Part 3: Brynmar

Some time has passed since they left Rosewald and settled in Brynmar.  Now Mollyann ages up to an adult and soon after, Leon ages up to a toddler.

Its the last day of summer so Nico takes Leon to the park and teaches him to walk. Mollyann  has taken up inventing and stays home to complete a project.

While she's home alone, a spark from the workbench sets her on fire. With no bathroom downstairs she has no way to put herself out. She beats frantically at the flames but is consumed by the fire and comes face to face with the Grim Reaper.

Nico comes home and puts Leon to bed. Wanting to tell his wife their son has learned to walk he goes down to the basement. He's horrified to find the only thing left of her is a pile of ashes and an urn. He's overcome with grief and starts to sob.

Still sobbing he calls his friends and asks them to come over. When they arrive he tells them his wife is dead. Mosi is shocked and Breda freaks out at the news.

On the weekend Nico has a funeral service for Mollyann and invites his friends to join them.  The mayor, Steve JForks, gives a speech as Nico stands by his wife's urn.

After the service he serves food and coffee. Then, when everyone leaves, Nico lays Mollyann to rest in the Garden of Peace cemetery.

Nico wants to travel back to China and asks his friends to go with him.  Being an artist and an adventurer he wants to have a Private Museum where he can display artistic artifacts. 

He checks the board for adventures and while searching for metals he excavates a few sites.  Meanwhile, Leon and Edan go fishing  and get to know each other.

While trying to overcome his broken heart, Nico gets very friendly with a few of the tourists staying at the base camp.  He meets Wu Xio and is instantly attracted to her. Later he meets Jolene Montaque from France and finds her adorable.

Mosi accepts an adventure to find a relic so he takes Nico with him.  It seems Nico needs to get out of the base camp and focus on something other than women- after all, he's the one who wants to find and display relics. In an underground tomb Nico helps him open a locked door.

Behind the door is a dive well.  Mosi tries to convince Nico to go in and see what he can find but Nico refuses to get wet. So Mosi dives in while Nico watches. A little while later Mosi emerges in another room with a chest. In the chest is a key. He dives back into the well and returns  to where Nico is waiting. He inserts the key into the wall and a door opens. He finds the artifact and delivers it.

Meanwhile, back at the base camp, the boys are having a water balloon fight with a couple of the tourists.

Two days before their vacation is over, Nico meets Sun Young Kim and it's love at first sight. He asks her to be his girlfriend and she agrees.  As she leaves the base camp, he runs after her. He knows she's the one and doesn't want to go home without her so he proposes marriage.

 On the last night of their vacation, Nico invites everyone up to Dragon Springs. In a simple wedding ceremony he takes Sun Young to be his wife.

Sun Young is 12 days younger than Nico and is Adventurous, Artistic, a Great Kisser, Flirty, a Computer Whiz and has a Great Sense of Humor. She wants to be a Great Explorer and thrives on adventure.

After the wedding they all go back to the base camp.  Sun Young approaches Mosi in the kitchen and propositions him just as Breda enters.  Mosi turns her down but she tries flirting with him again.

Breda is upset and tells Nico that his wife is flirting with Mosi and other male tourists at the base camp. Nico is angry and says he's going to end this tonight.

Nico tells Sun Young the marriage is annulled and he wants her out of his life. She takes back her maiden name of Kim and moves in with her family.

Back home it's winter and there's a heavy snowfall. Nico takes Leon over to play with Eden and they all end up having a snowball fight while Breda builds a snowman.

A neighbor, Hoe Horn, comes over and brings his daughter Hollie. While they all carry on a snowball fight, Breda, Mosi and Nico relax in the hot tub.

Nico say his marriage to Sun Young was the shortest marriage in history - it only lasted a few hours. Then Mosi tells him he should have spent more time with Jolene, the cute explorer from France, she may have been a better choice.

Nico was planning a quite evening at home and had just stepped into a bath to relax when the door bell rings.  When he answers it, he sees Breda with a crowd of women.  She has brought some single women for Nico to check out. Along with them  are a couple of married neighbours who think there's a party going on. Breda tells them to go home and Nico invites the rest in for coffee.

Inside, Breda makes coffee and sits down with Nico and the remaining single women. Although he appreciates what Breda is trying to do, he's not attracted to any of these women.  He decides it's time to take Leon and go to France for a father and son adventure..... he also want to look up Jolene, who he met in China.

They arrive at the base camp in France and Nico checks the board while Leon plays with a racoon. He finds there's unexplained noises at the museum and they're looking for someone to investigate. He takes Leon with him to the museum and they have fun adventuring together and solve the mystery.

As they leave the museum Nico meets Mathilde Antoinette. When he first arrived in France he was disappointed that Jolene had gotten married but now this pretty little French girl has his attention. He sends Leon back to the base camp and takes Mathilde to lunch. They talk about many things and especially about children. To his delight she loves children and wants to have a big family.

After a week of spending time together, Mathilde comes to the base camp and asks Nico to be her boyfriend. But she doesn't want him to go home without her so she proposes marriage and he accepts.

Before leaving France Nico has a wedding on the grounds of the Museum where they met. He takes Mathilde as his wife, as others watch and join the party.  Afterward, they set out a buffet, cut the cake and dance.

Mathilde is Family Oriented, a Computer Whiz, Bookworm, Angler, Charismatic and a Great Kisser. She want's to be Surrounded by Family.

Leon asks Mathilde if she's his new mummy. She says she's going to love being his new mummy and hopes he'll have lots of brother and sisters to play with....

Then,  while the guests are occupied, Nico takes Mathilde to the Chinese section of the Museum and "exhibits" his love for her.

After arriving home Nico invites some friends over to meet Mathilde.  Over dinner they get to know Mathilde and really like her. Mosi thinks Nico has made a good choice this time with his new wife.

Then Nico, Mathilde, Breda and Mosi play dominoes while the boys pillow fight and Steve JForks entertains them on a futuristic musical instrument.

Mathilde is an angler and loves to fish. So when Spring arrives she takes Leon fishing and spends time with him.

The weather is still cold and after a few hours fishing they get chilly and go home. Then Leon hugs his new mum as they warm themselves by the fire.

The boys have become teenagers on the same day so Leon invites his friend Edan over to see their new house and have a barbecue. After dinner, Leon helps Edan with his homework and tutors him.

Breda gives birth to her second son, Kian.  Edan loves his little brother and snuggles him before going to bed.

A few days later Mathilde gives birth to twin boys named Dominique and Tulio.  Mosi and Breda come to visit and show off their son and to see Nico's newborns.

Mosi, Breda and Nico have come a long way since they were children and orphaned in the demolished city of Rosewald.  With no education as children they've managed to survive, remain friends and make a life for themselves.

Breda is on her way to becoming a superstar actress, Mosi is a celebrity author and they have two sons, Edan and Kian who can be anything they want.

Nico is a celebrity artist and Mathilde is becoming a writer. He has three sons, Leon, Dominique and Tulio.  All their children will have a better life since they've all moved to Brynmar.


Here ends the story  "Derelicts of Rosewald"

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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Hello littlelambsy .. Just finished reading all three parts of this story and it has put me in the mood for a challenge starting in Rosewald.

    Do you have a document detailing the Challenge Rules? No worries if not I can extract rules from your story so please do not go to any trouble.

    Your site is awesome. Love spending time in here 🙂

  2. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    Hi brappl, actually, I didn’t have any rules. I did it more of a story than a challenge, but it can easily be turned into a challenge. A challenge sounds great and I may just do it all over again with different sims and make it a challenge. Not sure I would use Rosewald again because of not having SN, but then again it may add to the challenge LOL

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