Spade Investigations Inc. Case 1: Missing Twin

I wanted to try something different by combining features of sims 2 with sims 3. My Sims will have interests from the Sims 2, along with chemistry choices, to compliment their traits and life time wants.

I chose to play in Eltham's Drift but renamed it "Bayport".  It's a medium sized town situated on an island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. British architecture can be found throughout the lush, green countryside, or along the foggy coast.

This story is based on a Private Investigator named Sammy Spade and his side-kick, Snoop, a Playful, Adventurous, Intelligent Beagle.  Sammy grew up reading stories of strange disappearances, lost children, mysterous "accidents" and other unsolved mysteries.  He's dedicated his life to solving as many as he can.

Sammy is a Bookworm, Perceptive, a Party Animal and a Hopeless Romantic.  He Can't Stand Art and Dislikes Children. His interests are, Music, Crime, Meteorology, Fine Dining, and Sci-Fi.  His choice in women include those in his age group with red hair. He's turned off by thin women and glasses. 

Sammy makes himself a coffee, and sits down to read the newspaper to see who's doing what around town. He reads about adopted children misplaced, lost or abandoned around Bridgeport and Hidden Springs.

Later that morning, he gets a call from Simon Cho, a local business man in town. Simon, and his wife Alisha, adopted their son Davy in Bridgeport. It seems he had a twin brother who disappeared. Simon wants him to find out what happened to the boy, have a DNA test done and bring him back so the two boys can be reunited.

Sammy's excited about a real case and the option to travel, but why does it have to involve kids!

After arriving in Bridgeport, Sammy questions Bianca Rubble outside City Hall. He asks if she knows anything about adopted children or the Cho family.  She says Simon Cho was a famous director but quit the business and moved away after adopting a child. Then she gives him a lead on another adopted child in Bridgeport.

Meanwhile, Snoop is doing his own investigation, and listens intently to the chatty pigeons.

With the information from Bianca, Sammy goes to the library and researches all the adoptions in Bridgeport. Another boy was adopted by the celebrity pop icon, Lola Belle, a single woman who only wanted the child for publicity ratings.  Could he be the other twin?

In order to get close to Lola, Sammy goes to where all the celebrities hang out, the Bridgeport Sports Zone Lounge.

When Lola enters the club, he tries to impress her but fails. He tries everything. He talks about his skills, which he doesn't have any, his wealth is a joke and his career only irritates her.  So he switches from trying to impress to flattery, and asks for her autograph.

After persistently trying to  get to know Lola, and a few drinks later, he finally gets her into his rust bucket of a car and takes her club hopping. At the Aquarius club they dance together.  She's not his type, but its all part of the job.

The next day, he goes to her mansion to question her son. After she greets him, he kisses her... nothing wrong with a little romance on the job. 

Sammy meets Jupiter, but can see he's much too young to be Davy's twin.  He says, some children from the orphanage came from Hidden Springs and some went back.

Before following the lead, he has to take a "trophy" picture of himself with Lola Belle.

Still on the trail of the lost twin, Sammy arrives at the city hall in Hidden Springs. He checks the records for orphaned children, and learns a couple by the name of Daniel and Daisy Romero died in a fire, leaving two twin boys orphaned. 

His next stop is the graveyard, where he finds the tombstones of the Romero's. Wanting to help, Snoop tries to dig them up.

Leaving the cemetery, Sammy asks around town about the Romero twins. An old man tells him that one was adopted by a famous movie director from Bridgeport, who moved to Hidden Springs then  moved away with the boy. He doesn't know what happened to the other, but tells him to check with old lady Shue.

Sammy and Snoop make their way to an old cabin in the hills. When he questions an old lady about her kids she gets angry with him.

Unable to get information from the old lady, he tries talking to a young boy who could be the twin he's looking for. But, before he can find out who he is,  he's confronted by an angry girl who tells him to leave her brother alone. Things aren't going well for Sammy, but it's about to get a whole lot worse....

As the old lady comes out of the cabin, suddenly, the grim reaper appears. When he leaves, all that's left of Granny Shue is her urn.

Sammy looks around at the, now orphaned, kids and sees one pasted out from the shock.  He dislikes kids but can't leave them all on their own, so he needs to think.

First, he takes them all to the hospital and gets a DNA test on Dany.  After analyzing the results, the doctor confirms he is one of the Romeno twins.  Sammy has solved this case, and just needs to deliver the child to the Cho family. But what about the others?

He takes them all to the diner for dinner, before taking them back to his rented house. With no beds for the kids, he gives them all sleeping bags, and they bed down for the night. Tomorrow, he'll take them all back home.

Back in Bayport, Sammy delivers Dany to the Cho family. Inside, Dany meets his brother Davy for the first time since they were babies. Everyone's happy the brothers are reunited, and Sammy's happy he has one less child to deal with.

When Sammy returns home to his one bedroom trailer, he finds it a disaster. He's only been home one day and already the kids have broken the TV and the toilet.  Then, while he's making repairs, two of the kids run through the house, and the other is on his computer messing up his files.

These kids need a home and a family, but first, they need to be presentable, so Sammy takes them to the salon.  He leaves Star in the hands of the stylist while he takes care of a new wardrobe for Carlotta.  After a few hours, they're all cleaned up and ready to be adopted.

Next, Sammy calls a meeting at the town hall for all married couples. He serves coffee and calls the kids up onto the platform. He gives a speech about these lovely, adorable, orphaned children, and pleads for the people to open their heart and homes, and take the kids into their family.

It seems to have worked.  The first to be adopted is Star. She's taken in by Deangelo and Dominique Weems, who also have a toddler named Tiffany.

Next to be adopted is Gary. His new parents are Trinity and Lucia Seaman. They also have a son a little older than Gary named Pedro.

Sammy thought he was going to be stuck with Carlotta because of her Mean Spirited nature. She kept calling everyone names, being nasty and argumentative. But, she found the perfect family, Alfredo and Frances Lehman. They have no other children, and her new father is a police officer. That should keep her in line and readjust her bad attitude.

Sammy arrives home from the adoption meeting and flops down on the couch, exhausted. He's tired and glad this case is closed.

The next morning he gets a call from a lady in Bridgeport, she needs an investigator....

Case 2: Deadbeat Dad.


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  1. Avatar Barbara Rappl says:

    Love your story here. Nice touch with Snoop digging at the grave site, lol. I’m having my morning coffee and moving on to Deadbeat Dad. Thank you for your stories 🙂

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