A Rolling Stone: Part 1

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Brady and Fredina are cousins, children of the Rag and Bone Boys Freddy and Ray Ragman.  When their fathers died they  inherited the family home.

Fredina is Adventurous, Artistic, Charismatic, Flirty,  a Virtuoso and a Diva (from her Rebel influence).  Her Life Time Want is to be a Master of the Arts. 

Brady is Brave, Artistic, Family Oriented, Good and a Savvy Sculptor.  As yet he has no social influence.  His Life Time Want is to be a Descendant of Da Vinci by mastering the sculpting, Art and Inventing skills. 

The cousins go to the pub, have dinner and discuss their plans over a few drinks.  Fredina says she wants to get a degree in Fine Arts and study music. Then travel throughout different worlds as a Busker, to be "A Rolling Stone",  meet people and see where life takes her.

Brady says he wants to get a degree in Fine Arts  so he can become a Street Artist/Sculptor. He plans to continue living in the house and rent out some rooms, that way she will always have a place to come home to.  Then he suggests they both enroll in college together.

Within a few days they enroll in the Fine Arts Program and arrive at the dorm.  Fredina practices her guitar skills before the first day of classes.

The first term  is over and it's Saturday.  Brady and Fredina go to the park and meet up with some friends and have a water balloon fight.

Later,  Fredina lays out a picnic by the lake. After dinner they light a bonfire to keep warm and  Fredina performs on the guitar while Brady dances with Debbie Richards.

Then it's back to classes for the second semester. Brady loves his art class and never misses it. 

When college is finished they return home. Brady gained the Hopeless Romantic and Friendly traits from his graduation and Rebel social group.  Fredina gained the Irresistible trait from her graduation.  

Brady turns their home into a boarding house and the next morning they greet four new renters, Kim Cary, Maxwell Garret, Alissa Hiatt and Teri Daly. 

When everyone is settled in, Fredina tells her cousin she's leaving for Starlight in the morning and doesn't know when she'll be back.

Fredina arrives in Starlight Shores and plays for tips outside a bookstore.  She's never been to a big city but, having an Adventurous nature, she 's looking forward to some new discoveries.

Her first discovery is Bryce Savage, who she meets at a Karaoke club. They spend time getting to know each other then sing together.  She really likes him, he's Romantic,  Brave and, like her, a Diva with a great voice.

She invites him to the beach and after spending the afternoon with him she confesses her attraction and kisses him.  Then she sings him a love song while playing the guitar.

At the park there's a Simfest going on, so she talks to the proprietor about performing. He says only Singers, Magicians and Acrobats can perform.  Being the Diva she is, she combines her guitar skills with her voice and joins the Singer Career then performs at the Simfest.

The show goes well and she receives the Simfest award then stands on the stage and blows kisses to the crowd.

After the show she meets Wylie Luck, an Acrobat who performed earlier.  She likes him and confesses an attraction for him then kisses him.  He's very friendly and asks her to be his girlfriend.  Fredina accepts and now has two love interests.

Before leaving Starlight Shores she invites Bryce out but he didn't feel like it so she invites Wylie out for dinner.   Before the evening is over, he gets down on one knee and proposes marriage but Fredina is not ready for this. She turns him down and thinks it's time to leave town.

By morning Fredina is in Isla Paradiso where she rents a houseboat.  She stands on a high ridge and looks over the beautiful blue waters and sandy beaches.

At the park she performs for tips and attracts a few people.  Fredina loves to play and sing for anyone who'll listen.

It's a hot summers day so she goes to the beach and meets Andrei Varadi and Teodor Medina.  They all have fun splashing about in the ocean.  Then she relaxes and soaks up the sun.

With all her traveling, she's low on funds so she decides to stay here awhile and makes some money before moving on.

While performing  "Oogie Fever" at the park, she draws quite a crowd.  Two in particular attracts her attention.  After her performance she gets to know Rubisel Ichtaca and Rajan Patel.

She invites Rubisel back to her houseboat for dinner and a few drinks.  While dancing together she confesses an attraction for him then kisses him. 

While having lunch at a diner she meets Masao Hamada and they become friends.  She learns he's an angler and invites him to go fishing.

Fredina is having a great time in Isla Paradiso. She has met some interesting people,  had some romantic encounters and enjoys the tropical sunshine while snorkeling, windsurfing, fishing and relaxing on the beaches. 

On the weekend she throws a party for all her new friends. She grills up some hotdogs, serves nectar and everyone dances while she performs on the guitar. 

Fredina drinks a little bit too much nectar and accepts a proposal to go steady from Jeremey Merritt, someone she just met at the party.  But a little later she finds him in the bathroom having a heated discussion with an imaginary person.  She realizes he's nuts and asks everyone, including him, to leave.

Wanting to get out of that mistaken relationship, Fredina goes back to Barnacle Bay. She's greeted by her cousin and moves back into the family home. 

Later that evening an incident occurs between two of the roommates.  Kim Cary starts screaming at Teri Daly about money.  Brady breaks it up, finds out Kim is working with criminals and has a bad temper. He dismisses him as a roommate and waits for a replacement in the morning.

Meanwhile, Fredina invites everyone to the Drunken Croc Pub for a few drinks and a fun evening out.

While in Barnacle Bay she works the local parks and hangouts playing for tips and performing. 

Brady has picked up some work as a street artist and paints a mural on the wall of one of the hangouts. 

While he's out working on his art project,  Fredina is back at the house with Maxwell Garrett. He's quite taken with this cute, budding celebrity and asks her to be his girlfriend but she turns him down.

Fredina has got lots of boyfriends and romantic interests in different places, but Brady has never had a girlfriend and, being Family Oriented, he'd like to settle down and raise a family.  So when One of his roommates, Alissa Hiatt asks him to be her boyfriend he quickly accepts.  He's overjoyed at having his first girlfriend....

However,  his joy is short lived when he's abducted later that night and doesn't return.

The next morning a new renter arrives, a young adult female named Charity Gardner.  To get everyone acquainted Fredina initiates a snowball fight and then invites everyone to the park for some ice skating.

Feeling comfortable that the renters can take care of the house Fredina travels to Bridgeport. She stands on the balcony of her penthouse suite and looks over the city.

She goes to the park and performs for tips and makes a lot of money and meets some interesting people, but one man in particular catches her attention and she directs one song right at him.

After her performance she turns on her Irresistible charm and winks at him.  Then without really knowing each other, he asks her to be his girlfriend.  Big Hartley is a celebrity and Fredina gets dazzled by the thrill of stardom and accepts his proposal.

Big Hartley takes her windsurfing and swimming. Later they go to dinner at an exclusive club and Fredina feels important being allowed in because of being with Big Hartley.

After all her performing and hanging out with celebrities Fredina just wants to relax. She finds a secluded beach and does some nude sunbathing.  Later she goes to the Butterfly Pavilion Park for some fishing.

Just as she's leaving the park she meets Rafael Striker.  He says he would like to get to know her and invites her to a resort for a swim.

After they swim and play in the pool she lays out a picnic dinner.  Then, he takes her into the lodge and lights the fire. He opens some nectar and they get cozy on a rug in front of the fireplace.

Before she leaves she takes a romantic picture with Rafael to capture their time together.

The next day while performing at the Butterfly Pavilion Park both Big Hartley and Rafael show up to meet her.  Fortunately,  Rafael gets distracted by a fan who wants to talk. Not wanting to cause a scene she quickly texts a break up message to Big Hartley.

Her stay in Bridgeport is almost over so she performs for the last time at the Bogaard Overlook. It's there she meets Matthew Hemming, a young adult, well known actor, a five star celebrity.  

He tells her she could become a big star and he knows the right people to get her started. Because she's hungry for recognition and food she invites him to join her for a pizza at the Karaoke club so they can discuss her future.

With only one day left before returning home, she goes to visit Matthew at  his home.  He asks her to be his girlfriend and then proposes marriage. Fredina is thrilled to commit to such a famous actor and accepts.

Matthew knows she's planning on leaving in the morning so he throws a wedding party that night. He wants to make sure she doesn't get away from him. When the guests arrive they exchange rings on the patio of his Bridgeport home.

Fredina makes this her homeworld and moves in with her new husband. She now lives in a Bridgeport mansion with security gates and servants. Later that evening on their wedding night, she becomes pregnant.

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