Little Business Lots

Some of these business lots are set up to run as a business for your sims.  Although I've made them as base game compatible as possible, some require store content and/or certain expansion packs. Required content and links are identified in the Lot descriptions.

If you choose to download the  Custom Lot Tag for each shop, unzip the file and place lot tag file in your mods folder. Then, in Edit Town assign the Community Lot to the type it is (Fish Shop for example). When in Live Mode, click on the ground of the lot and set how the lot will function: NRaas>Set MetaAutonomy Type (Small Market, Cafeteria, Hangout etc.) NRaas Tagger required.

Note: None of the Custom Content is mine. Content has been downloaded from various creators. See favorite CC Sites on the right side of this page for a full listing of creators and links to their sites.

Thanks: I want to thank brappl from NRaas for all her wonderful creative suggestions and help on these lots.

For instructions on how to set door filters see Ultimate Careers page and scroll down.

10x15 Lots:

Happy Clam Fish Shop

This little fish shop can be run as a business for your Angler sims. Instead of the Savvier Seller Register, which doesn't work well with selling fish, it uses ani's Produce Stand. Just add your catch the stand's inventory, set business hours,  open the stand and start selling.

Around the back of the shop is an All-in-One Bathroom.

Note: You must have the original Produce Stand from the EA Store.
Sandwich board, Shop roof sign, Indoor hanging swordfish, anchor, and All-In-One Bathroom requires Island Paradise

Custom Map Tag Here

Sweet Obsession Chocolate Shop (10x15)

This little Chocolate shop has been set up with Savvy Seller display cases and buffets. To use ani's Savvier Seller shelves  and the Savvier Seller Register, just replace the shop ones with ani's.

The display case by the counter has edible chocolate cakes which can be bought and eaten at the little table. The coffee machine will make rich drinks to compliment the chocolate. The boxes of chocolates on the display cases and buffets are decorative only, but can be purchased and given as gifts .  This shop has the  Chocolate Fountain from the EA Store, but will be replace if you don't own it.  Around the back of the shop is an All-in-One bathroom and a dumpster.

Tip: Check out  how to use edible foods Here.

Suggestions:  If you own the Canning Station from the Sims 3 Store, your  sims can make Chocolate Bars from Cocoa Beans, then sell them at this shop.

Note: ani's Savvier Seller Mod must have the EA Store Savvy Seller set to work.
All-In-One Bathroom requires Island Paradise.
Additional Edible candy bars  can be found at ATS3 (donation required for these)

Custom Map Tag Here

Little Bloomers Flower Shop(10x15)

This little flower shop is set up to use ani's  Savvier Seller Mod .  The outside flowers sit on Savvier Seller rugs (which come with the mod). Inside, there are white rugs and a Savvier Seller ladder shelf.  Be aware, anything sitting on or above a savvier seller rug, shelf or pedestal can be sold. If your shelves and rugs are under a window, you may lose it.

Note: ani's Savvier Seller Mod must have the EA Store Savvy Seller set to work.
If you don't have the Savvier Seller mod, items may be replaced.
Remove the savvier seller items to make this shop decorative only.
Wheelbarrow inside needs Pets.

Custom Map Tag Here

The Coffee Cup Diner (10x15)

This little Diner is a working, open diner using ani's Business as Usual Mod.  You can hire a chef, waitress, set business hours and watch your sims order meals from the menu that is included with the mod. Just outside the back door is an All-In-One bathroom.

Dress your waitresses in Career outfits and use Consorts Dress Code Mod to keep your waiters/waitresses in career outfits.

The Business Time Industrial Oven from the Sims 3 Store is required.

Note: To have this function as an open diner, set the Community Lot Type as "Hangout". If using the custom restaurant map tag. Set the Metautonomy type as "Hang Out".


Custom Map Tag: There is a Custom Lot Tag for this Diner. This one is not my creation but made by another player. You can find it at NRaas. At the top of the page, click on "Upload". Then click on "Files". Scroll down to the 28th row and Right Click on the 4th file. Mousing over shows "Restaurant".

Tiny Bubbles Nectar Shop (10x15)

This little Nectar Shop is ready for your nectar making sims to sell their inventory. To use as a business, replace the tables with ani's Savvier Seller pedestals, the shelves with the Savvier Seller Shelves, the Consignment register with the Savvier Seller register, and the decorative bottles with your Sim's nectar.

To sell nectar racks or other related objects, add the Savvier Seller rugs under the object and connect to the register. Custom drinkable bottles are available at ATS3, but requires a donation.  Behind the shop is an All-In-One bathroom.

Note: The EA Store Savvy Seller set is required for ani's Savvier Seller Mod.

Custom Map Tag Here

Little Ivy Bistro (10x15)

This little Bistro is designed to work as an open Bistro with ani's Business As Usual Bistro Mod.  It has a small inaccessible basement for Misty's Bistro RH Rug. Features include: A fireplace in the dining room for cozy, candlelight dinners on winter nights and an All-In-One Bathroom out back.

Suggestions: Add Consort's Dress Code Sign on a wall in the kitchen and dining room. In the kitchen set the sign to "Career" so sims assigned to the Bistro oven will change into Career outfits. In the Dining room, set the sign to "Formal", and in the Advanced setting  set it to (2) NPC's are NOT affected (showing). This way, your waitress won't switch to formal in the dining room.

Note: The Business Time Industrial Oven from the Sims 3 Store is required.
All in One Bathroom requires IP

Download (Misty's Bistro RH Rug) Free registration required.
Download Consort's Dress Code Mod

Meat Market & Small Deli  (10x15)

This little Butcher Shop is designed to work with ani's Savvier Seller mod. The display cases are stocked with decorative and edible foods.  The edible food is in the display case against the left wall.

To run this as a business for your butcher sims, download ani's Savvier Seller mod and replace the display case with the Savvier Seller display, and replace the food register with the Savvier Seller register.

Note: Using ani's Savvier Seller Mod requires the EA Store Savvy Seller set .

Tip: How to use edible foods found Here.
Edible deli meats found Here.

Custom Map Tag Here

Little Critter Pet Shop (10x15)

This little Pet Shop can be used as a community lot or as a business. It comes with the Pet Shop register, shelves and deco items. To run this as a business, change the pet shop register to the ani's Savvier Seller register, place Savvier Seller rugs under each terrarium and cage and connect to the register. Now sims will buy whatever animal is in them. Your little critter collectors can own the pet shop and sell what they collect.

Note: Pets EP required.
Savvier Seller requires the Savvy Seller Collection from the EA Store.

Custom Map Tag Here

Drippy Cone Ice-cream (10x15)

This little Ice-cream Parlor uses the functional ice-cream stand from ATS, which requires Arsil's Ice-cream stand for it to work.  Outside, around the back is an All-In-One bathroom.

Note: The Functional Ice-cream stand can be found in Appliances/Misc, in buy mode.  Arsil's  Ice-cream stand is found in the Community/misc catalog in build mode, if you want to use that option instead.


Custom Map Tag: There is also a Custom Lot tag for this shop. This one is not my creation but made by another player. You can find it at NRaas. At the top of the page, click on "Upload". Then click on "Files". Scroll down to the 28th row and Right Click on the 1st file. Mousing over shows "Ice Cream Parlor".

Little Bookworm Bookstore (10x10)

This little open bookstore has the bookstore register, bookshelves and a seating area for sims to read before buying.


Simtown Records and Recording Studio (10x15)

Simtown Records is a records shop and recording studio for your talented musical sims. It uses the Book Store register where sims can buy their music, instead of the regular book store.  While at this unique records shop, they can practice their talents and and hope to be discovered.  Singer sims can hang around and sell their CD's to customers.

Note: The musical instruments and the picture above the front desk requires LN. All-in-One Bathroom requires IP

Custom Map Tag Here

Sparkles Jewelry Shop (10x15)

This little Jewelry Shop can be used as business or decorative.  In the back, behind the partitions, is the Glass Blowing and Jewelry Making Station for your sims to make their own jewelry. They can then sell it at the shop. If you don't have the Glass Blowing Station, the workshop area will be empty. Outside is an All-in-One bathroom, just in case your sims have a slight accident and sets themselves on fire. The display cabinets are all decorative but, to have this shop function as a business, just replace the displays cabinets with ani's Savvier Seller ones and add the Savvier Seller Register.

The jewelry is all decorative, but can still be sold if placed on a Savvier Seller display cabinet or if a Savvier Seller rug is placed under the decorative display cabinets.  Now your sims can go to the jewelry shop to buy that engagement ring before proposing.

Note: All-in-One Bathroom requires IP

Custom Map Tag Here.

Sweet Vine Nectary (10x15)

This Sweet Vine Nectary includes a garden of grapes and fruit trees. Inside, Sims can taste the nectar before buying.  In the basement there's a Nectar Machine for Sims to bring their own fruit, or harvest from the small orchard, and make nectar.

Note: This community lot requires WA
Towel dispenser in basement bathroom, and the hanging nectar rack  requires LN


BodyWorks Gym (10x15)

This little 3 story Gym has lots of features. In the basement are washrooms and showers. The ground floor has a reception area, lockers and a little eating area for coffee and snacks. The first floor is a dance studio for budding ballerinas, a chin up bar and a yoga mat.  The top floor has weights for pumping iron, a punching bag and treadmills. Outside is a rock climbing wall and a small pool.

Note: Punching bag requires WA,
Lockers require Ambitions,
Gym bag clutter requires Outdoor Living.
Dance Bar and Rock Climbing Wall are from the EA Store.
Yoga mat requires a script mod to be functional, found Here.

Suggestions: Remove the front counter and add Arsils Generic Role Desk and hire a trainer for your gym.  (Role Desk is found in Misc Community lots in Build Mode).


SimsationalMe Beauty Salon (10x15)

This little Salon has a hairdressing station, decorative clothing racks and a makeover station. There's even a sitting area, with magazines, for waiting sims. There are no bathrooms on this lot.

Note: Some of the styling clutter requires Ambitions.
The shoe rack requires Generations.
The statue outside,  "Alexia full of Hair" requires WA


Munchies Market (10x15)

Munchies Market is a little supermarket for your sims. It comes with a Food register (WA required), a deli area, veggies, shelves and a bakery section.

To run this market as a business, change the shelves to the Savvier Seller shelves, and add the ani's Savvier Seller register. Now your sims are ready to sell their produce.

Note: Veggie sacks outside store requires WA


Serenity Day Spa (10x15)

This little Day Spa has some interesting options.  Upstairs is a couple of bathrooms, a massage table that can be used with an assigned NPC professional massage therapist and a regular massage table.

On the main level is a reception desk, a waiting area with a cozy fireplace, coffee counter, including (deco) chocolates, and nectar for your pampered sims. There's also a Sauna room where sims can experience a relaxing hydrotherapy soak in crystalline waters, rejuvenate with a revitalizing mud bath, or simply sit back and enjoy the steam.

In the basement is a Spa Rabbit Hole Rug.  I tried adding furniture to the basement but sims kept having routing issues and couldn't access the rug. For that reason, the only object in the basement is the rug, which is fully accessible.

Note: EA Store items required: Infinite Zen Massage Table and Steam it Up Sauna.

For Professional Massage tables to work with an assigned NPC Professional Massage Therapist you need  Arsil's Professional Massage Table Mod found Here.


Expressions Art Gallery (10x15)

This "Expressions" Art Gallery is a community lot but can be owned and run as a business. The second floor has washrooms, a coffee area and an art studio. The gate to the studio can be locked to prevent wandering sims from using it. The main level is set up with sculptures and paintings for your sims to enjoy

If a sim wants to own their own art gallery, they can paint and sculpt, then, using ani's Savvier Seller mod, mats, pedestals and register, they can sell their artwork.

Note: Sculpting Station requires Ambitions.
Additional CC: Paint splatters for the art studio are not included in the download.  Package files can be downloaded Here.


The Harp & Shamrock Pub (10x15)

This little pub has everything for a good night out with friends. Upstairs, there's washrooms, a music area for Sims to rock the house down after a few drinks, and a Foosball table.  The main floor has a bar, tables, music and darts. For hot summer nights, there's a table outside.

Note: This Lot requires LN


The Peacock Club (10x15)

The Peacock Club is a fun place for sims to hangout with friends. The top floor has washrooms, seating, a dance floor and a karaoke machine.  There's also a couple of SimLife Goggles for that virtual experience.  On the main floor is a bar, table and chairs, seating, a dance floor and stereo. The Peacock Club is the perfect for a formal night out.

Note: This Lot requires LN and the Karaoke machine requires Showtime.

Suggestions: Add Consort's Dress Code Sign on a wall on the main floor and upstairs. Set the sign to "Formal", and your sims will switch to formal wear upon entering the club.

Credits: Peacock wall art by Marcorse TSR


Shangri-La Asian Dining (10x15)

The Shangri-La Asian Dining Restaurant comes with the Teppanyaki Grill and ani's Business As Usual Bistro  Oven.  Although the Grill can't be assigned a chef for business, your sims can try to impress their friends with their cooking skills, and make meals to serve. ani's Bistro Oven can have a chef and waitress assigned for your sims fine dining experience. There are washrooms at the side of the building.

If you don't have ani's Bistro Oven Mod and the Teppanyaki Grill, they wont appear in game. Also, the images show menus on the counter, these are not included in the download. They are part of ani's Business as Usual Bistro Mod. If you have this, you can add the menus to the counters and tables.

Note: The wall fans decoration requires WA

Credits: Japanese Fishermen Painting by Marcorse TSR


Custom Map Tag: There is also a Custom Lot tag for this shop. This one is not my creation but made by another player. You can find it at NRaas. At the top of the page, click on "Upload". Then click on "Files". Scroll down to the 28th row and Right Click on the 2nd file. Mousing over shows "Japanese Restaurant".

Eternally Yours Wedding Shoppe (10x15)

Eternally Yours, a wedding shop for your sims to prepare for that special day. There's a reception area, a browsing room full of wedding attire for men and women, and a styling station to try on those outfits.

In this shop I have used a Jr. Styling Station,which take up a lot less room than the original. Because its a package file, it is not included in the download. Please download and install it before installing this lot.

Note: This lot requires Ambitions and Generations.

Custom Map Tag: There is a Custom Lot tag for this shop. This one is not my creation but made by another player. You can find it at NRaas. At the top of the page, click on "Upload". Then click on "Files". Scroll down to the 9th row and Right Click on the 3rd file by J4Ks. Mousing over shows "Wedding Venue".


PillBox Pharmacy (10x15)

This little Pharmacy has a lab in the back which includes the Science Centre and a Chemistry station. The shelves in the lab are ready to be stocked with potions that can be sold.  The front part of the pharmacy is well stocked with remedies for your sick sims. Around the side is a shower, just in case your sim has a mishap. If you have IP you can replace this with an All-in-One Bathroom.

To run this as a business, replace the shelves with ani's Savvier Seller shelves, add a Savvier Seller register and stock the shelves with potions and some interesting pills.

Note: Science Station requires University.
Chemistry Station requires Generations


Optional Downloads:
Buyable Potions found Here.
Various edible Pills with unusual side affects Here.

Custom Map Tag: There is a Custom Lot tag for this shop. This one is not my creation but made by another player. You can find it at NRaas. At the top of the page, click on "Upload". Then click on "Files". Scroll down to the 8th row and Right Click on the 2nd file by J4Ks. Mousing over shows "Pharmacist".

Tiddlewink Toy Shop (10x15)

The Tiddlewink Toy Shop is full of fun things to buy and play with. Upstairs, there's a workshop where sims can use the Titanic Toy Machine to make and sell toys. The main floor has a play area for kids, and shelves filled with toys and fun things to buy.

To make this into a business use ani's Savvier Seller Mod,  replace some of the shelves with Savvier Seller Shelves and add a Savvier Seller Register.

Note: Titanic Toy Machine is an EA store item.
The large green kids rug requires Generations.

Custom Lot Tag: There is a Custom Lot tag for this shop. It is not mine but made by another player. You can find it at NRaas. At the top of the page, click on "Upload". Then click on "Files". Scroll down to the 28th row and Right Click on the 5th file (last).  Mousing over shows "Toy Store"


The Happy Herbalist  (10x15)

This little shop has everything your naturopathic sims need to grow, and store, their herbal remedies. Upstairs there's a workshop with a Canning Station. Here sims can preserve their herbs, then sell them. The main area has hanging dried herbs, jars, bottles, books and a seating area.  On one of the selves to the left of the desk there are some edible herbs. Outside is a herb garden ready to be cultivated.

To make this into a business, use ani's Savvier Seller Mod, then replace some of the shelves with Savvier Seller shelves  and the savvier seller register.

Note: This Lot requires University.
The Canning Station is from the EA Store.

Custom Map Tag found Here. (Tagger required)

Suggestions: To make canning herbs more interesting, Download Butterbot's Canning Station Overhaul Mod found Here.


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  1. Avatar Barbara aka brappl says:

    Adorable littlelambsy. I just downloaded it and I do have the ATS candy. Thank you.
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  2. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    You’re welcome 🙂

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    These are great! Thank you! And thanks also to Barbara/brappl for her input and organizational skills. 🙂

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    Your new additions are wonderful. Love the detail and colors.
    Just downloaded Shangri-La. Looking forward to my sims going there to eat.
    Thank you littlelambsy 🙂

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    I’ve downloaded the ice-cream shop and the jewelry shop but can’t get any of the other ones to work! When I go to install them into my game after extracting the file, it goes into the installer and then comes back saying “failure”. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

  10. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, I have no idea why that would happen. I’ll check on it and see if I can find an answer for you – hang in there.

  11. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Sims 3 newb – What Browser are you using? I am not sure what you are seeing regarding extracting the file. I use Chrome and when I click on the Lot Download it goes directly to the Mediafire Download.

    A few things you could try:
    Switch to another Browser – shut down your PC and restart – Clean out your Internet Cache files.

  12. Avatar Sims 3 newb says:

    Anonymous- No, you misunderstand. I download it, and extract it in my library so its a usable file, then it goes into the sims launcher, then into the file installer, and instead of saying “success” like most cc, it says “failure”

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    Is this happening with all the other ones or just a few? Which ones are you trying to download?

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    Does that help?

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    If only I could show you exactly what I’m doing! It won’t let me install the pub, day spa, or bookstore. Its going into the downloads section on my computer (but not in my sims 3 folder) where I extract it and try to open it through the sims 3 launcher. But when it goes into the launcher, it fails.

  17. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    ok, so you download the file and it goes to your downloads folder. Can you take it out of the downloads and put on your desktop, extract the zip file then put the sims 3 file into your Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 3>Downloads folder. Then bring up the launcher and select and install?

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  19. Avatar Alice Z says:

    Is it possible to get your custom name tags for the lots. The Nraas website isn’t working properly and when you click on a download link for your tagger name tags it goes to The requested page could not be found. I am on the new Nraas site and not the old one.

    • LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

      Hi Alice Z, when they went to the new site a lot of things got reorganized. You can find the links to my little business lots custom tags on the new site. Go to the main page: and from there, along the top you’ll see Help | Mods | Contribute | and Upload. Click on Upload and it will take you to a page. Down the left side you’ll see the menu Files, Images and ScriptErrors. Click on Files (if its not already highlighted) and it will bring up all the custom tags from all the creators. Scroll down to mine (Littlelambsy) and mouse over them. It will show you which ones they are. Just “Right Click” and download. Hope that helps. I will also update my site to reflect the change. I can also give you the mediafire link to each one if you need it. Just let me know which ones you want. But, you should be able to get them from Nraas on the Upload page. Hope that helps 🙂

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