Part 2: Cloverdale

Hansen never did recover from the physical changes made during his abduction, so he's grown his hair long enough to cover his pointed ears.

At the park with his younger brother, he cooks up veggie burgers before going to the library to take the university aptitude test.  Having written five books in his teen years, he's granted a scholarship in Communications. Being a Bookworm and Couch Potato, he wants to be a Professional Writer.

After getting his scholarship, Hansen enrolls in a Communications degree program at the university. Before leaving, he takes the family out for dinner and a few drinks at the Drunken Croc Pub.

The next morning he leaves for the University of Roaring Heights and arrives at a small dorm.  He decides to start writing  his sixth book "How I Got My Pointed Ears".

At the end of his first day of class, Hansen goes to the local diner for a burger. While there he sees a man harassing a woman. Chivalrously, he comes to her rescue and tells the man to leave.

Hansen seems to spend more time with the ladies than he does in class. Within a week he meets May West, a blue-eyed blonde with a big bust. So when she asks him to go steady he's flattered and agrees.

Later, at the town pool he meets Kelly Ellsworth. While chatting, she tells him her dream is to become a Movie Composer. He can see she has talent, passion and ambition and he finds that attractive.

He takes her to an oceanside diner where they sit outside under a full moon and get to know each other over a burger.  After dinner, he confesses his attraction then kisses her.....

Hansen is so captivated by Kelly that he doesn't see May West approach. She sees him kissing another woman and accuses him of cheating.  Then, in a jealous rage, she slaps and rejects him.

As the last semester comes to an end, Hansen runs to class but he can't concentrate. All he can think of is Kelly.  When he gets home at the end of the day he sits down and writes her a love letter.

He skips the last day before finals and takes Kelly to the beach. They play in the ocean, swim and hang out. Then he asks her to be his girlfriend and she accepts.

The term has ended and Hansen has received a degree in Communications and the Irresistible trait.  Before leaving for home he throws a pool party. There he asks Kelly to marry him.

Then he takes her home to meet his family. They're so happy for Hansen and invite Kelly to stay at the house until after the wedding.

Ella was at work when Hansen brought Kelly home, so she didn't get much of a chance to meet her.  The next day she takes her soon to be daughter-in-law out for a day of fun. First they go to the Spa then to the Salon for a Makeover.

While his mother and Kelly are out having fun and getting to know each other, Hansen goes online and joins the Journalism Career, then continues work on his latest drama novel.

Kelly completes her makeover and feels like a new woman.  She had her nails painted, got new makeup, added rich brown highlights to her new hairstyle and bought new clothes.  Ella was so excited about Kelly's new look, she decided to have her own makeover. Besides, she has another reason to feel and look good....

Back home Ella tells Barry she's pregnant. 

On the weekend Hansen throws a wedding party and takes Kelly to be his wife.  After the ceremony they cut the cake and spread a buffet table for the guests.

Kelly is Ambitious, a Daredevil,  Schmoozer, Virtuoso, Couch Potato, and has a Good Sense of Humor. She wants to become a Hit Movie Composer and is working at the theater in the music department.

Hansen is now a two star celebrity and is well on the way to completing his life time desire of becoming a Professional Author. He's written eight best sellers and makes a good living from the royalties.  His father Barry, has become an elder and will soon be a father again, so Hansen buys a house across the street and moves in with his new wife.

Hanson's brother Joshua has grown up to a young adult and met a young woman he's romantically attracted to.  He invites her over for coffee and to meet his parents.  Her name is Dana Monroe and she wants to rescue animals.

Their conversation revolves around Joshua wanting to become a Professional Athlete, Ella's pregnancy and the house in Salmon Woods. Now that Joshua's a young adult, they want him to take possession of the house and get rid of the unwanted tenants - Ella's step-family. 

The house in Salmon Woods has been on Joshua's mind for a few days and he's made a decision. He calls Dana and asks her to meet him at the park. When she arrives he says he's leaving Cloverdale and going back to Salmon Woods. 

Dana has no family in Cloverdale so she suggests they get married and go together. 

Then, right there in the park under a wooden arch they exchange rings.  Joshua takes her home and tells his father he's leaving for Salmon Woods and taking back their house. At the same time, Dana tells her mother-in-law they just got married.

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