Part 2: Homestead

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These seven friends have worked hard since childhood to make a home for themselves. Now, after rebuilding the house, and claiming squatters rights, the house is legally theirs. 

No longer considered homeless, they decide to celebrate, and start with a game of bowling at the local arcade.

After bowling, they go to the Drunken Croc Pub for a fish and chip dinner and a few drinks.

Then hang out having fun, and dancing until way past their curfew.

Its a nice Spring morning, so they all go to the Captain's Plate diner, at the beach, for a pancake breakfast.  After breakfast, Hayley takes Cedrick aside, and asks him to be her boyfriend. He accepts and they become a couple.

Love is in the air for another couple. Before going home, Lea asks Archie to go steady, and he accepts.  Back home, Karie tends to the new garden she planted, which includes more fruit trees, vegetables and some unknown plants.

Being self-employed, with money in the bank,  they decide its time to get rid of their tatty clothes and go shopping for new outfits, and a makeover at the Salon.

Their makeover is complete, with the girls getting new makeup, manicures, outfits and hairstyles, and the boys get new outfits and  haircuts.

With their new look and a new house, Ladonna throws a party.  Everyone has a great time dancing, eating, playing  games and getting to know new friends.

While the boys are out doing guy stuff, the girls have a "girls night in".  Ladonna washes and curls her hair, Karie curls her hair and puts on a mud face mask, and Hayley paints her toenails. They order pizza, have a few drinks and talk about  boys, romance and marriage. Although Lea is going steady with Archie, she thinks about Cedrick.

Bryon is sweet on Ladonna and romances her with red roses. It seems his charming approach worked because she asks him to go steady. 

Lea has completed her life time goal of collecting many small animals and selling them. Now, she ventures out to explore the depths of the ocean. She rows out to a dive spot and dives for shells and sea creatures.

On the weekend, the teens go to a beach side pool and gym to increase their Athletic skills. Karie, Cedrick, Bryon and Archie workout on the machines, while Lea, Ladonna and Hayley sim in the pool.

Karie has met someone and invites him over for dinner. His name is Anwar Irvin, a teen 7 days younger than herself. He's of Arabic, Scottish decent and likes the same color, purple. Anwar is a Genius, Excitable, has a Good Sense of Humor, loves to Fish and has a good Singing Voice, and is a member of the Drama Club. His mother's working on becoming a Rock Star and his father is in the Business career.

Before he goes  home, she asks him to be her boyfriend and he agrees.

Summer is over and Fall has arrived. The teens are getting older and think about going to college, but first they  need a high school diploma.  They enroll in the local high school and, Monday morning, they head out to class.

Apart from a short period of home schooling, the teens have never been to school. After their first day in class, they know they don't like it.... except for Cedrick, he loves to learn. By the time school is out, they're in desperate need of some fun, and go straight to the local arcade.  Archie, Lea, Hayley and Bryon play pool, while Karie and Cedrick bowl and Ladonna plays with the pinball machine. 

Before going  home, they grab a snack and sit down to do their homework.

It's Winter and the teens want to play in the snow. So, after school,  they go to the park and have a snowball fight....

Then, they all fall to the ground and make snow angels.

Cedrick and Karie have grown up to young adults.  Cedrick gained the Handy and Disciplined traits and wants to become a Private Investigator. At the Police Station he submits his application and is accepted. But, before he can become a licensed PI, he'll need to go to university and get a degree in Technology.

Karie gained the Hopeless Romantic and Green Thumb traits, and has fulfilled her dream of Growing the Perfect Garden. Now, she's decided to specialize in growing perfect fruits for Nectar making, and hopes, one day, to own a Nectary.

Next to age up is Hayley and Ladonna.  Hayley gains the Flirty and Charismatic traits and decides to give up fishing for a living and become a Journalist. She goes to the business office and joins the Journalism Career.

Ladonna has gained the Diva and Loves the Cold traits, as well as high guitar skills from playing since childhood.  She's always wanted to be a Rock Star, so Ladonna goes to the theater and  joins the Music career.

Archie ages up to a young adult and becomes Irresistible and Excitable. Having fulfilled his dream of becoming a Professional Author, he decides to continue writing.

When Bryon ages up he becomes Adventurous with a Photographer's Eye. He talks to Karie about becoming a Photographer, as well as a sculptor and artist.

One evening, after dinner, Cedrick surprises Hayley with an engagement ring. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She's thrilled, jumps up and down and accepts his proposal.

Karie re-evaluates her romantic situation, and decides to break up with her teenage boyfriend. She's out grown him, and has other plans.

Lea is the youngest and the last to age up. She's developed the Love of Swimming and Family Oriented traits. Lea has completed her lifetime wish of finding small animals to sell. Now, she wants to explore the oceans and travel to find more valuable treasures.

Meanwhile, Cedrick takes Hayley to the park and marries her in a private ceremony.

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