Story Descriptions

Barney Beake: Sci-fi Madness

Barney Beake  is a Genius, which borders on insanity; A Bot Fan and sometimes he thinks he is a Bot, Inappropriate and irresistible. Mostly, Barney is Unstable and has a hard time holding onto reality. His unstable trait causes him to have panic attacks and, if he doesn’t breathe into a paper bag, his personality will change, making him a different person.

With a passion for science fiction he’s obsessed with Star Trek, Lost in Space, Advanced Technology and the Future….  Follow his story here.

The Time Machine Challenge

Troy Espinosa  is the first Sim to invent a Time Machine and take up the challenge of traveling throughout history in search of lost and abandoned children to adopt. Troy finds a child, then suddenly, one thoughtless mistake changes his life forever……until years later.

Follow him and take up the challenge here.

Random Legacy Challenge

Roma Landloper, the first generation of the Random Legacy Challenge.  Roma is a young adult with no family, and lives on the streets of Rook Island. She's Inappropriate, Irresistible, a Coward, a Slob and Neurotic.

Although she’s penniless, homeless and has no social graces, she dreams of fame and fortune. Her Life Time Want is to become a Vocal Legend.  Follow her story and take up the challenge here.

Sapphira Starr

Sapphira is Adventurous, a Party Animal, Snob, Great Kisser, and Ambitious. She Wants to live in the  Lap of Luxury but how many men will she marry to get there? Marrying the wrong man can have the reverse results…. as she finds out.

Follow her story here


Two sisters who inherit their parents farm in Monte Vista. Willow wants to grow fruits and make nectar while her sister Lola wants to party, become a one woman band and drink the nectar her sister makes. However, Willow has a mental illness and Lola has promised to protect her.  Follow their adventures here.

Rag and Bone Boys

Ray and Freddy Ragman, two homeless brothers who inherit a dilapidated house and have to restore it. They work as collectors selling anything they find at the junkyard, in garbage cans and dumpsters. Both are slobs, one is hotheaded the other grumpy. Who will end up owning the house?

Follow their story here.

The Farm Legacy Challenge: The Inheritance

7 brothers compete to inherit a farm.  They must meet all the requirements of their father’s  Will or be disqualified. What are those requirements and who will be the one to take it all?

Follow their challenge here

A Rolling Stone

Fredina and Brady are cousins, the children of the Rag and Bone boys. She wants to travel the world as a busker / singer, a wanderer with no responsibilities.  He wants to settle down and raise a family but things don’t go the way he plans after he’s abducted and taken to a strange world and enslaved to produce alien children with alien wives. What becomes of them?  Follow their story here

The Sunset Asylum Challenge

Ten mental patients, 5 men and 5 women,  have been committed to the Sunset Asylum. Their illnesses are based on their traits and must be cured before they can be released. Can they be cured and what other illnesses will surface?  Find out here.

Derelicts of Rosewald

Three children, from different families, have been left homeless and orphaned when a disaster struck. Now they have to work together to survive and eventually take part in rebuilding their world. What will become of them.  Follow their story here.

Online Disasters

Barry Gilbert has a bad habit of getting everything online, from real estate auction sites to mail-order-bride services. How does that work for him?  Find out by following his "Online Disasters" here:

7 Little Sims

7  homeless children from various backgrounds, have all come together in an old, abandoned house, in the swampy area of Bluffington.  To survive, they'll work together, using their talents, skills and unique personalities, thanks to a new "No Stretch" mod, that allows children to do what could never be done before.  Follow their journey here.

Note: Bluffington is Island Build World by Rflong7, an empty version of Legacy Island.


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