Part 3: Winchester

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When they arrive in Winchester they find a house comes with the job and the sheriff's office is next door.  Freddy goes over to check out his new office and discovers a rundown  shack of a  jailhouse and, to his surprise, also includes a Horse and a dog. 

The horse named Thunder is Brave, Friendly and Obedient.  But the dog,  known as Moonshine, a Coonhound, is Aggressive, Loyal and a Hunter - perfect for tracking down criminals.

On his first day of work Freddy mounts Thunder and patrols the neighbourhood with Moonshine leading the way. With no riding experience he feels awkward and hopes he doesn't look silly.

His first stop is the junkyard where Freddy finds a huge hole someone has left open. So while he fills it in, Moonshine digs another.

There has been a report of stolen credit cards and Freddy has to find and return them.  He goes out to investigate but the investigation takes longer than expected because he keeps falling off his horse.

Back at the office Moonshine chases the mail lady off the property. 

When he finally tracks down the thief, he tries to run away but Moonshine loves to chase people so he attacks and bites him in the butt. 

Freddy puts the thief behind bars and returns the stolen credit cards to the owner.

Freddy has another case to solve, only this time he walks to the clients house with Moonshine.  Maggie O'Shea says someone has stolen her engagement ring and she wants it back.

His case ends at the Wildwood Saloon.  Seeing as he's already at the bar he orders a couple of drinks.  Then he's greeted by a very attractive acrobat,  AnnMarie Matthews.  He compliments her appearance in a flirtatious way and is caught by his wife, who just happens to be there.

After yelling at him she tells him he's needed at the office and leaves.

When he gets back to his office Davina locks him in a jail cell and tells him he can spend the night there, then she goes home.

A couple of nights later Davina is abducted. Freddy runs to the end of t he driveway and waits.  A couple of hours later she's returned but before the alien can escape Freddy grabs her and shouts "You're under arrest. The charges are abduction, kidnapping and anything else I can find to throw at you".

He then takes his alien prisoner over to the sheriff's office and locks her up.  But the next morning when he goes to check on her he finds she's gone. Freddy freaks out knowing he can never contain aliens.

When Davina ages up Freddy takes her out to the local pub for dinner and dancing.

Freddy goes to the graveyard  and takes Moonshine with him. While he snoops for clues Moonshine tries to dig up bones.

Davina finally dies, now it's just Freddy and Fredina.  He serves tea on the back porch and tells his daughter he's decided to retire from his sheriff's job and move back home to Barnacle Bay. Now that he's an elder, he wants to spend time with his brother. 

The next day, he assigns the job to Jordan Fouchier, a brave young adult with a family.  After he accepts  the responsibility of the job, house, horse and dog Freddy prepares to move back home.

Back in Barnacle Bay, Brady welcomes his cousin Fredina with a hug,  while Ray and Cassandra tell Freddy how good it is to have them back home.

Ray is off to work salvaging and collecting recyclable objects and asks Freddy to go with him.  They dive into dumpsters and gather broken objects from the junkyard to fix up and sell.  Freddy continues to work with his brother and registers as a self-employed collector.

One day  Freddy gets an unexpected visit from Eavan.  It's been many years since they've seen each other and he's pleased to see her. They hug and he invites her to stay over.

He takes her to the beach and they have fun playing in the water. Then he serves a picnic lunch and asks her how old she is, he thought she would be his age by now.  Eavan explains that on her world,  Palamarians  have a very long lifespan and although it's been many years she's still a very young adult.

Freddy has been attracted to her since she brought  him home from Lunar Lakes.  Now he's single again he confesses his attraction and asks her to be his girlfriend.  When she agrees, he takes it a step further and proposes marriage.

Freddy is very old and doesn't have time to waste, so he throws a wedding party for the next day. When the guests arrive Freddy and Eavan take their position under arch and exchange rings. 


The Grim Reaper comes for Cassandra and takes her from Ray.   When they left Winchester  Fredina brought her mother's ashes with her and placed them in the Barnacle Bay cemetery. Now they bury Cassandra beside her and mourn another loss.

The next day Brady and Fredina age up to young adults and at the same time the Grim Reaper comes for Freddy and Ray. The cousins take their father's ashes and bury them alongside Cassandra and Davina. 

After they lay Freddy and Ray to rest Eavan tells Fredina she's pregnant and is going home to Palamar.  She wants to raise her baby on her homeworld.  They say goodbye and Eavan leaves.

Fredina now tells Brady she wants to travel and explore her options. She doesn't want to stay in the house but will still be part owner. Brady wants to stay and become an artist and see where life takes him from there.

Here ends the story of "The Rag and Bone Boys".

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