Part 3: Reunited

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Brady arrives in Barnacle Bay and runs home. When Alissa sees him she gives him a big hug and says how thrilled she is to have him back.  But their happy reunion is short lived....

Brady starts to tell her all about what happened to him. He says:  "I was abducted by aliens and they took me to a strange world and put me in a technology advanced house.... you should have seen it, it was wonderful. Then they brought me this woman and she was green with blonde hair.  They made me have babies with her but she drowned after we had twin boys... then the aliens brought me this Incredibly beautiful  young woman, she had long dark hair, very voluptuous and sensual  who seduced me everyday. She was so irresistible and she lured me into making  her pregnant and she had quadruplets. They were all green babies with black eyes and pointed ears..." at that point Brady stops and shudders then continues: " It was when I saw her eat a rock for dinner I  remembered your name and had to pull myself away from her and escape.  Now I'm here and I'm all yours sweetie".   Brady holds out his arms with a big grin but Alissa doesn't respond the way he expects.

She starts screaming at him.... " incredibly beautiful women?  They MADE you have babies with them? You suddenly remembered me?"  Then she tells Brady to go find an irresistible alien to hug and breaks up with him....

After being dumped by his girlfriend Brady dismisses all the renters and decides to live alone for now.  He re-enrolls as a self-employed sculptor, then sells his creations through the consignment store.

Feeling a little down, he goes to the beach and meets Krystal Rojas. They're instantly attracted to each other so Brady spends time getting to know her and discovers she's Athletic, a Hopeless Romantic and has a Great Sense of Humor. 

In the evening he throws a party and invites all the single people he's met. Being Family Oriented he wants to settle down and get married to a human of his choosing.

Krystal decides to get a makeover.  She gets some hair extensions, new makeup, clothes and accessories.  When she's finished, Brady arrives and tells her she's very attractive then invites her out to dinner.

At the restaurant Brady gives her red roses, then he orders Lobster Thermidor and they eat outside.

After dinner he gets down on one knee and  proposes marriage.  When she accepts he takes a romantic picture to capture the moment.

While having a quiet drink at the local pub Brady sees two aliens enter the bar. One is a blonde female with green skin and it gives him flashbacks to his abduction ordeal. Having gained the Neurotic trait from his abduction he freaks out. He believes the aliens have found him and want to give him another "wife".  He quickly leaves the pub and heads home.

Since his paranoia at the bar, he thinks about leaving town.  He believes the aliens know where he lives and will one day come for him again. 

But first, he wants to marry Krystal and take her with him. He throws a simple wedding party and invites a few friends.  Then under the same arch where his parents were married, he takes Krystal as his wife.

After the wedding a guest takes a wedding picture to capture their moment.

After the wedding Brady makes plans to move out of town.  They call a cab and, leaving the old  house behind, move to Bridgeport.

They move into a large, modern home that's very close to  Fredina and her family.

While checking out the town Brady meets his cousin and they hug.  Then he invite her family over for lunch.

After lunch they have a great afternoon playing in the pool and relaxing in the hot tub.

Later they talk and become better acquainted.  Brady finds out his second cousin Chase, Fredina's teenage son, is a Virtuoso like his mother and wants to study music. 

Meanwhile, Krystal talks with Fredina and learns she's a 3 star celebrity singer married to a 5 star actor.  Krystal says she wants to become a Super Star Athlete and raise a family here in Bridgeport.

At the gym Krystal works on her athletic skills while Brady upgrades some of the Advanced Technology he's installed in their new home. 

It's not long before Krystal discovers she's going to have a baby.  To her surprise she finds out Fredina is also pregnant.  To celebrate she throws a baby shower party, invites a few women and serves tea on the patio.

Meanwhile, Eavan, Freddy's second wife arrives in Barnacle Bay with her son Nioclas.  She's decided to leave her homeworld and move into the family home that belonged to her late husband and his brother. 

Finding nobody home, she takes her son to lunch and later finds out the family have moved to Bridgeport.

Back in Bridgeport, Fredina invites her cousin and family over for a swim and a barbecue.  The girls enjoy a swim while the men relax in the hot tub.  Brady is impressed socializing with a rich and famous movie star and being waited on by a butler.

Later they sip nectar and enjoy a barbecue.  Brady talks about his escape from being a "Love Slave", which Matthew thinks would make a great movie.  Fredina and Krystal talk about family and how important it is to stay close.

Back home Brady gets an unexpected visitor.  Emit, the keeper of the alien world has come to tell him they know where he is and his "wife" is waiting for his return.....

At the same time Fredina gets a visit from Eavan and her son Nioclas.  She's surprised to see her step-mother but pleased.  After inviting them in she asks  them to stay for the summer.

The next day Fredina shows them around town. They start at Overlook park where they can see the whole city.  Then Nioclas starts a water balloon fight with his uncle Chase and the rest join in.

In the evening Fredina invites her cousin Brady and his wife to join them all at the Grind. The place is packed and full of action. While Brady goes to the bar to get drinks, Fredina fires up her guitar and starts to perform.  People start dancing and some even dance on the counters.

While there, Eavan meets a nice business man by the name of Rafael Striker.  He tells her he wants to be the CEO of a Mega Corporation. He's Ambitious,  a Computer Whiz and very Charismatic.

One early evening while visiting the Butterfly Arcade Eavan meets Rafael. They enjoy the park together and get to know more about each other. She discovers he's also a Party Animal and a Great Kisser.

When she takes him back to meet her son. Nioclas thinks it's great that he may soon have a rich daddy.

Another day she invites Rafael over for lunch.  After flirting and confessing her attraction for him, he kisses her.  She wipes her mouth with her arm, his kiss was a wet one, but a good one.  Then he asks her to be his girlfriend.

Eventually the Summer comes to an end and she wants to return to Barnacle Bay.  Rafael wants to go with  her so he proposes marriage, then in a simple ceremony they exchange rings and become husband and wife.

Eavan is so happy to be married to a wonderful business man and looks at her wedding ring with excitement.

Fredina throws an "after wedding" party for Eavan and Rafael.  Many famous stars attend and Fredina performs for the crowd.  Matthew hires a Mixologist and lays out a buffet table.  The party is epic and many spend all night partying.

The night of the party Nioclas ages up to a teenager.  Now It's time to leave and go home so they say their goodbyes with a hug and promise to visit and keep in touch.

Rafael, Eavan and Nioclas all arrive in Barnacle Bay and move into the family home.

Within a day of each other, Fredina gives birth to a baby boy named Tomas and Krystal gives birth to a baby girl named Isabella.

Some time has passed since his encounter with the alien visitor and Brady feels more secure with his life. He has a daughter that's now a toddler, he's becoming a well know sculptor and is socializing with the rich and famous. Life couldn't be better.

After finishing a sculptural masterpiece Brady relaxes naked in the hot tub not realizing that his life is about to become a lot more complicated.....

Suddenly, the hairs on the back of his neck stand up when he hears a familiar, sultry voice behind him say "Hello Brady, my husband".....

He jumps out of the hot tub and freaks out when he see Leilani standing there. He is so surprised he forgets he's naked.

She steps closer to him and reaches out her hand and says  "Come, let us be together, I've come to take you home my love".....

Brady can't resist her overpowering seductive charms and falls into her arms. She kisses  him passionately and he completely surrenders to her .....

He's soon brought back to  his senses when his present wife, Krystal shows up on the scene. She demands to know why he is naked and kissing a strange woman.  Brady tries to explain that she's  his wife... but that doesn't go over well.  Krystal storms off into the house.

By now Brady puts on some clothes and follows Krystal into the house. Again he tries to explain why he was kissing her but she up and slaps him so hard he sees stars.

Brady is left with two wives to deal with.  After days of fighting to resist the lure of Leilani and trying to make up with Krystal he's finally had enough. He tells Leilani he will never return with her because he loves his present wife.

Finally he's able to tell Krystal the whole story of his abduction and enslavement. She forgives him and they make up.  Seeing that true love blinds him to her enchanting qualities, Leilani  leaves and never returns.

Now that Leilani has left, Brady has to work on putting his marriage back together.  Krystal may have forgiven him but she doesn't feel the same about him.   Besides his ordeal, he learns that  his cousin's husband has died.

Brady wants to take a break  so he takes Krystal, Fredina and Chase on a tropical vacation to the Isla de kokos. 

They start the next morning by going for breakfast at a cute Caribbean diner.  Then they go to the beach and play in the warm tropical waters.  Brady has to play with his nephew  because Krystal is still keeping her distance from him.

Brady finally maneuvers Krystal into being in the same boat with him when they all go fishing. Fredina fishes with her son while Brady tries to talk to his wife while fishing. Krystal is not happy and won't talk to him about their marriage.

When they've caught enough fish for dinner they all sit around the fire pit and roast up their catch.

After a while Krystal breaks down and tells Brady how upset she is about him being married to Leilani.  She wonders,  if he was married to Leilani before they got married then legally Leilani is still his wife, not her.

Brady assures her that his marriage to Leilani wouldn't hold up as legal because she's not human and he was forced into it.  Later, when she's had time to think about it,  he gives her flowers hoping to romance his way back into her heart.

Fredina goes to the park and gets recognized as a famous singer.  Many ask for her autograph and take cell phone pictures.  Then, one of her fans asks her to do what she loves to do the most - perform.   Chase fires up his guitar and backs up his mother while she performs Oogie Fever.

After her performance she meets  Cornelius Schubert, a professional athlete and they're instantly attracted to one another.

This vacation has been good for Brady's marriage.  He's managed romance his way back into Krystal's heart and Leilani has been put behind them.

He's so happy he throws a pool party and invites many of their new friends and celebrities. The music is loud, the food is good and everyone has a great time.

When the party's over Krystal goes to bed and Brady cleans up.  As he cleans up the dishes he glances out the window and freaks out.  He sees Leilani standing on the back porch by the pool.

When he looks again, she's gone.  He thinks he's hallucinating but gets very nervous.  If she's back, his marriage is going to fail.  Poor Brady, a Family Oriented man with more than he bargained for.

Brady's been very jittery in the last few days and so Chase suggests they all go out and have a good time at the Grind.   While there he meets Lois Welch.  After getting to know her he finds they have a lot in common.  He Hates the Outdoors and so does she. 

While Brady is at the bar buying a round of drinks he sees Leilani.  This time she approaches him. He reminds her of her promise never to return again. But she says,  "my promise was to never return to your home because your wife is more powerful than I am, her hold on you is strong.  So I will wait until she leaves you, then we will be together my love".   At that she hands him a passion drink and disappears.

As he drinks the passion drink he wonders what she's up to but isn't too concerned. After all,  Krystal is much younger than he is and their marriage is good so he can't see her leaving him in the near future. Yet Leilani's words play on his mind.....

With only a couple of days left of their vacation, Brady takes everyone to a small resort.  He wants to get  his wife away from the house and hopefully keep her from meeting Leilani.  They all have a good time swimming, relaxing in the hot tub and socializing.

Chase invites Lois to join them at the resort.  After spending time together she asks him to be her boyfriend and he accepts.  Then he takes their relationship to the next level and proposes marriage.

When their vacation is over Chase decides to stay in Isla de Koko with Lois.  Before everyone leaves for home, he takes Lois as his wife and moves in with her. 

Back home, life returns to normal.  Brady continues his work as a sculptor and Krystal teaches Isabella to walk.

As time goes on Isabella grows up to a child and wants to learn to skate so Brady takes the family to the park.  While Isabella does turns with Ace Wilde,  Brady has a collision with Deidre Littler. Later they all ride the carousel and eat popcorn before going home. 

As the years go by Brady hasn't seen or heard from Leilani and eventually puts her out of his mind.

Meanwhile, Fredina gets two visitors from the past.  Cornelius Schubert, whom she met in Isla de Koko and Bryce Savage, an old romantic interest she met in Starlight Shores in her days as a Rolling Stone. She invites them in and makes lunch. Then after a quick dip in the hot tub Cornelius leaves.

Its been a long time since she saw Bryce and is happy to be reunited with him.  After renewing their romantic interest, he asks Fredina to marry him.

She calls her family and invites them over for a very special occasion. When they arrive she exchanges rings with him in a simple, private wedding.

When the kids become teenagers they start to hang out together.  Tomas takes Isabella out to the Rodeo club for nachos, then he shows off by riding the bucking bronco bull. She thinks he's funny but cheers him on as it throws him all over the place.

Brady takes his daughter to the park and teaches her how to fish. As a Family Oriented man he likes spending time with  his family.  They fish until the sun goes down then takes her home.

When they get home, Brady is shocked to see  his wife, who was younger than him, is now an elder.  He tells her he doesn't understand how this is possible. Krystal comments that he doesn't seem to have aged at all since their daughter was a toddler.....

Then it hits him and he freaks out.  He says "It was the drink... the drink Leilani gave me at the club!"  He now understands her words... "I will wait until she leaves you, then we will be together...".   The drink she gave him has stopped him from aging.

The day he has been dreading finally arrives.  Krystal leaves him when the grim reaper comes for her.  He knows his life is about to change again.

The next morning he takes Krystal's remains to the cemetery and lays her to rest. Then he hugs his daughter and tells  her to move in with their cousins because he will be going away.

When he arrives home Leilani is waiting for him.  She moves in close and kisses  him, a kiss so sensual it makes him burn with desire.  Then she takes him by the hand and says "it's time to go  home my love".   Brady follows willingly because he knows that resistance is futile and that he never did escape... and never will.

With Brady safely aboard, Leilani takes off for her homeworld.  From that day on Brady is never seen or heard from again.


The End.

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