Part 2: Brady Enslaved

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After his abduction, Brady finds himself in a strange world. He stands and looks over the city and wonders where he is and how he can get back home.  But before he has time to take it all in he's approached by an alien....

The alien takes him to a large house and tells Brady this is his new home. Also, he has been assigned to work at the Bot Emporium making Plumbots.

Just as that alien leaves another arrives with a female.  She tells Brady this woman is his wife and he is to produce children.

Brady is very confused but also hungry. In his new house he finds all kinds of new technology including a food replicator. He orders up Fish and Chips and sits down with his new "wife".  He says "let me get this straight, YOU are my wife? and we have to have babies?"  Then he says "it's out of the question, I already has a girlfriend and plan to marry her when I get home".

Brady asks her who she is and why is she his wife?  She says her name is Thrantira Zh'Zulis and she's an alien specially chosen for him.  Thrantira says she was chosen because her seductive abilities can overpower any human resistance.  Her designation is to produce children with the men abducted from other worlds.

Then while Brady sleeps Thrantira restores her brain power so tomorrow, she'll be ready for Brady.

Brady works at the Bot Emporium where he's been assigned. Not understanding technology he gets frustrated designing nanites. 

Thrantira meet up with him at work and makes romantic advances toward him but Brady refuses and again says he is committed to someone else and has no intention of making babies with anyone else.

Thrantira is Irresistible,  a Hopeless Romantic, Flirty, a Great Kisser, Charismatic, Brave, Athletic, and a Master of Seduction.

Brady doesn't stand a chance as she moves in and kisses him.  Resistance for Brady is futile and he forgets about his other commitments as Thrantira lures him into the Bot Pod.

Its not long before Thrantira reports in to her superiors and tells Qusul  Xip she has succeeded in her assignment and is pregnant.  Then, over dinner she tells Brady she's going to have babies. 

Brady asks Thrantira if anyone has ever left this place.  She says there is only one way an abducted sim can return home and that's through the portal, but no one has ever been able to leave. 

Later that night Brady makes his way to the portal but finds it guarded by a Plumbot with a nasty disposition and it refuses to let him pass. Dioda says only the Keeper, VIPs and Simbots are allowed entrance.  He finds no way to get past the guard... yet.

During his work time he's sent out to collect Crystal plants and Nanites, little robotic bugs.   He hates being a Bot builder, hates being here and is frustrated trying to find a way home so he takes out his anger on a Crystal plant.  As he shouts at it, it starts to glow red. 

Feeling much calmer, he continues collecting the plants.

Next, he goes looking for robotic bugs and finds lots of them.  As he stoops down to pick one up, it bites him and escapes down his pants.  Brady hates bugs and starts jumping around trying to get it out of his pants. Finally, he shakes it out onto the ground.

At the end of the day he's hot and tired and just wants to go home.  He decides to try out the new form of transportation he was given when he arrived, a Jetpack.  He flies up into the air and within minutes arrives home.

The time comes for Thrantira to go to the hospital.  Brady arrives just as she gives birth to twin boys named Pex and Ikona.  The babies have Brady's last name even though, on this world, the wife keeps her own name. 

Back home Brady plays with his son Pax and realizes both boys are more alien than human.

On the weekend Brady wants to get out of the house and have some fun. He calls a babysitter and takes Thrantira to the pool.  After playing and splashing in the water, Brady goes to get something to eat....

Then tragedy strikes.  For some unknown reason Thrantira starts to go under the water and drowns. Brady rushes to the edge of the pool just in time to see the grim reaper disappear and his wife gone.

Brady looks at his two sons and wonders what to do next. But he doesn't have to wait long to find out.

Two aliens arrive at his house with another woman. They tell him she is his new wife and together they are to produce more children. Her name is Leilani Zo'Wela and she is Neat, Friendly, has a Great Sense of Humor, a Great Kisser, Irresistible, Flirty and Family Oriented. She's a young adult just out of her teen years and is 72 days younger than Brady.

Brady thinks she's beautiful and so young. He takes her by the hands and says "YOU have been chosen for me?"  Then he says "you're beautiful and so young but I have a girl back home and ...

Before he can finish his sentence, Leilani moves in closer and seductively says "I know, and you've been a naughty boy trying to  leave... "  Brady gulps and says "I have to get back to um...,  her name is ..... um, her name....,"   Leilani moves even closer and passionately kisses him.  At that point he completely surrenders to her Irresistible charm and forgets about the girl back home.

Brady has woohoo on his mind and grabs her.  Leilani leads him to the all in one bathroom while the aliens tell him to go ahead and enjoy his wife. They're pleased she's captivated his mind and  leading him into submission.

After a few days Brady goes back to work at the Bot Emporium.  He succeeds in making a Nanite but as he holds it up to look at it, it jumps into his mouth.  Brady freaks out and coughs it up spewing it out onto the floor. 

One evening at dinner Brady's addiction to his wife quickly comes to an end when he watches in horror how she devours a space rock.  Suddenly she's not so attractive to him as he  sees her for what she really is - an alien.

He picks up his son Ikona and looks at his green skin, black eyes and pointed ears. He shudders at how ugly these kids are and what they'll grow into.

Now Leilani tells him she's pregnant and will soon have more babies.  Brady can feel them moving and panics at the thought of having more aliens to raise.

He goes to the portal and tries to gain entry again but the guard refuses to let him pass. He can't see any way in but he's desperate to leave.

Discouraged and not wanting to go home he eats dinner at a diner and is served by a robot. This gives him an idea....

Brady builds a Plumbot and names him Max.  Then he tunes him up and adds some trait chips. Max has the Competent Cleaner, HandiBot, RoboNanny, Solar Power and Sense of Humor chips. 

By the time Brady finishes his Robotic project, Leilani gives birth to quadruplets,  3 boys and  a girl. She names them Ch'Pok, DeJaren, Patahk and Ijayna.   Brady stands holding his daughter Ljayna and looks around at all his alien offspring.  His wife is restoring her brain power so if he's going to attempt an escape it has to be now.

He takes Max and goes to the portal.  Then he instructs Max to distract the guard by putting on a comedy show.  While the guard watches Max,  Brady sneaks through the barrier and enters the portal...

Continued in Part 3: Reunited

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