The Rag and Bone Boys: Part 1

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Meet Ray and Freddy Ragman, two brothers who have been homeless most of their life. Ray is blonde with blue eyes. He's a Slob, a Great Kisser, Clumsy, Hot Headed and has a Green Thumb. His life time wish is to grow the perfect garden. His brother Freddy has black hair and brown eyes. He's a Slob, Flirty, a Mooch, Grumpy and an Angler. His dream is to Live in the Lap of Luxury. They make their living as Rag and Bone Men, collecting and selling anything they find.

Then, they inherit a house from their grandfather. The house is in Barnacle Bay and in desperate need of repair. The Will states they are to live in the house and restore it to an object of beauty. At the moment the upper part of the house is sealed off which only leaves the downstairs with no furniture, a tiny kitchen, dining area and living room. It will take 3,000 Simolians to unlock each of the upper rooms. They start with no skills, no friends and 8.00 Simolians between them.

After seeing the house they need to make some money by finding things to sell. Ray goes
dumpster diving at the back of a coffee house, while Freddy rummages the garbage cans around town.

Downtown they register as self-employed collectors so they can start earning money to fix up the house. Now they need something to eat. When a couple of ladies stop to talk to them, Freddy mooches some food. He manages to get a doughnut for his brother and a bagel for himself.

Next, they go to the library to study gardening and handiness, skills they will need for their
renovation project.

At the Junkyard Ray finds a bookcase and an old beat up chair but their condition is so bad they can't be restored.

Back at the house they sleep on the floor in sleeping bags. The house is cold with all the broken windows and fog seeping under the door and through the cracks.

It's a hot summer day so the brothers start by cleaning up the lot. Freddy cuts the grass while Ray digs up the dead brambles and weeds then remove all the dead trees.

When they remove a large overgrown bush they find the tombstones of their grandparents and the family cat, boo boo kitty.

They've worked hard and take a much needed beer break to cool off and discuss what to work on next. Both agree to knock down some walls and extend the downstairs of the house.

In the evening they go to the Drunken Crock Pub and Freddy mooches a couple of free meals.

After making enough money to do more extensive renovations they extend the walls of the ground floor. Next, they put up paneling, a little wallpaper, lay new flooring and replace all the downstairs windows. Ray tells Freddy the house is starting to look much better but needs furniture.

Ray goes to the junk yard and salvages a dining room table, an old TV and a broken trash compactor. Meanwhile, Freddy is out rummaging through the neighbours garbage when a man comes out and starts yelling at him.

At the park Ray and Freddy meet a couple of interesting women. Ray discusses gardening with Cassandra and later finds she's not single but in a relationship. Divina Asher is single and flirts with Freddy, then asks him to go steady. But because he's just met her he turns her down.

Regardless of any romantic involvements, they make new friends and end up having a group water balloon fight.

Ray spends time at home repairing the appliances found at the junkyard. He has managed to restore a trash compactor to working condition.

After his work in the house, he plants a small garden with the seeds he found while rummaging through garbage cans.

In the evening they go to the Karaoke club and meet up with some friends.  Freddy plans to get himself a girlfriend so he'll always have somewhere to eat for free. 

Outside their house they grill fish and frogs for breakfast. They've found a dishwasher and a trash compactor at the junkyard but no stove yet.

Freddy and Ray have spent the day collecting.  When they get home,  Ray places some of the furnishings and things he found  dumpster diving and sells the rest. Freddy says he's been exploring the Catacombs  and found some valuable items  including a huge space rock valued over 4,000 Simolians.

With all the money they made selling the junk they collected, they start  work on the upper part of the house.  Suddenly, while taking out a window, Freddy falls off the scaffolding. It seems he broke a few ribs and cut his face open and has a black  eye,  but will live. Ray takes him home from the hospital.

Freddy's had a rough couple of days so Ray takes  him out for breakfast at the Captains Plate diner.  Then they go back to work dumpster diving and collecting from the junkyard.

After a long, dirty day the brothers meet up at the pub.  Freddy has been exploring the catacombs and is very dirty.   Wanting a girlfriend, he tries a pick up line on Adrianna Murdock but she doesn't want anything to do with him.... maybe he should clean up first.

On Sunday Ray and Freddy go to the beach hoping to meet some girls.  Freddy tries to pick up Jacklyn Jun fai but strikes out again. She tells  him he stinks and needs to shower.  Ray, on the other hand is getting along well with Mellisa and tries to impress her with his cooking skills by making lunch.  When he burns the Tofu hotdogs he expresses his hotheadedness by having a temper outburst.

Finally the brothers have managed to expand and restore the downstairs area of the house.  Over the fireplace they hang pictures of grandpa, grandma and Boo Boo Kitty. 

Ray and Freddy invite a couple of girls out to the Karaoke club.  Ray is attracted to Cassandra Bryson and gives her flowers. Meanwhile, Davina Asher asks Freddy to go steady for the second time. This time he accepts.

The brothers have been working hard but now the snow is here they can't work as much.  So they invite their girlfriends over for the day and end up having a snowball fight. 

After the snowball fight Freddy takes Davina aside and mooches a sum of money from her.  While Freddy is outside, Ray accepts a marriage proposal from Cassandra.

After accepting Cassandra's proposal, Ray goes to bed and leaves her to clean up the house. Then when Freddy's alone with Davina, he proposes and she accepts.

Now both brothers are engaged but before they can marry, they need to complete the house renovations and save for a honeymoon.

It's been a year since the brothers inherited the house.  They've worked hard  and have finally restored the house to a beautiful home.  On the lower level it has a kitchen, dining room, bathroom and living room. The upstairs has 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a balcony. There is also an attic which can be used for a studio or office.

In the Spring they planted flowers and trees and made the grounds like an English garden. Ray planted a vegetable garden and fenced off the gravestones of their grandparents. At the back of the house they made a patio for barbecues, afternoon tea and just relaxing.

Some of the furnishings were bought but a lot of items were  found in dumpsters and at the junkyard.

Now it's time to relax and have fun. Ray and Freddy invite their girlfriends out for lunch then to the World of Wonder.  They spend the afternoon riding the carousel, playing the machines and eating popcorn.

Ray and Freddy want to make wedding plans so they invite Cassandra and Davina over.  Sitting on the back porch drinking tea Ray asks the girls if they would like to have a double wedding.

Before leaving, Davina tells Freddy they need a makeover and shop for wedding clothes. She tells him he's no longer homeless and both  need to start looking a little more socially acceptable. 

At the Bridal Boutique the girls shop for a wedding dress while the brothers look for a suit.  Cassandra finds a nice dress and tries it on.

Next stop is the salon where Freddy and Ray get a more respectable look. Although Freddy thinks he looks great just the way he is.

"Hello world, here we are". They emerge from the makeover station new men and Freddy thinks he's quite something.  With a new look, new clothes, a new home and special women in their lives they've come a long way and  feel nothing can stop them now....

With all the dumpster diving they've done, they gained influence with the Rebel Social Group and have taken on a new trait. Freddy gained the Brave trait and, because of life changes, he's no longer a Mooch but Charismatic.  He's become a real likable chap.  Ray kept his traits but gained a greater Love for the Outdoors. 

Ray invites everyone for a picnic at the beach. They open bottles of nectar and enjoy the sun.  Then Cassandra and Davina start splashing the boys and have fun playing in the ocean.

It's their wedding day.  Freddy and Ray throw a wedding party and invite all their friends.  Then, in a double wedding, they marry their sweethearts under a wooden arch on the grounds of their home.

The wedding continues with each couple cutting the cake, dancing and enjoying the celebration with all their friends.  Tomorrow they will leave for a honeymoon in France.

In France for their honeymoon, they are more interested in  having fun than adventuring. With only 3 days they start out at the The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire and have archery competitions with each other.

Ray tries to romantically serenade Cassandra with the fiddle, but she laughs at him.  Not impressed, he goes off and makes lunch for everyone.

On their second night they go for a few drinks at a local pub, The Old Boot Inn.  Later, Cassandra and Ray sing a love song  while Freddy dances with Davina.

For their last day they go to the Nectary and attempt to make nectar.  This time Ray laughs at Cassandra as she stomps the grapes and complains about it being sticky. She's a neat freak and doesn't like the feel of the grapes between her toes.

Then, Davina is horrified that Freddy jumps in to squish the fruit without washing his feet first.

In the early evening before leaving for home, Freddy and Ray have to go rummaging and dumpster diving - it's what they do and they love it. Unfortunately, the people of France don't throw out much so they come home with an old bistro chair and a firefly. Not much in the way of treasures but they really enjoyed the experience.

Back home, Cassandra helps her husband in the garden planting and watering new fruits brought back from their trip. She's a compliment to Ray because she has a Green Thumb, is a Natural Cook, Neat, Handy and a Party Animal.  Her Life Time Want is to be a Culinary Librarian.

It's leisure day so before summer ends they go windsurfing.  As the sun starts to set they swim to a  deserted beach on an island off the coast of Barnacle Bay.

Ray has been teasing Cassandra all day and laughing when she falls off her windsurfer, so when they arrive at the beach she buries him up to his neck in sand. 

As they sit having a picnic dinner Cassandra suggests they go to university and get a degree.  It would be another step in bettering themselves  and help with their work.  Ray agrees but Freddy can't see how a degree would help him with his dumpster diving.

In order to get a scholarship, Davina needs to increase her Charisma skills, so she throws a party and serves the nectar her husband made while in France.

All of them take the university aptitude test. Davina is granted a full scholarship in Business, Ray in Science and Medicine, Cassandra in Fine Arts and Freddy in Technology.

They arrive at the dorm but Freddy would rather start a family than study technology. But his wife wants him to get a more respectable job.  He chose Technology so he can become a police officer and continue rummaging through garbage cans - while looking for evidence....  and anything else he may find.

Freddy's late for class because he can't resist rummaging in garbage cans on the way.  When he arrives at his class he tests out the Brain Enhancing Machine.

Freddy convinces his brother and their wives to skip class and have fun bowling and playing pool.  He doesn't like studying and would rather be  just a Rag and Bone man.

After final exams  they decide to have a picnic by the lake and discuss their first semester.  Cassandra tells Ray that Freddy failed all his exams and she doesn't think he'll graduate.

Before classes begin again, Davina offers to tutor Freddy so he can be prepared for the end of term finals. He agrees, to please his wife,  but he's more interested in woohooing than studying.

Final exams are over and Cassandra throws a party to celebrate.  While talking to Davina she asks, "Did you hear about that  student, Whitney Harry?  She was abducted a couple of nights ago and hasn't been seen since?"

With the loud music and the people partying, nobody sees the spaceship appear at the front of the dorm - except Freddy.  He sees the bright lights and goes to investigate. Suddenly, he's sucked up into the ship and abducted.....

The next morning Ray, Davina and Cassandra get their report cards.  Ray completed  his degree in Science and Medicine with a B.  Davina passed with an  A  in Business and Cassandra with an A in Fine Arts.

Then Davina asks Ray if he knows where Freddy is? She hasn't seen him since the party last night.  Ray and Cassandra haven't seen him either.

Meanwhile, Freddy has been taken to an alien homeworld, LunaLakes.  When he realizes what's happened, he freaks out. Why has he been brought here? What do they want with him and how will he get back home?

Freddy is confused, scared and angry so he goes out searching for the aliens that brought him to this strange place.  When he meets Qusul Xip he demands to know why they abducted him.  When he calms down he then asks to be taken home.

Qusul says he can never leave. He was brought here to help repopulate the planet and work in the crystal mines.

Now he's not happy at all. Freddy plans to leave this place one way or another. First, he needs    information on these people so he rummages through a garbage can hoping to find something useful. 

Next he goes to the library and tries to do research on the planet but is having difficulty using their technology.... Now he wishes he'd paid  more attention in his Technology classes and graduated with something better than a C.

At the end of the day he goes to a high place and looks over the city.  What has he gotten into now and how does he get back  home?  To find his way back to his family he needs a plan....

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