Part 3: Laguna Coast

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Now that Joshua has gone back to Salmon Woods,  Barry focuses on his painting.  After work, Hansen stops by to check on his parents and chat.  Barry says he's been asked to deliver a painting to France and would like Hansen and Kelly to go with him, seeing as Ella is about to have the baby and can't travel.

When they arrive in France, Barry goes off to deliver the painting.

Barry's a famous artist and has been asked to display some of his artwork at the La Gallerie d'Art and give a speech on painting.  Many of the French residents come to listen and view his artwork.

After his lecture, he goes to  the Catania cafe but gets stopped outside and asked for his autograph. Inside, he meets up with Hansen and Kelly for lunch.

Before going home they all go for a jog to the Nectary, enjoying the scenery on the way.  There, Barry has fun squishing fruit while Hansen and Kelly delight in tasting different flavors of French nectar.

Back  home, Barry spends time with his wife at the park. He takes his paintings  and sets up a stand to sell his work, while Ella sets up a stand and sells homemade cookies.

Their son Hansen has moved to Laguna Coast and invited his parents to move with them. There, Barry buys a 3 bedroom house close to Hansen.

Within a couple of days of moving into their new home, Ella gives birth to a baby girl named Tammy.  That same day, Ella ages up to an elder.

As Ella tucks her baby daughter into bed for the night, she looks down at her and decides to retire. With the little time she has left, she wants to spend it with Tammy, not working.

The next day she throws a retirement party and invites her friends and family, even a stray dog joined the party. Joshua comes from Salmon Woods but his wife, who's pregnant, wasn't able to travel. However, Astrid and her husband Thad, insisted on coming.  Apart from fighting with her husband, Astrid didn't cause any trouble.

Since retiring, Ella loves being a stay-at-home mum. She enjoys bathing Tammy, playing with her and watching her grow.

Meanwhile, Barry takes his son out for pizza and a couple of drinks at a bar downtown.  Hansen says he looks forward to traveling again, after Kelly has the baby, and may go and see how Joshua is doing in the old house.

Later, Ella invites the family over for coffee, desert and a game of scrabble on the back patio.

Barry and Ella enjoy a day at the beach with Tammy.  Its a hot summer day so Barry goes for a swim to cool down, while Ella relaxes with Tammy under the shade of palm trees.

In the Evening, Tammy ages up to a toddler, and plays in her room while her elderly parents sleep.

Soon after arriving in Salmon Woods, Astrid causes a fire, and the remodeled Victorian mansion burns down.  In Salmon Woods it's winter with heavy snow on the ground. So, with Dana being pregnant and no house to live in, they decide to return to Laguna Coast.

Ella invites all the family over for dinner to celebrate the return of Joshua and Dana.  While she prepares dinner, Joshua plays with his little sister Tammy.  After dinner, they offer to help Joshua find a new home, and discuss Hansen's new book. Kelly suggests they all take a trip together once the babies are born.

Tammy is growing up and has learned to walk.  Ella gives her a bath, then takes her to the library to teach her to talk, while Barry concentrates on his next painting.

While Ella and Tammy are at the library, the Grim Reaper comes for Barry.  When Ella returns home, she finds Grimmy watching TV with Barry's ashes on the coffee table. It seems he waited to present her husband's ashes personally before disappearing. Ella is broken hearted and calls her family.

Within a few days, Hansen arranges a funeral service for his father. His mother mourns for her husband as Hansen gives a speech to all who came to show their support.

Before laying Barry to rest, everyone enjoys a a buffet with tea and coffee. As they drink tea, Ella expresses her concern for Tammy. After all, Ella is also very old and could be taken at any time. Joshua suggests Hansen take Tammy because she knows him and likes their dog Napoleon. But Hansen insists that Ella and Tammy both move in with them.

Soon, the Grim Reaper comes for Ella. After a small service, they lay Ella to rest beside Barry. 

Here ends Online Disasters.

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