's made it his mission to track down and bring back any abducted citizens. Davina nick names him  a "Space Trouper".

It's the weekend and Freddy has a couple of days before starting work. They all go to the beach to relax and have fun.  While Freddy and Cassandra enjoy a picnic lunch, Ray and Davina play in the ocean with the little ones.

Ray has missed working with his brother scrounging for recycled stuff. So he asks Freddy to go with him to the Junkyard to see what they can salvage. Then they go dumpster diving for old times sake. 

Even though they have a degree and can be anything they want in the field of Science, Medicine and Technology, they still love to "dumpster dive".

When Freddy gets home from work he calls the family together and serves tea on the back porch.  He tells them he's been offered a job in a small country town called Winchester. They want him to be the local sheriff which includes Investigating and solving cases.   Davina is agreeable to the move and looking forward to having her own home.

Today is also Ray and Cassandra's wedding anniversary so Ray invites the family out to the Blue Water Beach club.   After dinner they enjoy a few drinks then the girls blow candy bubbles while Freddy and Ray sing karaoke together.

Before they leave,  Ray takes a picture with  his brother while Cassandra and Davina say their goodbyes with a hug.

Follow Freddy to Part 3: Winchester.


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