7 Little Sims: Part 1

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These 7 homeless children have all come together in an old, abandoned  house, in the swampy area of Bluffington.* They've come from broken homes, abusive parents, been abandoned or orphaned, and left to fend for themselves. Now, they're  part of a group, with $47.00 Simolians between them. To survive, they'll work together, using their talents, skills and unique personalities.

*Bluffington is Island Build world renamed

Hayley Gipson is a Brave, Friendly, Slob who loves to Fish. She's an orphan nobody wanted, so decided to take care of herself.  Hayley has been assigned the Fisher of the group, supplying fish to sell and eat.  She starts her day by standing among the swampy reeds, fishing.

Lea Coy is an Animal Loveing, Inappropriate, Mooch who Loves the Outdoors. She has black hair, wears glasses and runs around barefoot. Lea is a runaway from a foster home that cared more for the money than the children. She's been assigned as the Collector for the group. Her job is to find valuable rocks, shells and gems to sell. She goes to the beach and snorkels for seashells.

Karie Lloyde is a Shy, Eco-Friendly, Easily Impressed redhead who loves the Outdoors. She was orphaned at a young age and passed from one orphanage to another. Finally, she decided to choose her own family, and became part of the group. Karie has been assigned as Gardener for the family, and will grow fruits and vegetables to sell and eat.  She starts out collecting seeds from around town, then planting them in a small patch behind the house.

Cedrick Pritchard is a Perceptive, Eccentric, Genius and a Computer Whiz. He was abandoned for being a geek who always played with chemistry sets. When he blew up their house, the family moved and didn't tell him where they went. As part of the group, he's been assigned as the Technician/Scientist. He will make formulas, search the galaxy and solve math problems to help with the living expenses.

Bryon Porter is a Hot-Headed, Artistic, Excitable, dark skinned boy,  who's also a Perfectionist. His parents split up leaving him and his mother homeless. Bryon always felt the breakup was his fault, because he wasn't good enough. In the group he's been assigned as the Artist/Sculptor. He'll sculpt and paint to make money, and beautify their home.

Ladonna Nieves is an Artistic, Virtuoso, a Coward and a Party Animal. She was abandoned when her family went to jail for illegal activities. Now she's scared of everything and wants to belong to the group. Ladonna has been assigned as a Busker.  She will play for tips and bring joy to her new family with the guitar her father gave her, which was probably stolen.

Archie Dumas, he's an Over Emotional, Couch Potato, and a Mooch who loves Books. He ran away from a group home because they made him work around the house and gave him too many chores. The group has assigned him as their Writer. He's to write down all their experiences, sell articles to the newspapers and make money from publishing.

Now that they all know their place in the family and have worked hard, its time to have fun.  Karie plays in an old tree house and dumps a bucket of water over Archie and both of them laugh as he stands in a puddle of water.

At the end of the day, they all find a spot and settle down for the night.

Its not long before things  around the house start to break and the kids can't fix them.  So Lea calls an adult she met at the park and asks her to come over.  When she arrives she helps out by fixing the toilet and the tv.

Karie needs more seeds to plant in her garden. So,  she goes to the Farmers Market, and picks some fruit and vegetables. Meanwhile, Cedrick is working on formulas and blows himself up, fortunately, he's at the fire department.

Hayley and Lea go to the beach. While Lea continues to snorkel, and look for seashells, Hayley fishes from the shore.  Later, Hayley lights a fire pit and shares some of her fish with Lea.

Meanwhile, Ladonna has been playing her guitar outside the Arcade, and has made enough money to buy a piece of cake. Back home, she plays tag with Cedrick before going to bed.

Sunday morning, the kids get ready for a fun day at the park. They have breakfast and help clean up.

At the park, some of the kids have a water balloon fight, while Bryon and Archie play basketball.

Archie and Bryon show each other the pets they caught. Archie caught a lizard and Bryon caught a turtle. Unfortunately, they don't have a cage for them and they escape.

Around lunchtime, an adult in the park grills up hotdogs, so all the kids grab a plate.

Back at the house, Hayley has improved her gardening skills quite a bit. Now she tends to her garden, and sells the produce to the market.

The Science Center has asked kids to find gems and metals and bring them to in for cash. Lea, the collector of the family, finds many gems, rocks and metals and turns them in.

After blowing himself up a few times, Cedrick decides to give up science and become an inventor.  At the scrap yard he digs through piles of scrap looking for metals. Back at the Fire Station, he starts inventing.

Lea catches a few small animals at the park, and takes them to the pet shop to sell. She shows the sales lady a small Yellow Finch and a lizard. The owner buys them for a very good price. 

Meanwhile, back at the house, Archie gets the mail and finds a copy of his latest novel, "The Silver Portal".  He puts it in his inventory with his other two books,  "Have Space Suit - Will Travel" and "7 Homeless Aliens". It seems he's becoming quite a Science Fiction Novelist.

Instead of going out and making money, the kids organize a cleaning bee. Lea makes the beds while the boys clean the bathroom, and the others clean the kitchen.   When the work is done, they have a mass pillow fight.

In the morning, with only one bathroom in the house and three girls, Archie has to pee outside.  After breakfast, Karie works in her garden, which has grown into a large patch. She has fruit trees, and a range of different fruits and vegetables.

It's pizza and a movie night. The kids order a pizza and plan to watch a movie, but the tv breaks and there's nobody around to fix it.  Bryon says he's happy just hanging out with his new family and best friends.

The kids have lived in this old house for some time now and have become very close. Archie gives Hayley a friendly hug before going to bed.   The kids are also starting to grow up. That evening Karie and Cedrick age up to teens.

After aging up, Cedrick gained the Handy trait. Now, when the plumbing breaks he can fix it.  When the younger kids are out trying to make money, he talks to Karie  about fixing up the house. He says, Winter is coming, and the house needs work.

Karie, who has gardening skills, removes the dead weed and bush, while Cedrick knocks down a wall to extend the kitchen. Together they take down the dead trees and lay fresh grass.  Then work on removing the old, broken fence around the property.

Although Cedrick is doing much better as an inventor, he's still having a problem with explosions.  While he's at the Fire Station, blowing himself up, Karie goes dumpster diving around town, hoping to find furniture for the house.

At the end of the day, they all get together for dinner in their newly renovated kitchen.

The seven kids have grown up to teens and have a lot more opportunities.  At City Hall they all register as self-employed in their assigned work. Then, as home-schooled students, they sit down and do their  homework.  

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  1. Avatar Barbara R says:

    This is absolutely nothing short of awesome. I am looking forward to following 7 Little Sims.
    Every time I visit your Simple Minded Sims site I get the itch to get busy and start working on stories. Thank you for sharing.

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