Case 2: Deadbeat Dads

Sammy arrives back in Bridgeport with his buddy Snoop, and  meets the Atkins sisters at the White Swan Bistro. Over dinner, they tell him why they need an investigator.

Violet has a son named Ryan. He lives on the streets of Bridgeport and works as either a bartender, bouncer or for the paparazzi.  He has a son, Jett Atkins, who wants to find him. Violet doesn't like her son because he abandoned her grandson, leaving her to raise him. She's getting too old to raise a teenager and wants Ryan to step up and be a father to the boy.

When he's found Ryan, Hyacinth also has a job for him involving her daughter.

Around 5 pm Sammy decides to check out the clubs, hoping he can find this deadbeat Atkins.  He starts at the Aquarius Club, but gets stopped by a female bouncer who won't let him in. Well, he knows the bouncer is not who he's looking for. So now he needs to check out the bartender.... if he can get in.

He calls his "wild card", Lola Belle, the famous Pop Star. He asks her to meet him downtown. When she arrives, he gives her a big romantic kiss.

Having great contacts is something he needs in this business. With her on his arm, he can bypass any bouncer.  He invites her to the Aquarius Club for drinks and dinner.

At the club he buys a round of drinks and checks out the bartender. He spends the rest of the evening with Lola, dancing, drinking and checking out the club, but doesn't find Ryan.

Snoop wakes Sammy around 5:30 am. He's hungry and wants feeding.  After filling the dog bowl and making breakfast, Sammy takes Snoop outside and trains him to hunt. If he's going to be a PI dog, he needs to learn how to sniff out clues, find objects and follow people.

Later, Sammy takes snoop to the Butterfly Esplanade. There he meets Tiara Angelista, an up and coming movie star. After name dropping and bragging about his skills and profession, she agrees to talk to him.  They chat and get to know each other, then Sammy asks about the local gossip, hoping to find a lead.

A little flirting goes a long way and good for business, so Sammy lays on the charm.  Then, to  his surprise, she asks him to go steady. She's not his type, too skinny and not a red head, but he's caught off guard. knowing she's Over Emotional he doesn't want to cause problems so he accepts. 

In the evening Sammy heads out to the Prosper Room.  He hopes to find someone who know where Ryan is.  When he arrives, the bouncer stops him from entering. No problem, he gets on the phone and calls Lola Belle.  Unfortunately, Lola turns down a date with him. Ok, so now he calls Tiara Angelista, but to his surprise, she turns him down!  Now what.

When the bouncer leaves her post for a second, Sammy sneaks in.

At the bar, he orders a drink and questions the bartender, but she's never heard of Ryan. He pours out his problems to her, but she's not interested.

When the club closes, on his way out, he meets Renee Littler, another celebrity. He shows her a picture of Ryan and asks if she's seen him.  Renee says he the bartender at Waylon's Haunt, a sleazy bar down by the docks.

After locating Ryan, Sammy goes to meet with Violet and her grandson Jett. He tells Jett he's found his father and wants to take them to him.

At the bar, where he's a bartender, Ryan makes it clear to both his mother and his son, he wants nothing to do with raising a child. 

Closing the case on Ryan Atkins, Sammy goes to collect his fee from Violet.  Then, Hyacinth says she wants him to help her daughter. She's a live-in Spa Specialist for Lady Cook but wants out. There's corruption, greed and hatred in that household and both Cressida and their daughter Elspeth, want nothing to do with it.

Sammy goes over to the Cooks with his partner, Snoop. He tells Snoop to scratch on the door while he looks through the window.

Cressida comes out and is met by Sammy. After explaining he's a Private Investigator hired by her mother, Cressida tells him all she knows about Jeffrey Cook.

Sammy then goes to his office at the police station and researches files on Jeffrey. He learns Jeffrey is a well known politician who's been suspected of corruption within city hall. Also, he's been seen making deals with Blake Freeman, a well known crook. 

Sammy stakes out city hall to see what Jeffrey's up to.  It's after business hours so he shouldn't still be there, but sees him coming out the front door.  He follows him around the back of the building and takes some surveillance pictures.

Jeffrey enters Sammy's office, and looks behind him to see if anyone's following. Sammy watches through the window and sees him searching through the files.

Before confronting Jeffrey,  Sammy snaps pictures of him at the computer. Then demands to know what he's doing in his office.  Jeffrey is a Coward, and takes off without explaining himself.

Later that night, Sammy follows Jeffrey to the park. From inside a bush, he takes pictures of Jeffrey whispering and consorting with a known criminal, Blake Freeman. They seem to be talking about political funds, then Jeffrey hands Blake a white box.

With enough documentation and photos of Jeffrey's devious activities, Sammy hands over the evidence to the police.  Just as he arrives at the Cook residence to escort Cressida away, the police arrive and arrest Jeffrey. 

From Sammy's investigation of the Cooks,  Jeffrey was removed from his political position, and stripped of his celebrity status.  He spilled his guts to the police to receive a lighter sentence and incriminated his partner in crime, Blake Freeman, who was also arrested.

Lady Cook denied having any knowledge of her husbands activities and refused to reveal her first name. After her husband was taken away, she took his name off the family home, changed the locks, cleaned out his bank accounts and threw her daughter, Elspath, out of the house.

To wrap up this case Sammy goes over to the Atkins apartment to report to Hyacinth. When he arrives, Cressida is explaining to her mother, that she wants to move away from Bridgeport and become a doctor. Jett is disappointed with his father, and never wants to see him again. At the same time, he's concerned about his grandmother being too old to care for him.

After collecting his fee from Hyacinth, Sammy prepares to leave town. Before he's finished packing, he gets a visit from Cressida, Jett and Elspath.  Cressida explains, they all want to travel back with him to Bayport, where she will care for her cousin Jett and his best friend, Elspath. Also, she wants to take her elderly mother and aunt with them.

Before leaving Bridgeport, Sammy has one last thing to do. He sends a breakup text to Tiara Angelista, breaking all romantic ties to her.

Finally, he arrives home with a houseful of people. 

Before the end of the day, the Atkins sisters find a nice 2 bedroom home on a quiet street, and move in.

Across the street, Cressida finds a nice 3 bedroom home  and moves in with Jett and Elspath.

Case 3: Who Are the Doe's

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  1. Avatar Barbara Rappl says:

    LOL .. awesome story. The Stakeout always makes me laugh and loved seeing him in the bushes taking a photo… naturally your simplemindedsims don’t even see him … ha ha..

  2. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    LOL, glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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