Case 3: Who Are the Doe’s

This case is based on solving the mystery surrounding the Doe Family. An official community blog by producer Lisa Smith, and the household description suggests the family has a dark past. Can Sammy Spade uncover their secrets?

Sammy's in his office doing paperwork, when Zachariah Salas walks in. He needs an investigator to go to Midnight Hollow, and find out what happened to his cousin Angelo Salas.

Sammy takes the case and leaves for Midnight Hollow with Snoop. When he arrives, he finds the town dark and eerie.

In town, he asks some very strange looking people about Angelo Salas. Fausto says, he was a relative of Jay Salas and living with them, but that whole family disappeared. Fausto starts to laugh and finds this very amusing.

Wanting more information on the Salas family, Sammy goes to the library to see what records he can dig up. He finds out, they had no friends in town and kept to themselves. Their nephew, Angelo, disappeared and was never seen again.  Strangely, Jay Salas, his wife Tatiana, their child Sandra, and their toddler Frieda, all died of Electrocution around the same time.

Checking out the information, Sammy goes to the graveyard to look for the tombstones of the Salas family. He finds them hidden among overgrown bushes and grass.

Later, he goes to the local bistro for dinner. When he arrives, he's surprised at how busy it is. Just as he's about to leave, he introduces himself to a young woman.  She says her name is Jane Doe.

He asks her if she knows anything about Angelo Salas. But the woman doesn’t want to talk to him, and quickly walks away. 

As he watches the woman walk away, a strange lady comes up behind him and starts talking crazy. She says something about ... from another world... people appearing and disappearing.

Then she gets angry, and starts accusing Sammy of working with them.  She really creeps him out, so he goes home and calls it a day.

The next evening, Sammy invites Mai Lau, the local police officer, to join him for dinner and a few drinks at the pub. Over dinner he asks her about the Doe's, the Salas family and Angelo's disappearance.

Mai says, she doesn't know much about the Doe's. They moved into the house next door to the Salas's a few days before Angelo went missing. Then within a week all the Salas family died of Electrocution. The Doe's don't seem to have any friends in town, and keep to themselves.

Sammy decides to visit the Doe residence and see if he can find some answers. He's invited in, but when he says he's a private investigator, Jane says she's tired and asks him to leave.

Outside, Sammy hides in the bushes and watches the house. He's surprised to see the crazy lady leaving.   He knows there's something funny going on, and starts snooping around the back of the house.

The next morning, Sammy goes back to the Doe's with Snoop. He tells Snoop to scratch on the door and act adorable.  It works, Jane Doe comes out, and picks Snoop up and takes him inside.

With the family distracted, Sammy checks around the back of the house and finds an old, iron staircase leading to a basement, and goes down.

The basement looks like an ordinary laundry room. But he sees mist coming from under the walls. He takes a closer look, working his way around the room, and a wall suddenly opens. He goes through and looks around an empty room.

Looking around, he knows they're hiding something. If one wall opened, then there may be more hidden doors.  He walks toward a wall to start examining it, when suddenly he's caught in an electrical trap.

He manages to step out of the trap and moves to a back wall.  Now he knows how the Salas's were all electrocuted. Then he thinks he can disarm the trap, but not today. He's burned and smells of smoke. He needs a shower and food, before taking another look around.

The next day, Sammy waits until everyone leaves the house, then he sneaks down to the Doe's basement. He disarms the trap and examines the walls.  Just as before, another door opens and he goes through.

Inside the room he sees a spaceship, a portal, a communications device and a bookshelf. Maybe the bookshelf will reveal some information on this family.

Sammy takes one of the books and starts reading. He learns the Doe's real name is  Doe'Akhohu, an alien family from the 1950's.  They travel through time, abduct individuals, perform scientific experiments, and  change who they are. 

Now Sammy understands why the people of this town are so strange, their DNA has been altered, and their mind reconfigured, making some insane.  The books contain records of some individuals relocated to another colony. Angelo is listed among those ones.

Other names include Nina and Dina Caliente, twin sisters of alien descent, who moved to Barnacle Bay to live a normal life.   Sammy needs to find them, he needs their help.

He's curious about the portal and starts to examine it. It radiates electrical currents, then suddenly, in a flash of blue light, a man appears and startles Sammy.

The man says his name is Emit, and he's from the future. He gives Sammy an Almanac of time, so he can travel through time. Then the man enters the portal and disappears.

Before leaving, Sammy wants to see if there are any other hidden rooms. He examines the walls and finds another door.

The door leads to a well equipped lab. This is the room where all the experiments are done.

Happy to be leaving this town, Sammy makes his travel plans and arrives in Barnacle Bay with Snoop. Now he just needs to find the Caliente sisters.

Down at the beach front restaurant, Sammy meets Luisa Lobros and asks if she knows the Caliente sisters. Before she has time to reply, a fight breaks out. They both run over to see who's fighting, and Luisa says it's Nina Caliente.

When the fight breaks up, Sammy asks Nina if she'll take him to the alien colony, but she doesn't like him and refuses.  Then he asks her sister Dina, and she agrees to help him.

Back at her house, Sammy and Snoop board the spaceship with Dina and they take off.

Traveling at warp speed, its not long before they arrive on Lunar Lakes and start the search for Angelo Salas.  They find him fishing in one of the lakes, and Sammy says they've come to take him home.

Angelo says he doesn't want to go home, Midnight Hallow is too creepy. He wants to relocate, so Dina invites him to return to Barnacle Bay with her.  First, they need to report in to his cousin Zachariah, and let him know he's been found.

Sammy collects his fee, and thanks Dina for her help. They return to Barnacle Bay, and Sammy goes home.  Another case closed.


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    This is really cute and gives a nice story to the mystery behind the Doe Family 🙂 Great work!

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    Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂

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