Part 2: A New World

Breda, Nico and Mosi have grown up and are now young adults.

Breda is Brave, a Slob, Flirty, Clumsy, Friendly and has a Great Sense of Humor. She wants to be a Doctor.  Nico is Adventurous, Neat, Inappropriate, Nurturing, Artistic and a Schmoozer. He wants to have a Private Museum. Mosi is a Couch Potato, Adventurous, Dramatic, a Daredevil, a Computer Whiz and has a Green Thumb. He wants to be a Professional Author.

These three orphaned and once homeless kids have grown up well, remained friends and worked together to help rebuild Rosewald.


Now Breda wants her own home so she moves into a small house two doors down from Mosi and Nico.  The house is in need of repairs but is livable.

When the neighbours hear about her move they all get together and help clean up the property and make any needed repairs.  Muzziah cuts the grass, Ishmael digs up some tough roots, Mollyann and Sara weed the garden and Nico knocks down the old wall.

When the work is finished the house has a new roof, siding and windows. The old brick wall is replaced with a white picket fence and a few flowers are planted along the front of the  house.  Inside, the walls have been painted and the floor has been redone. Breda doesn't have much furniture, but she did bring her bedroom stuff  when she moved.

Another resident of Rosewald is Barbara Brappl. She works as a veterinary assistant and hopes to go to college and become a vet. 

Her house is in desperate need of repairs and remodeling. Mayor JForks visits to tell her there are funds available for house repairs, she just need to apply for a housing grant.

She calls a few friends together to help sort out her needs. Lorie, Breda, Nico, Mosi and the Mayor come together and start cleaning out the  house. They work late, moving all the furniture outside, painting the inside walls, laying new floors and refinishing some of the old furnishings.

When they finish Barbara is left with very little money but doesn't need the grant offered. Her house now has a new kitchen, dining area, living room, bathroom and a finished upstairs bedroom. She still needs a few more windows, deco items and landscaping but that can be done over time. 

Very pleased with the work, she cooks hotdogs for all the hungry workers.

The residents are helping each other rebuild their homes but the community needs jobs and education. So the mayor starts a building campaign which puts the town in debt. He's confident the taxes will eventually pay this off. In the meantime, businesses and schools are built. The children can now get an education and the residents are working. Rosewald is starting to thrive.

There is still much work to be done on the houses but the residents don't have enough money to do the repairs. When the business office offers loans to those who want to do renovations, the residents line up and take out a loan.

The town of Rosewald has taken many years to rebuild. The three friends were just barely children when their world was destroyed, but now they're young adults and the town is well established with rebuild homes and new families.  

Nico throws a backyard barbecue party and invites many of the new neighbours so everyone can get to know each other and become friends. 

Breda, Nico and Mosi want to enter university but first they need to gain skills in order to get a scholarship.  Breda wants to be a doctor, Nico an artist and Mosi wants to become a writer. They all agree to go to China for the experience and Nico also invites  his girlfriend to join them. The boys also have other plans for this trip.

The day after arriving in China Nico and Mosi take their girlfriends to a mountain lake and propose marriage. The girls are thrilled and accept. Mosi has been Breda's teenage sweetheart and now she's gong to marry him. Mollyann jumps for joy and is caught up in the moment.

Mosi has a special place picked out and takes them all to a secluded campground.  The view is spectacular overlooking the beautiful mountains of China with a waterfall in the background.  The girls change into their wedding outfits, which they just happen to have packed for the trip, and, in a private ceremony, they exchange rings.

After the ceremony, Mosi can't wait to start the honeymoon and takes Breda into a tent. 

Later, they all sit around a fire pit and roast some food while discussing their adventures, their plans for the future and their living arrangements when they get back home.

A few days into their trip, Breda takes Mollyann to a tomb near the marketplace. Wanting to be a doctor she would like to find and study mummies. But while she's looking around Mollyann recalls all that talk around the fire pit about long term future plans. Having commitment issues she suddenly realizes what she's got herself into and has a meltdown.

Meanwhile, back at the basecamp, Mosi conducts an interview with a tourist from France. He wants to get experiences to write about, to inspire his next books and help him earn a degree in Communications.

Mosi wants to write a romance novel so he goes to visit Ishmael and Anita Igazor, who are newly weds. They are so much in love that Mosi gathers enough material to write a library of romance novels. 

Meanwhile, Breda goes to visit Nico and talks to him about going to university.  Because there were no schools when they were growing up they missed out on an education. Now she wants to study medicine and suggests they all to go with her and get degrees.

After taking the university aptitude test they all qualify for a scholarship.  When they arrive at the college they rent a house instead of staying in a dorm.

During the week they apply themselves to getting good grades by attending classes and studying.

On the weekend they have fun at the bowling alley, girls against guys but the game gets interrupted before there's a winner.

From the bowling alley the head over to the Roasted Beans Coffee House for a snack and dancing.

On the first night of the second semester, Breda is compelled to run outside. In the sky she sees strange flickering, coloured lights and is mesmerized by them. Then suddenly, she's lifted up in a beam of light and taken into a spaceship.

Since her abduction Breda is not the same person. Her personality has changed. She was Brave, Flirty, a Slob, Clumsy, Friendly and had a Great Sense of Humor.  Now she's a Coward, Neurotic, Mean Spirited, Hot Headed, Dramatic and a Great Kisser.  She has mood swings which Mosi can't understand. One minute she's yelling at him then she's passionately  kissing him.

Back home they all congratulate each other for getting a degree. 

Mollyann  has her degree in Science and Medicine and plans to continue her work as a vet.  Nico got a degree in Fine Arts and is well on the way to becoming a famous artist. Mosi is happy with his degree in Communications and is looking forward to writing many top selling books as a famous author. Breda completed  her degree in Science and Medicine but, since her abduction,  she's lost interest in her passion for medicine and wants to become an actress.

Breda doesn't like her look, so the next day she gets a makeover.  She wants to look like a movie star and be admired by everyone.  Then, after quitting her job at the hospital, she joins the film career and starts her journey as an actress.

With hard work Rosewald has been rebuilt and, over the years,  many families have settled there. Now, all of a sudden, the threat that devastated the town returns. Meteors start falling from the sky and cause fires everywhere.....

Mayor JForks calls an emergency meeting at the town hall and most of the residents come to hear what he has to say. He tells them history is repeating itself and if they don't evacuate they may not survive. He suggests the residents move to the Isle of Brynmar where homes have been prepared for their arrival.


Twelve families leave Rosewald and move to Brynmar, including Breda, Nico and Mosi. Within a few days they all find jobs and move into their own homes.

It's not long before Mollyann tells Nico she's pregnant. Nico is so happy, he invites his friends over for dinner to share the news. Over dinner Breda tells them she's also going to have a baby.

To celebrate their good new they call some friends and meet them at the Drunken Croc pub for a night out. Nico plays darts with Ishmael while Mosi challenges Mollyann, Breda and Barbara to a game of shuffleboard.

When his wife goes to work, Nico cleans up the house then sits down to read the newspaper. He reads that the Buttlers, a family that left Rosewald with them, has just had a baby. He calls Mosi and tells him the good news.

They have become good friends with the Butlers so when Mollyann gets home from work they all go to see the new baby.

One afternoon Mollyann goes into labor and Nico takes her to the hospital. As they're coming out with their new son Leon,  they meet Breda who's in labor and about to have her baby.

Nico is a painter so he's a stay at home dad while his wife works. He loves being a dad and plays peek-a-boo with little Leon in the baby swing.

After their son Edan is born, Mosi stays home while Breda continues to work.  As an author, he works on his latest novel while the baby sleeps.

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