Connecting/Rotating Worlds

How to Connect Worlds

I have a family of 4 married couples, and I want each couple to move to another world, but I don’t want to lose their relationship to each other. So this is how I do it.  First, make sure Traveler is set to allow pregnant, toddlers, children and pets to travel.

  • Have Sim one use the phone or computer and choose Travel options.
  • Choose the world you want to travel to, and add the family members, who will be moving with your sim, to the right side of the travel screen. Then Accept.
  • When the new world loads, choose a house for them to stay at (temporarily).
  • Let the game run for a few minutes until all the game notices are done.
  • Go to Edit Town, choose a house for your sims to live in, and change the Lot Type to “Ownable”.
  • Have your sim use the phone and go to Real Estate and Travel Options. Purchase a vacation home, and choose the Ownable house. Then your sim will move to it.
  • When your sim family has moved into their new home, go to Map View and click on City Hall > NRaas > Traveler > Change Homeworld.
  •  IMPORTANT: “Save As” and exit the game. This will prevent problems and connect the relationships of all sims.
  • Reload your saved game and import all your settings.
  • At this point I always Fix Homeworld:  From Map Veiw, click on City Hall > NRaas > Debug Enabler > Sim > Fix Homeworld.  In fact, I do this every time my sim travels and returns home.
  • Save again, exit the game and reload. This will kick in the aging of sims now in their new homeworld.

You should now see your sims friends and family in the relationship panel as foreign family.

Returning to the sims left behind (Original Homeworld).

Now, let’s say you don’t want to play this family at the moment but want to go back to the first world and either, play the original family or move more couples.  To get back to the original homeworld do this:

  • Have your sim use the phone and choose Travel options.
  • Choose the original homeworld you want to go back to.
  • On the right side of the travel pane, double click your sim to remove him from traveling, and leave  a blank travel screen. This is called traveling with “No passengers”.
  • Accept travel.
  • Your original homeworld will load and you can then chose the family you left behind.

At this point you can move other sims to other worlds using the same method, or just play the family in the homeworld.  When you want to play the sim you moved,  just travel back to the world you want to play, using the “No Passenger” method.

Now your sims can visit each other in different worlds, invite foreign family and have reunions, and you can play each family/world in rotations.

Any questions? leave me a message 🙂



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  1. Jay Jonewell says:

    Thanks. This is exactly what I want to do with my Strangetown second generation families.

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