Derelicts of Rosewald:Part 1

Three children are homeless after a terrible disaster left their world, Rosewald, in ruins and killed most of the people, including their parents. There are no businesses, schools or government services to help them so they will have to work together and rely on their wits.

Breda Magee came from a wealthy Irish family who lived in the mansion which is now in ruins. She stands in the driveway of what was once her home with her two friends Nico Ramirez and Mosi Madaki, who are also orphans.

Breda is a Slob, Brave and Friendly. Nico is Adventurous, inappropriate and Artistic.  Mosi is a Daredevil, Computer Whiz and Mooch. 

How will they survive and what will become of them?

The only school in town has been destroyed so the the kids hang out at a campsite on the other side of town.  Breda goes fishing while Nico paints and Mosi practices his writing. 

Later, they cook the fish Breda caught for dinner before going to bed.

While at a park Mosi mooches some food from a stranger. Now they have to find a way to make money so they start digging in rubbish piles for scrap to sell.

After getting all dirty from digging in rubbish piles they go snorkeling and look for seashells.  Then in the evening, among the ruins of their home, they have fun pillow fighting and playing with toys.

The kids have grown up to teenagers and decide to move into a derelict house. It has no door, some of the walls are missing and the roof has collapsed. There is junk and overgrown bush around the outside and an old car stuck in the driveway. Inside, the house is empty with no floors, paint or furnishings.

The teens have saved all the money they made as kids and can now afford to do some work on the house. They start by rebuilding the broken walls, adding a new front door,  removing all the overgrown bush and weeds, cleaning up the garbage and getting rid of the old car. Then they paint the inside walls, lay wood floors and buy a fridge, stove, table, chairs, a few counters, shower, toilet and sink.  But they can't afford beds at the moment so they use sleeping bags or stay at the campsite.

The teens take the lead in cleaning up the town of Rosewald by visiting their neighbors and inviting them to a town meeting at the walk through park. Breda visits Katlin Weaver and her roommate Lorie Wahine while Mosi talks to Steve JForks and Ishmael Igazor.

Later Nico invites Mollyann D'River, Sara Raymondo and Barbara Brapple to the town meeting at the walk through park.

The next day most of the town residents come out to the park to hear Mosi give a speech about working together using their skills and finances for the clean up project. Everyone is motivated and in agreement with what they hear.  Their first project is to clean up the small park.

They start work immediately.  Lori and Mollyann pull weeds and remove the overgrown grass while Ishmael and Steve clean up the garbage and bury the bones of those who died in the disaster.

The rest of the residents build an outside toilet, set up a playground for the kids, add a chess table, refinish a picnic table  and add a grill.  Then they lay new grass, repave the pathway and add lights. When they finish the work the park looks beautiful.

At the end of the day Breda grills up some hot dogs and tofu dogs and everyone enjoys a meal together while celebrating all their hard work.

Summer has ended and the weather is cold and wet. The teens can't live in their house because it doesn't have a roof, so they spend most of their time at the campsite.  To make money Nico paints and Mosi writes stories, mostly about their adventures of rebuilding Rosewald.

In the evening they improve their logic by play Dominoes.

The town residents gather together on the grounds of City Hall. They're all in agreement that it should be the next rebuild project. The building is in ruins. Some of the walls have collapsed, the brick work is dirty and chipped, the roof needs fixing, windows are broken and there are piles of rubble, garbage and overgrown grass everywhere.

To get started they elect Steve JForks to be Mayor of Rosewald.  He accepts the position and gives a speech to motivate the people to start work.

The residents get to work and erect a scaffolding around the building. Muzziah climbs up and starts replacing the broken windows while the others work on the grounds and the walls.

When the work is complete, Roswald has a new City Hall.  The residents gather round to listen to Mayor JForks present the finishing touch, a statue of two hands joined.  He tells them, these hands symbolize the efforts of all the residents who are working together to rebuild Rosewald. And, in their honor as the founders of Rosewald,  a plaque on the base lists all their names for future generations to see.

It's a nice cool night so the teens go to the park to hang out. Later Breda cooks up some hotdogs and share them with a tourist from France and Bianca Horn, another town resident. She tells Breda she's pregnant and will soon have her baby but their house is in desperate need of repair. Now that its Fall the house is cold, damp and in no condition to raise a baby.

Breda is concerned about Bianca and her baby so she takes her friends to visit the Mayor. Nico asks if they can get everyone together to rebuild the Horn's house before the baby arrives.

The mayor goes with the teens to the Horn's house just in time to see Bianca give birth to a baby boy.  He sees the house is in bad shape. Most of the roof is missing, the wooden porch and steps are rotten, some walls have collapsed and the windows are broken.

The next day everyone comes out to help rebuild the Horn's home. Ishmael helps the mayor move boxes while the others clean out the house.

By the end of the day, they've turned the dilapidated shack into a brand new home with a back deck, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, eating area, living room and nursery. The house is small but secure.

After the work is done they all enjoy a meal together before going to their own homes.

It's Winter and there's not much to do in Rosewald.  With no local hangouts, pubs or clubs the only place to have fun is at the campsite. The teens meet up with some of the residents and have fun throwing snowballs at each other.

Breda ice skates with Lorie while the others  have fun ice skating, making snow angels and making friends.  Poor Mosi, he's been outside too long and has frostbite. His lovely dark skin has turned purple and Nico can't help laughing at him.

Mayor JForks calls a town meeting on the demolished site of Breda's family home. There's something he wants to discuss.  He tells the residents he's concerned about no hospital or doctors to take care of emergencies. Women are giving birth at home and there have been a few cases of frostbite.  He wants to build a hospital on this site because it's the only place big enough for the project.

They all agree and start work clearing the property.  Breda sells all the furnishings left in a basement and gives the money to the mayor for the building project. The rest of the money is raised by the scrap metal, rubble and other recyclable materials as well as financial contributions.

When the work is done Rosewald has a new medical and science center which will provide jobs and services to the residents.

Seeing as the teens were the original residents of Rosewald, they have become the town's representatives and take the time to visit their neighbours.  When they visit the Pittman family they find their house a disaster with rubble and even skeletal remains of past residents still in the bedroom where they died.

The family have a new baby and need help. There's not enough money in the town funds to rebuild the house but the teens show them how they can make changes without spending money. They start by cleaning up, removing rubble and the remains. Then they sell the more expensive items and buy cheaper ones. They paint the walls, lay flooring and refinish and reupholster furniture.

When they've finished, the house is clean, fresh and has space for everyone including a crib and toy chest for the baby.  By using what they have the remodeling has actually left the family with more money than when they started.

Nico has become quite the artist and has made money selling his artwork.  But he wants to make more money to donate to the town. Mosi suggests they go adventuring and find valuable artifacts, gems and metals to sell.

With all in agreement they travel to France and arrive at the base camp and check the board for adventures.  Breda accepts an assignment to find some precious metals and goes off to collect them.

Meanwhile, Mosi goes fishing for frogs to replace someones pet and Nico goes looking for nectar. He dives into a dive well at the Nectory hoping to find treasures.

At the end of a full day of adventuring they go to a local hangout for fun. They skate, play video games and later  have dinner on the balcony of the club.

At the club Breda meets a cute French teenager who takes a liking to her. When he flirts she's flattered.  Mosi, on the other hand, is not happy and becomes jealous. 

The teens have grown up together and are more like brothers and sister but Mosi realizes he's fallen in love with Breda.  The next day at the Nectory, when they're alone, he confesses his feelings for her and they become romantically involved.

With all the young French men around, Mosi decides to go with Breda to the Ancient Burial Site to help her find a lost item.  While there she excavates a site and finds some valuable items. 

As they enter the underground caverns they find secret doors and more treasures. Being Adventurous, Mosi is having a blast exploring with Breda.

Finally, after many hours they find the lost item, which turns out to be a baseball. Nico joins them after he completes an adventure of his own. During their search they found many precious stones, jewels, metals, artifacts and nectar to take back with them.

Its late, so they go into town to get something to eat. But before going into the cafe, Mosi tells Breda how much he enjoyed their time together, then he kisses her.

Back home they invite mayor JForks over. Breda shows him all the treasures they collected in France and donates them all to the city's building fund. When the treasures are sold the total donated comes to $16,962.

Later, Mosi flirts with Breda but now Nico gets jealous. It seems he's taken a liking to her as well.  To distract their flirting he invites them both outside to make snow angels.

Mayor JForks calls a town meeting to discuss a new building project. He wants to build a community lot that will add new jobs for the residents.  He suggests a Police Station but others want a Restaurant, Business Center and a Library. He notes their choices and plans to start building in a couple of days when winter is over.

Meanwhile, Nico finishes a painting he was doing for Mosi and gives it to him for his bedroom. 

Thinking about the town meeting,  they discuss ways of making money to help out. Nico suggests they go on another adventuring trip. He's heard there are lots of treasures to be found in Egypt.

The teens arrive in Egypt and start checking for adventures.  They have six days to explore Egypt and find treasures but gems are not all they'll discover.

While Mosi tries his hand at snake charming Nico takes Breda on an adventure of visiting different locations for a travel brochure. While at each place they search for gems and artifacts. 

Before going to Egypt Nico had expressed a romantic interest in Breda, now she looks at him pulling the statue and notices his attractive physique.  Her teenage emotions are confusing.... is she starting to feel something for Nico? What about Mosi?


Back at the base camp Nico kisses her and she doesn't resist. But Mosi sees this and is very upset. Now she's caught between the two. It was so much easier when they were kids now things are complicated. Who does she want to be with?

The day before they're time is up, Breda makes her decision.  She discovers her feelings for Mosi are stronger than those for Nico. She asks him to forgiver her and they make up. Nico remains good friends with them both, bows out to Mosi and then finds a cute Egyptian girl at the camp.

Before going to bed, Nico initiates a water balloon fight to cool off from the heat. He gathers the other tourists and they all have fun throwing wet balloons at each other.

When they arrive back home they ask the mayor to meet them at City Hall.  After selling all their treasures they donate a sum of $27,392 Simolians to the building projects making a total of $45,354 Simolians for the mayor to work with.

On the first day of Spring, mayor JForks calls the town together to assist in building a new office complex. They all take part in knocking down an old, broken down building, clearing the rubble, garbage and weeds. Then they recycle the leftover furnishings and materials, which gives them additional funds.

They use the extra money to build a police station along with the business center which also has a restaurant. 

He then tells the residents to form a work bee and clean up all the debris around town. His plan is to bulldoze all the dilapidated buildings and recycle the material in order to construct more businesses, fix homes and start a college fund for the residents.

Continue to Part 2: A New World  here.

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