The Sunset Asylum Challenge

This mental institution needs a doctor who can meet the challenges of taking care of the mentally ill.

The hired doctor must: (1)  Graduate with an A in Science and Medicine from university. (2) Take care of 10 mentally ill patients 5 male and 5 female. (3) Cure all their mental illnesses by fulfilling their wants and/or Life Time Wishes so they gain enough life time reward points to buy a cure (the "Midlife Crisis" reward). Then roll randomly for new traits. If all mental traits are replaced, the patient is cured. If they roll other illnesses, they need to stay and work toward another cure.  (4) Start with 100 simolians per patient and receive 500 simolians for each illness cured. (5) Prepare each patient to become employed upon their release by helping them gain needed skills for their chosen career and/or life time want. (6)  Have no hired staff. (7) Provide outings as a group not individually. (8) Control of the patients is only allowed for them to fulfill wants/Life Time Wishes and follow doctor given therapies - not for personal care (such as sleep, eat, bathroom etc.). (9) All wants must be fulfilled - except those related to travel, jobs, harming other patients, engagement and marriage. (10) Patients must leave the asylum fully cured of all illnesses. (11) There are no restrictions on the doctor regarding marriage/family. However, the doctor is the only person allowed to be involved with the patients. Family must be kept separate from the asylum (Basement suite, upper living quarters, separate house on lot with restricted access to the patients)

In this facility the doctor will have his own bedroom with a bathroom that is off limits to the patients.

In order to be admitted to the asylum patients must have random traits that include at least 2 mental illnesses. They cannot go out to work until released but can earn money from skills.

Mental illnesses accepted for admittance are: 

ADHD (Absent Minded);  Delusional Disorder (Bot Fan); Hyperkulturemia (Can't stand art); Immature Personality Disorder (Childish); Philophobia (Commitment issues);  Panic Disorder (Coward); Geophagia (Daredevil - eating dirt); Pedophobia (Dislikes Children); Histrionic personality disorder (Dramatic); Antisocial personality disorder: Sociopath (Evil); Conduct Disorder (Mean Spirited); Intermittent Explosive Disorder (hot headed); Agoraphobia (Hates the outdoors); Hydrophobia (Hydrophobic); Asperger Syndrome (Inappropriate) Social Phobia (Socially awkward); Schizoaffective Disorder (Insane); Kleptomania (Kleptomaniac); Enochlophobia (Loner); Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Neurotic); Gymnophobia (Never nude); Oppositional defiant disorder (Rebellious); Bi-polar Disorder (Over Emotional); Technophobia (Technophobe); Anxiety Disorder (Unlucky); Multiple Personality Disorder (Unstable); Ablutophobia (Slob); Social Anxiety Disorder (Shy); Anti-Social Personality Disorder (No Sense of Humor).

Tomas Hamming is the son of Matthew Hamming, a famous actor and Fredina (Ragman) Hamming, a famous singer. He doesn't want fame and fortune like his parents, but wants to become a doctor.  He's decided to leave Bridgeport and move to Sunset Valley hoping to one day,  be hired as the live in doctor at the Sunset Asylum.

Tomas is a young adult who is Good, Neat, a Bookworm, Perceptive and a Great Kisser. His Life Time Wish is to become a Doctor.

First he takes the aptitude test and applies for a scholarship at the university. He's accepted into the Science and Medicine  program and the next day arrives at the dorm.

Needing to graduate with an A, Tomas concentrates on his courses instead of partying and slacking off.  When classes are finished he gets his report card and graduates with an A in Science and Medicine.

After he arrives home Tomas uploads his resume and is offered the position of Doctor at the Sunset Asylum. He moves in and gets ready for his patients, who all arrive the next morning.

Tomas meets the patients by starting with the five females who have obvious mental illnesses and others that haven't surfaced yet.

First is a blonde named Mariah Farr. She is Hydrophobic, a Slob, Hopeless Romantic, a Technophobe and Good. She has been admitted for Hydrophobia, Ablutophobia and Technophobia.

Next to her is a redhead names Nina Cooley. She is a Great Kisser, has No Sense of Humor, Commitment Issues, is Over Emotional and a Coward. She has been admitted for Antisocial Personality Disorder, Philophobia, Bi-polar Disorder and Panic Disorder.

Then there's a heavy set brunette named Jana Wilhelm. She is a Diva, Mean Spirited, Brave, Flirty and Dramatic. She has been admitted for Conduct Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder.

The dark haired female is Andrea George. She is Inappropriate, Loves the Outdoors, has a Green Thumb, is Unflirty and Unstable. She has been admitted for Asperger Syndrome and Multiple Personality Disorder.

Lastly is another blonde named Shanna Blank. She is a Kleptomaniac, Easily Impressed, Absent Minded, Mean Spirited and Irresistible.  She has been admitted for Kleptomania, ADHD and Conduct Disorder.

After meeting the females he meets his male patients who also have obvious mental illnesses and others that haven't surfaced yet.

First, a redhead named Stevie Carillo who thinks he's Superman. He is Brave, a Bot Fan, Flirty, Socially Awkward and a Perfectionist. He has been admitted for Delusional Disorder and Social Phobia.

Next to him is Marlin Hancock. He's a Daredevil and eats dirt, Hates the Outdoors, Savvy Sculptor, Handy and Irresistible. He has been admitted for Geophagia and Agoraphobia.

Then there's a blonde named Chester March who has severe problems. He's a Genius, Loner,  Mooch, Neurotic and Evil. He's been admitted for Enochlophobia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Sociopathic Personality Disorder.

The blonde with glasses is Sammy Brunson. He is Never Nude, Family Oriented, Hot Headed, Great Kisser and a Party Animal.  He's been admitted for Gymnophobia and Intermittent Explosive Disorder.

Lastly there's Nicholas Stout. He's Unlucky, Insane, Rebellious, a Social Butterfly and a Natural Born Performer. He's been admitted for Anxiety Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

The next morning Nicholas believes someone has thrown out his pancake breakfast so he goes looking for it.  Meanwhile, Tomas takes Mariah into the pool to help her overcome her hydrophobia.

Nina Cooley wants to go jogging but she can't go alone and Tomas can't leave the other patients, so he organizes a group jog for all the patients. He takes them around the block and back to the asylum.

Tomas arranges a group therapy session of water balloon fighting for those with social disorders, fear of crowds and having problems with the outdoors.  It seems to be working as they all have a great time while pelting each other with water balloons.

Unfortunately, while the others are out having group fun, Andrea is undergoing a multiple personality change. She starts to get agitated then emerges as Princess Jasmine, daughter of a Sultan.  The change causes her to exchange her Unflirty trait for Grumpy.

It seems "Princess Jasmine" is causing quite a stir as she belly dances for the male residents.  Her exotic dancing has caught the attention of Stevie who has romance on his mind. 

Tomas can see she needs medical attention. He calls her to his office and performs a Stimulus Response Test, which she fails.

Tomas  tries to medicate her with a pill but she refuses to take it.  It's not long before she becomes agitated and has another Unstable attack.

Mariah wants to go to the park so Tomas organizes a group outing to Central Park.  When they all arrive he gives them individual therapy assignments.  Hopefully, they will all have a pleasant day.

Before long Tomas hears a commotion and discovers a fight has broken out between Chester March and Jana Wilhelm.  He runs to break it up as they try to beat the stuffing out of each other.  Tomas is finding his work harder than he realized. Now he has to assign a therapy program between these two mortal enemies and help them to become friends.

While he's breaking up the fight Nicholas is trying to kiss Andrea but she pushes him away.

Love is in the air at the Asylum. Shanna Blank and Nicholas Stout have entered into a romantic relationship and are now going steady. 

On the other hand, hate is becoming deep rooted between Jana and Chester. Jana attacks Chester and slaps him for no reason.

Tomas  gives both of them anger management therapy at the Water Arena where they can work out their aggression with water balloons.

Meanwhile, Andrea is having another multiple personality change and this time she says her name is Rayna from the planet Holburg.  As a result of her transformation she looses her Love of the Outdoors and gains another mental illness - Social Anxiety Disorder, which causes her to be Shy. 

Tomas tries to give her medication but again she refuses to take it.

Its not long before Andrea has another change in personality.  When she meets Tomas on the front porch she greets him with a cardboard sword and a confident stance. She says "Ahoy, matey, I'm Anne Bonney at your service".  Tomas can see she's lost her shy, Social Anxiety Disorder and taken on an Adventurous spirit.  Then she says, "I see you got a couple of troublemakers inside, not to worry, I'll sort 'em out".  With that she turns and goes inside.

When Andrea sees Jana slapping Chester she takes her sword and raises it up ready to strike Jana's arm off.  Tomas rushes over and take the weapon away from her. Now he has to deal with Jana.

Jana and Shanna play a video game together but when Jana loses she slaps Shanna.  Tomas knows that Jana is violent and decides, for the safety of the other patients, to put her in lockup until she can be cured of her Mean Spirited Conduct Disorder.  He puts her in a special barred room beside his office so he can keep an eye on her.

After placing Jana in a secured room, he notices Andrea is back to her normal self. He calls her in and performs a series of tests including the Ink Bot Test and a Stimulus Response Test.  It seems, through another personality change, she has lost her Adventurous "Anne Bonney" personality and has also been cured of  Asperger Syndrome.

He's amazed that her love of fishing has emerged making her an Angler who Loves the Cold. However, she still suffers from  Multiple Personality Disorder which, a personality change, could bring on other mental illnesses.

Andrea, Stevie and Marlin all want to go bowling so Tomas arranges a group outing to the Bronco Bowling Club.  He can't leave Jana alone at the asylum so he takes her with them.

Chester joins Andrea, Stevie and Marlin for a game of bowling. 

While the other patients play video games, pool and bowling, Tomas keeps Jana separate by having her ride the Buck and Chuck Bronco.  She rides it with aggression, screaming and shouting as it throws her around but she hangs on.  It seems to be good therapy for her.

A few days later, Shanna Blank completes her Life Time Wish of becoming a Culinary Librarian.  Tomas takes her into his office a performs a final test.  When she passes the test he certifies her cured. 

She's cured of her Kelptomania, ADHD and Conduct Disorder. She is now a Savvy Sculptor, a Born Saleswoman, Computer Whiz, Charismatic and a Hopeless Romantic.

Shanna joins the Law Enforcement Career and moves out of the asylum into a home of her own.

Marlin Hancock is an art lover so he wants to go to the art gallery.  Tomas arranges an outing for all the patient, including Jana who has been in lock up for some time.   When they arrive Tomas turns his back on Jana for a second to talk to Stevie.  At that moment Jana and Chester lock eyes.  Jana can't help herself, she attacks Chester and a fight breaks out.

Immediately, Tomas confronts Jana and, while correcting her behavior, she starts slapping him.  The trip to the art gallery is short lived and Tomas takes them all back to the asylum.

Nina Cooley has worked hard and made remarkable progress. Now she feels much better and wants to leave the asylum.  Tomas gives her a brain scan then mind melds to check her mental state. He finds she's no longer afflicted with Antisocial Personality Disorder, Philophobia, Bi-polar Disorder and Panic Disorder.  However, she has developed an Anxiety Disorder and can't be released just yet.

The time has come for another day trip. With only 2 days left of Summer, Tomas takes them all to the beach. He finds a beach that has a penned in area and puts Jana there and locks her in.   The others have fun swimming,  having water balloon fights and sunbathing.

Later Tomas grills up some salmon for lunch and calls everyone to eat. He lets Jana out to eat but keeps an eye on her.  After lunch everyone goes back to having fun but Jana makes a move toward her arch enemy Chester.   Tomas has anticipated this and is prepared. He slaps restraints on her and  leads her back to the locked pen.

Back at the asylum Andrea has had another delusional shift in personality and thinks she's Cleopatra and Chester is her Mark Anthony.   Later,  while she's working in her garden,  Marlin tries to flirt with her but she pushes him away.  Her personality shift has given her Philophobia - a fear of commitment.

Nicholas Stout has responded well to psychotherapy and medication. Tomas gives him his last dose of medication and then tests his mental state. He finds Nicholas fit to leave the asylum and signs his release papers.

Nicholas is now Adventurous, Neat, Handy, an Angler and Grumpy.  He finds a job in Oceanography and moves out into a home of his own.

Its the first day of Fall and a heavy rainstorm pours down.  Miss "Cleopatra" runs outside and stands with her mouth open catching the raindrops. Inside the others are working on their cognitive and music therapy.

Mariah Farr tells Tomas she feels much better and has been working hard on her mental problems. She feels ready to leave the asylum.  Tomas gives her the Ink Blot Test and finds she has improved. She is no longer suffering from Ablutophobia and Technophobia but has not lost her Hydrophobia. He refuses to sign her release papers until she can overcome her fear of water.

Andrea has another shift in personality and becomes agitated.  She loses her Philophobia and becomes more Disciplined. Now the only illness she has to conquer is her Multiple Personality Disorder.

Meanwhile,  Mariah has been given permission to visit Jana in lock up.

Its not long before Sammy Brunson says he wants to move out.  Tomas gives him a Stimulus Response Test but is not happy with the results.

He tells Sammy he can see he's been cured of his Gymnophobia and Intermittent Explosive Disorder but has developed an Social Anxiety Disorder which requires more medication and therapy before he can be released.

Sammy gives Tomas a friendly hug and thanks him for his help.

All the patients have been working toward a cure for their problems. Now Marlin Hancock wants to be tested and hopefully released.  Tomas gives him a brain scan which shows good results.

He tells Marlin he's cured of Geophagia and Agoraphobia. He's now a Dog lover, Perceptive, a Snob, a Party Animal and has a Green Thumb.

Tomas signs his release papers and Marlin finds a job as a Junior Engineer, then moves out of the asylum and into his own home.

Next, Chester asks to be tested and hopefully released.  Tomas uses the brain enhancing machine to scan and see any changes in his mental condition.  He's pleased that Chester no longer suffers with Enochlophobia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Sociopathic Personality Disorder. 

Tomas tells him although he's not the same person he was, he has developed a Delusional Disorder and Geophagia.  He can't be released until he realizes he's not a robot and stops eating dirt.

The patients are going stir crazy and want to go out.  Both Jana and Sammy want to learn to fish so Tomas arranges an outing to Bubble Park.  While there, Jana and Sammy fish together, some play hopscotch, paint and meet new people. 

Tomas cooks up some hot-dogs for the group and calls them to lunch but Andrea doesn't join them. Instead,  she's had another personality change and, having gained the Animal Lover trait,  she thinks she's Yogi Bear.  She watches them all from behind a tree while planning to steal the picnic basket but first she has to get past that big, mean Jana.

Later, when Andrea sees Chester by himself, she sneaks up on him and scares him.  He turns and runs back to the group not realizing it was Andrea.

Chester has mellowed since he lost his "Evil, Neurotic" nature and invites his enemy to a picnic dinner.  Jana accepts and they share a meal together.  Then they have pleasant conversation about the park and the lake. 

As Tomas observes Jana he can see she's overcome her Conduct Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder. However, she's developed Hyperkulteremia and Geophagia and will have to stay at the asylum for more treatment.

Andrea suddenly feels more normal and asks Tomas for a progress report on her illnesses. He gives her the Stimulus Response Test and she passes exceptionally well. His findings show she has successfully conquered her Multiple Personality Disorder. 

But when he tells her about her parade of interesting personality characters she becomes Over Emotional showing she has developed Bi-polar disorder.

Tomas says she will have to stay until she can get her condition under control.  Andrea hugs and thanks him for all his help in her recovery.

Meanwhile, Jana and Chester are becoming friends and have started a pillow fight in the kitchen. Tomas is pleased to see them beating each other up with feathers rather than fists.

Things are going well at the asylum, the patients are starting to respond well to treatment.  Now Nina Cooley asks Tomas to test her progress. He gives her the Ink Blot Test and finds she has overcome her Anxiety Disorder.  She is now Good, Frugal,  has a Good Sense of Humor,  Loves the Heat and is a Great Kisser.

Tomas signs her release papers and allows her to leave.  Nina finds a job in Journalism and moves out on her own.

When Stevie sees Nina has been released he asks to be tested.  Tomas gives him the standard Stimulus Response Test but Stevie fails it miserably.  Then he gets angry when he's told he has been cured of his Delusional Disorder and Social Phobia but has developed Asperger Syndrome and will have to stay at the asylum a little while longer.

Now that it's Winter, many of the patients want to skate on a pond so Tomas arranges another outing, this time to Central Park. They have fun skating, building snowmen and igloos.

Then they all have a snowball fight and even a stranger joins in.

Andrea wants to skate with Tomas so he takes her onto the frozen lake and does some spins but both loose their footing and fall down.

Across the park Sammy Brunson's wish to fall in love is fulfilled when Jana asks him to go steady.

Stevie's worked hard at getting well and asks Tomas again if he can be released. Tomas gives  him an experimental treatment and a few other tests and finds Stevie has lost his social phobia but has developed Enochlophobia and until he can be comfortable in crowds he won't be released. His request for independent living is denied.

Now Sammy wants to be released so Tomas give him a Stimulus Response test, which he successfully passes.  Upon examination, Tomas  finds no trace of mental illness. Sammy is now a Bookworm, Artistic, Charismatic, a Workaholic, Loves the Heat and has a Good Sense of Humor. Tomas congratulates him and signs his release papers.

Sammy gets a job in the Film industry and moves out to a home of his own.  Tomas watches proudly as another healthy person leaves the asylum.

Tomas decides its time to test the remaining patients social skills. He takes them all to the Grind for a night out. He buys a round of drinks for everyone and watches how they interact in a crowd.

After a few drinks they all start to relax and have fun dancing. Then when some of the former patients show up they socialize and catch up on whats new.  It seems Nicholas Stout and Shanna Blank got married and are at the club.

Also, Sammy Brunson is there and dip kisses his girlfriend Jana.  Jana is so happy she proposes marriage and Sammy accepts.  Of course, she will have to wait until she's well enough to be released before they can get married.

Stevie comes to Tomas again for an evaluation. He has completed his lifetime wish of having a perfect mind and body. Now he's hoping he has that perfect mind.  Tomas gives him the Ink Blot Test and is pleased to see that Stevie has been successful in mastering his illnesses.

He is now Handy, Frugal, Excitable, a Natural Born Performer and Loves the Heat.

After Tomas signs his release papers, Stevie finds a job as a Comic Book Artist. He then moves out of the asylum and looks forward to living in his own home.

Just after Stevie is released, Chester asks for another chance to leave the asylum. This time Tomas takes a DNA test and, after a full analysis, finds Chester well enough to leave. 

He has overcome his Delusional Disorder and Geophagia and is now Nurturing,  Ambitious, Avant Garde, Eccentric, and a Virtuoso.

Once his release papers are signed, Chester finds a job as a Astronomer.  Then, he's so happy to be released, he runs out of the asylum ready to live on his own.

Andrea has completed her lifetime wish of growing the perfect garden and feels confident she can live on her own.  Tomas takes her into his office and analyses her mental state.  He finds she has mastered  her Bi-polar disorder but has developed Philophobia.  Until she is able to commit to a relationship she will have to remain at the asylum.

Andrea has spent her whole young adult life at the asylum but has never been able to master her mental illness. When she overcomes one, another surfaces.  Now she has grown up to an adult and is still struggling mentally.

Now that Andrea's an adult, Tomas takes her and the other two remaining patients to the Beauty Salon where she can get a makeover.  She leaves with a new hairstyle, clothing and accessories.

Jana wants to get married and tells Tomas she feels much better. He gives her a brain scan and discovers she has indeed lost her Hyperkulturema and Geophagia. Now she's Handy, a Heavy Sleeper, Friendly, a Natural Born Performer, Schmoozer and has Star Quality.

Tomas congratulates her and signs her release papers. Before leaving the asylum, she gets a job in Advertising and has one last request.

She wants to marry her sweetheart, Sammy Brunson, on the grounds of the asylum where they met.  Tomas throws them a wedding party and they exchange rings with all their friends and former patients present.

After the wedding they cut the cake, dance and socialize before Jana leaves the asylum to start a new life with her husband.

After the wedding, Sammy takes  his bride home.

Tomas is left with just two patients, Mariah and Andrea.  Andrea wants to look for seeds so he takes both of them to the lake for a picnic.

Later, he takes them to the country club for dinner. While there Mariah ages up to an adult.

Mariah completes her lifetime wish of becoming a Master of the Arts and feels ready to leave the asylum.  Tomas gives her the Ink Blot Test and finds she has no trace of mental illness.  She is now a Savvy Sculptor, a Vehicle Enthusiast, Party Animal, Computer Whiz, has a Photographer's Eye and  Star Quality.

He hugs her and signs her release papers.

Mariah has waited a long time for this day.  After getting a job in Advertising, she runs out of the asylum and doesn't look back.

Tomas is left with one patient, Andrea George. She originally came in for Multiple Personality Disorder and Asperger Syndrome.  During her confinement she's made remarkable progress but as one illness is cured another surfaces.  She remains at the hospital now for Philophobia, the inability to commit to a relationship.  Tomas decides it's time for Radical Therapy.

He tells Andrea he will cure her and she will commit to a relationship.  He's going to sacrifice himself for the the good of his work. He turns on his charm and flirts with her and she responds.  Then he kisses her and she doesn't push him away.  So far she's responding well to the therapy, although, he wonders if she will ever leave the asylum.

Tomas works with Andrea taking her on dates, outings to the beach and being romantic, hoping to help her conquer her fear of commitment.

He really throws  himself into his work and devotes all his time to Andrea. He makes out with her in the hot tub then takes her to dinner at the Falls Lake Country Club.

After dinner they go for a walk beside the lake and Andrea shows she's cured of her Philophobia. She proposes marriage then exchanges rings in a simple, private ceremony.

Andrea is now Nurturing, a Natural Cook, a Mooch, a Great Kisser, and Perceptive.

Back at the Asylum, Tomas buys a house on a hill overlooking the ocean. They leave the asylum together and start a new life in their own home.  Tomas continues to work as a doctor at the hospital but leaves the asylum to the next capable doctor.


Here ends the Asylum Challenge.

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