Part 3: A Better Life

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This group of formally homeless kids, are now on their way to a better life.  They start their young adult lives by taking the university aptitude test at the Student Union building. All are granted a scholarship in different programs.

When Bryon and Archie hear that Cedrick got married, they get engaged. Then, on the weekend, they throw a bachelor party while the girls go to The Grind Dance Club for their own celebration.

Archie and Bryon plan a double wedding at the park. There, Bryon takes Ladonna to be his wife, and Archie marries Lea. 

After the ceremony,  they both cut a cake and enjoy a large reception.

Karie wants to go to France to learn Nectar Making. When she tells the group where she's going, the newly weds, Archie and Cedrick, want to go with her, thinking it's the perfect place for a honeymoon.  They book a flight and arrive in France.

Bryon and Ladonna have other plans. He wants to go to Egypt to buy a camera and learn photography.

Its a hot summer day in France so, to cool down, Karie, Archie and Hayley play in the town square fountain. Cedrick is much too reserved and practical to join in, but he does think it looks like a lot of fun.

Later, after checking out the town, they meet up for dinner at a little French cafe, before going back to the base camp.

While the newly weds are having their own fun, Karie goes to the Nectary. She buys a nectar making machine and a few nectar racks. Downstairs, in the cellar, she discovers a dive well and jumps in. At the bottom she finds a bottle of old nectar and a few other treasures.

Then, while tasting nectar from the racks, she meets Andre Labelle, and there's definite chemistry between them.  They spend the day talking about nectar, future plans and getting to know one another.

It's not long before Andre asks her to be his girlfriend and she agrees. Now she needs to search out fruits found only in France.  On the grounds of a large empty house, she finds all kinds of grapes and harvests them to take home.

At the end of the day, the group meet up at a dance club for dinner, dancing, and a little Karaoke.

Then, while playing darts with Cedrick, Andre arrives and surprises Karie with an engagement ring, which she accepts.

Before returning home, Andre and Karie have a simple but elegant wedding at the lake.

Andre is Artistic, Eco-Friendly, a Natural Cook, a Great Kisser, Friendly and a Vegetarian. He wants to be known as a Culinary Librarian, and become a baker.

Having grown into a respectable young adult, Lea replaces her Mooch trait with Athletic. She asks her husband to go jogging with her through Les Champs. Wanting to please his new bride, he goes with her but falls way behind.

But, Archie is a Couch Potato and not in good shape, so when they get back to the base camp, he collapses on the couch, out of breath and sweaty.

Meanwhile, Bryon and Ladonna arrive in Egypt. The first stop for Bryon is the market, where he buys a professional camera.

While at the marketplace, Bryon sees a snake charmer and can't resist taking a picture. Later, he tries charming the snake but nothing happens, so he feels around inside the basket, and gets bitten.

Bryon's Adventurous and wants to take photos of the Egyptian ruins, so when he's offered an assignment to visit all the different places for a travel brochure he accepts.  At one of the pyramids he finds a dig site and excavates it. Then he photographs the ruins of Karnak.

Ladonna spends most of the time relaxing and shopping while Bryon has fun playing with his camera.  On the last day of their trip they spend the day together, windsurfing, fishing and swimming in the Nile River.

Back home, over dinner, they discuss their future plans. Ladonna suggests they all go to college and get the degrees they need, so they can get the jobs they want. 

After enrolling in their chosen programs, they all arrive at the dorm.

Cedrick wants to become a licensed Private Investigator, and enrolls in the Technology program. His wife, Hayley, wants to become a Star News Anchor  so she enrolls in the Communications program, along with Archie, who wants to improve his writing skills as an Author. Lea wants to be a Collector and Diver, therefore she enrolls in the Physical Ed program. Bryon wants to be a Photographer/ Sculptor, so he enrolls in the Fine Arts program along with his wife, Ladonna, who wants to be a famous Rock Star. Karie enrolls in the Science program, to learn how to genetically alter fruits and make better Nectar. Her husband, Andre, wants to be a Baker and enrolls in the Fine Arts program to learn how to make beautifully decorated cakes.

After breakfast they all run to class.  At the end of the day, they relax and cool of at the local swimming pool.

The first semester is over, some passed with flying colors while others failed miserably. But, its the weekend, so they forget about school and hang out at the lake. Cedrick goes fishing,  Archie plays kicky bag with Andre and  Karie sunbathes.  Bryon sketches his wife posing on a log, and the rest of the girls go for a swim.

Midday, the boys spread out a picnic lunch for everyone.

Later, Andre practices his golf swing while the others chat and enjoy the sun.  In the evening, some other students arrive, so they light the bonfire, turn on the music and hang out.

Sunday morning they go out for a pancake breakfast before going to the library. Most of them got a little too much sun at the lake, and decide to spend the day inside brushing up on their skills.

At the end of the 2nd semester they all graduate. Some not so well and others with honors. They also gained new traits from their association with the social groups and graduation.

Karie became Brave and Over Emotional, and graduated with a C.
Andre became a Perfectionist and Flirty, and graduated with an A.
Cedrick is now Charismatic and Loves the Outdoors, and graduated with a C.
Hayley is now a Bookworm and Nurturing, and graduated with a B.
Archie became Dramatic and Friendly, and graduated with a C.
Lea is now Dramatic and Adventurous, and graduated with an A.
Bryon became a Savvy Sculptor and Hopeless Romantic, and graduated with a B.
Ladonna is now Ambitious and Irresistible, and graduated with an A.

Now it's time for them to go home and plan the rest of their lives.

Back home, the group sit on the back porch with a bottle of Nectar and a plate of small cakes. They talk about their plans for the future and where they want to go. 

Andre announces he's taking his wife and moving back to France. There, he will become a French baker and Karie can make the best Nectar.

Bryon tells everyone that he and Ladonna are moving to England. She can pursue her dreams of becoming a Rock Star while he continues his photography, sculpting and artwork.

Next, Archie say he wants to move to a south pacific Island and relax in the sun. So, he and Lea are moving to the Isle of Simaui, where he can continue to write, and she can collect valuables on land and from Diving.

Cedrick has a good job right here in Bluffington as a Private Investigator and doesn't want to move. Therefore, he says he and Hayley will continue to live in the house.

Within a few days, everyone leaves for their various destinations and continue to live long, and happy lives.

This ends the story of "7 Little Sims"

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    Absolutely awesome … again!! Love how you took those 7 little kids and built such a great story.

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