Married Caste: 

Only allows married sims to have babies.

First, set your Town Settings:

From City Hall or computer: NRaas> Story Progression>Town Options.

  • Allow can be pregnant = True
  • Allow participation = False

Caste Settings:

  • From City Hall: NRaas>Story Progression>Caste Options>Add New Caste.
  • Name the new caste - Married.
  • Click on the new caste name "Married".
  • Change these settings:
    • Caste Filter: Match All Filters - True
    • Caste Filter: Sim Type - Choose "Married" from list
    • Caste: Automatic - True
    • Caste: Age - Y, A, E (can add teen if desired)
    • Caste: Apply to Household - False
    • Caste: Inherited - False
    • Caste: Priority - set to 10 (highest priority)
    • Caste: Species - S (human) (personal preference as to which species to allow)
    • Pregnancy: Allow Can Be Pregnant - True
    • Pregnancy: Allow Participation - True
    • Romance: Allow Breakup - False (personal preference)

Note: If adding more than one species, set Match All Filters to False

Celebrity Caste

Who can become a Celebrity?

To only allow sims in certain careers or professions to gain celebrity status, set up a caste for each career/profession as follows:

  • From City Hall or a computer: NRaas>Story Progression>Caste Options>Add New Caste.
  • Name the caste. I named the first one, Celebrity for MUSIC Career.
  • Next, click on the newly created caste: Celebrity for MUSIC Career.

Change the following:

  •  Caste: Automatic - True
  •  Caste Filter: Career - from the list click on Music
  • Caste Filter: Career Level -  choose the levels your sim must reach before gaining any celebrity status. (I chose from level 6-10)
  • Caste Filter: Match all Filters - False.
  • Caste: Age - choose the age groups you want in the caste (I chose YA, A, E)
  • Caste: Species - change the species to only include humans (not dogs, cats, horses)
  • Next, Friendship: Allow Celebrity, set to True (I think this is true by default)

Caste: Apply to Household, Leave this to its default setting (false). Setting to True will force the caste onto all other household members. Whereas, False will not, but won't stop household members from being in the caste.

IMPORTANT: From City Hall or computer, NRaas>Story Progression>Town Options> Friendship:Allow Celebrity, should be set to False. This will stop all sims, not in those chosen careers, from becoming celebrities. 



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