Online Disasters: Part 1

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After the death of his wife, Barry Gilbert needed a change.  When he saw an ad on an online auction site for a beautiful, old Victorian house by a lake in Salmon Woods, he bought it. The pictures showed the house to be fully furnished, landscaped and stately. So he took his two sons, Hansen and Joshua, left Lucky Palms and moved to Salmon Woods.

Barry is Easily Impressed, Excitable, Good, Family Oriented, Neat, and Artistic. He dreams of becoming a famous Artist and Living in the Lap of Luxury so he can send his sons to college.

Barry arrives in Salmon Woods with his family but finds his new house to be a dilapidated disaster and realizes he's been taken.  The inside is worse than the outside and completely empty except an old crib upstairs and weeds growing through the floor. But, Barry wants to  provide a decent home for his kids so he plans to clean up the property and turn it into a masterpiece. Having spent all his money on the house, how will he do it?

With no cooking facilities or food in the house Barry takes the kids to the park. He cooks up hotdogs and  invites Berjes Kane, a child Hansen has met and Rod Whitmore  to join them for dinner.

Back at the house Barry puts Joshua to bed. Then, he and Hansen spend the first night in their new home in sleeping bags.

Barry takes the morning to clean up the dead trees and overgrown weeds around the house. Then he takes the kids to a nearby lake and teaches Joshua to walk while Hansen learns to fish.

Because little Joshua is only a toddler Barry can't work but has to make money while taking care of his son.  He decides to take Joshua with him while he searches the dumpsters around town for things to sell and furnish his home. 

Later, he takes the kids to the park to play while he works on his painting skills.

It's been three months since the Gilberts moved to Salmon Woods.  In that time Barry has managed to fix the outside of the house, lay new flooring inside, hang wallpaper and paint.  Hansen has met a new friend, Cornell Riffin, a boy who's recently moved to Salmon woods with his brother and sister. As they talk about his sister Barry continues to teaches Joshua to walk.

After working  hard digging in dumpsters around town to find furnishings for his home, a thief breaks in and tries to steal his couch. Without an alarm, Barry quickly calls the police and is able to get his couch back.

Time has passed and the kids have grown up.  Hansen is now a teenager and Joshua is a child. The house is still unfinished, but Barry has managed to scrape together enough money to build a nice kitchen.

It's winter and very cold outside, but Barry has spent the day digging in dumpsters hoping to find discarded  treasures. When he arrives home he finds his two sons blue with frostbite.  They were playing outside until they were too cold and hungry. Barry's not a young man anymore and decides it's time to find a wife, someone who can mother his children and help with restoring the house.

The next day he goes to the library and signs on to a "mail order bride" site and looks through all the available women.  He sees a picture of a cute, young blonde who looks perfect for him. He sends her an email and waits for a reply.

It's not long before Barry gets a reply from his Mail-Order-Bride.  He's so excited he sits down and writes her  a love letter. They plan their wedding for the following week but it will have to take place by proxy. 

When the time comes, Barry goes to City Hall and stands under a wedding arch and phones his beautiful bride.  The wedding takes place by an eccentric marriage official over the phone. After they are pronounced husband and wife, Barry prepares for her arrival in the morning.

When Barry arrives home he tells his oldest son that he just got married. He says their new mother is a young French woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name is Eunice  and she'll be arriving in the morning.

That night, Joshua ages up to a teen and is looking forward to having a mother again.

The next morning when Eunice arrives, Barry and the boys go out to greet her.  When Barry sees the woman he married, he freaks out. She's nothing like her photo and he's shocked.  Joshua also freaks out because she looks so mean. Eunice doesn't care because she's snagged a husband.

She tells Barry it's time to seal the deal and make this marriage complete. Knowing what she's talking about, he starts to feel sick and wants to throw up. 

Eunice takes Barry upstairs and pushes him onto the bed. While she prepares to seal the deal, Barry tries to leave. But, Eunice grabs him and eventually has her way with him. The marriage is complete and Barry has a new wife.

He later finds out she is Mean Spirited, Hot Headed, Insane, a Diva, Brave and thinks she's Irresistible.  She wants to be Swimming in Cash and doesn't care how she gets it.

Eunice is Insane and Mean Spirited, so when she sees her reflection in the mirror she thinks there's someone else there and starts ranting and raving calling the "other person" names. 

When her "Episode" is over, she goes to the Plumbot Film Studio and joins the Film career. As a Diva, where else would she go? In her mind, she's already a star.

It's a beautiful, hot summer day and Barry wants to relax.  He takes his family to the beach and sunbathes while the boys board a boat and go fishing. 

It's not long before Barry's peace is interrupted by his wife slapping a teenager around.  He jumps up to see what's going on...

When he gets to his wife, she's in a full blown fight with Laura Rodgers, who doesn't stand a chance against Eunice.  Now Barry is angry and confronts Eunice but before he can finish his sentence, she slaps him around as well.  This has not been the kind of day he planned, so he gathers everyone together and goes home.

This family has their problems. The house is taking longer than expected to renovate, Barry married an unexpected, nightmare of a wife and now Hansen is stressed out over the lack of family funds. Joshua consoles his older brother and tells him not to worry, then suggests they both find jobs to help out.

Later that night Joshua is abducted and has a change of personality. He's now Flirty, Athletic, Handy, a Virtuoso and Perfectionist.

Joshua has become quite handy since his abduction and decides to upgrade the shower to unbreakable.  Meanwhile, Barry watches his wife having a psychotic episode.  He wonders if it's possible the aliens will come back and abduct Eunice and keep her as a test subject, he thinks they'll have a lot to work with probing HER mind!

He starts to wonder where he can find these aliens and how he can cause an abduction....

Hansen is a Bookworm and a Couch Potato and wants to write books. At the Library he writes his first novel.  With his father's disastrous dealings, his Insane step-mother and his brother being abducted, he's decided to become a Drama novelist.

While Hansen writes at the library, Barry goes out collecting space rocks, then gives them to his wife as a gift along with a new telescope. As she searches the galaxy and stargazes, Barry  hopes she'll attract the attention of aliens and get taken away.  All he has to do is wait....

Barry waits for days while encouraging Eunice to Search the Galaxy, but nothing happens. He keeps hoping but the reality of being with her for the rest of his life is starting to sink in.

One night a burglar breaks in and Eunice is the first one downstairs. When he sees her, he hesitates for a moment, her beauty, in his eyes, catches him off guard. She faces off with him and then body slams the burglar, knocking him to the ground.  He puts up a good fight but Eunice is too big for him to handle so he runs out of the house.

It's been a couple of weeks with Eunice searching the galaxy, but it seems even the aliens don't want her.  Then, one morning Eunice goes to work at the film studio as usual and is send out to get food for the crew. As she leaves the restaurant she gets caught in a meteor strike. It blows up the front of the building and kills Eunice.

Barry receives a phone call informing him there's been an accident at the Sea Fire Grill and Lounge and unfortunately his wife has been killed.  Barry rushes downtown and looks in disbelief at his wife's remains.  Then he realizes he's no longer married, he's free! He thinks his nightmare is over.....

Later that night Barry goes online and writes an obituary about his dear departed wife. He gives the time and place of the  funeral with a tea to follow back at the house.

Then, he hears a noise and sees strange colored lights outside the window. As he gets up to take a closer look, his son Hansen runs outside. Realizing what's happening, Barry runs out just in time to see his son abducted. Where were they when he wanted them and what are they doing to his son!

The next morning Hansen notices something different as he checks himself out in the mirror.  His skin color has changed, it's paler than before and his hair is brown instead of red. Then he notices his eyes are no longer brown, they're green - but worst of all, his ears are pointed!

He shows himself to his brother and tells him about the abduction. Joshua is having a hard time listening, he's too busy laughing at his brothers appearance. He tells him to wear a hat to cover his funny ears or all the girls 'll make fun of him.

Barry has been advancing as a painter and is now a two star celebrity.  When Eunice's family read the obituary Barry posted online, they arrive at his house. He's extremely upset when he learns Eunice's mother and two sisters are moving in.

While the family are all making themselves at home, he goes out to talk to Ella Carlisle, the  younger sister of Eunice. He learns she's a step-daughter and really no part of the Pertridge family which her father married into. She tells him they're all mean and ambitious and their mother has plans for him.  That last statement sends a shiver down his spine....

The funeral is held at the Garden of Peace Cemetery. Not many turn up except for the family and a couple of friends, it seems nobody liked her - including her husband. Barry finds it hard to give a speech about his "dearly departed" wife. He can't find the words to express how he feels....

Back home Barry flirts with Ella. She's also very attracted to him and flirts back. They don't notice her mother coming up behind them until she interrupts and tells Barry to make some tea....

When he leaves the room, Lonnie slaps Ella and almost knocks her off her feet. She warns her to stay away from Barry, because she's planning to make sure he marries Astrid.  THEY want to live in the mansion and live off his fame and fortune and she's in the way.

With Ella at work, Astrid makes a play for Barry by blowing him a kiss. She wants him to know she wants him.  Barry is disgusted and gets sick to  his stomach at the thought of being with Astrid. She's almost as bad as her sister Eunice - Inappropriate,  No Sense of Humor, Grumpy and thinks she's Irresistible. Worse, she hates kids and Dislikes Art.

Ella is different, she's Brave, Neat, a Natural Cook, a Virtuoso, a Hopeless Romantic and has a Great Sense of Humor. Barry really likes her, so he invites her out to the Flying Weinie pub for a few drinks and time away from the rest of t he family.

Just as they're getting close and affectionate, Lonnie and Astrid arrive and stop any romantic actions between them.

Seeing Ella with Barry makes Astrid angry, so she takes a swing at Ella, but she fights back and a full blown brawl breaks out. Lonnie watches the fight and Barry can't believe this quiet evening has erupted into chaos.

When the fight is over and the dust settles, Ella has whooped her sister and comes off victorious.  Barry is impressed and cheers, then takes her in his arms and dip kisses her.

Barry has a plan to get out of this mess and away from a crazy woman who wants to marry him, but first he needs to talk to Ella. He asks her on a date and takes her to the Blue Lantern Club for dinner and a little karaoke.

He tells Ella he wants to move to Cloverdale, a small, country community, and leave the house to her mother and sister. But first he wants her to be his wife and go with him. When she accepts his proposal, they exchange rings, then he tells her to keep their marriage a secret.

Back home, he makes plans to leave that night while her mother and sister are asleep. They'll be gone before they know it. Before they leave, Hansen ages up to a young adult and is more than happy to leave Salmon Woods and start a new life.

They leave the house behind and move to Cloverdale, buy a small, cozy home and start a new life in this peaceful, small, country town.

Part 2: Cloverdale

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  1. Avatar namaradus says:

    Or maybe the aliens will bring her back with an attitude readjustment, tummy tuck and facelift LOL

    • LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

      Its nice to see you’re following the story. 🙂 Good thought, who knows what the aliens will do with her… or what she will do to the poor unsuspecting aliens LOL

  2. Avatar namaradus says:

    Oh what a way to go and Barry sure looks happy LOL

    • LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

      Yes, he’s happy at the moment, but what other disasters will come his way when he goes back online to write an obituary …. Glad to see you’re still following the story, and thanks for the comments 🙂

      • Avatar namaradus says:

        Good thing she didn’t have the Unlucky trait cause he would never have gotten rid of her since Unlucky sims can only die from old age
        And your welcome 🙂

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