Case 4: The Cuckoo’s Nest

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Sammy's in his office when he gets a visit from a police officer. He says the doctor of the local asylum has quit,  and the mental patients have all disappeared. Officer Lehman wants Sammy to do two things. First, find a replacement doctor who's willing to relocate and run the Asylum.  Second, handing Sammy a list of names, he tells him to gather up all the mental patients and bring them back.

Back home, Sammy decides to enroll in the Technology program at the university. He needs a degree for his job, and it's the best place he can think of to find a doctor. 

Sammy arrives at the university along with all the other student.  His first day at the dorm, he gets a party invitation. Being a Party Animal he can't refuse, and attends the party.

At the party he accepts a dare to play JuicePong, and gets super juiced. His all night partying catches up with him in the morning, when he's late for class.

While at his Technology class, he naps in the brain machine.  After class, he goes to the burger place for dinner and to see if he can find anyone in the Medical program.

At the Grotto, he dances with some of the female students, gets to know them, and asks about their major. He buys two of them a snack before going back to the dorm.

On his last day of classes, he talks to Scot Macklamoor about his major. Scot says he's enrolled in the Technology program, but has already completed a degree in Science and Medicine. He just couldn't find a job, so went back to school.

Sammy asks Scot to relocate to Bayport and run the asylum.  He accepts, drops out of the Technology program and moves with his brother Hank. Back  home, Sammy gets Hank settled into his new home.

Sammy proudly displays his degree on the wall of his office.  Later, he meets with Scot and takes him over to the asylum, where he will live and work.  Now all Sammy has to do is find the patients.

A tip from the hospital in Riverview tells him  Hunter Cottoneye has been seen in town with Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes, two people on his list of patients. In the afternoon Sammy arrives in Riverview with Snoop. 

Hoping to see them around town, Sammy takes Snoop to a park and plays fetch.

He notices a crowd over by the grocery store and goes to investigate. Sammy talks to a lot of people but nobody has seen the two he asks about.  Meanwhile, Snoop is making friends and enjoying the attention.

On his way home, he passes the Bistro and notices a man arguing with an invisible person, which he finds quite entertaining.  When the argument is over, Sammy introduces himself and discovers the man is Hunter Cottoneye.

Sammy invites Hunter to say over at his place so they can travel together the next day.

Hunter likes the idea but tries to leave while Sammy's cooking dinner.  Snoop has been trained in distraction techniques and immediately goes after Hunter. He keeps him occupied by being friendly, until Sammy calls him to dinner.

While Hunter sleeps, Sammy gets another tip about a crazy lady at the botanical gardens. When he gets there, the woman is talking to herself. Then, without any introductions, she tells Sammy her name is Meadow and she wants to get engaged.

Sammy convinces her to go with him. Having them all together, they travel back to Bayport and arrive at Sammy's trailer home.

At the asylum Dr. Macklamoor assesses their mental state.  Hunter has had a bad life since childhood. The only comfort he has is fishing out in the woods at night for food, but, most importantly, companionship since the fish in his aquarium won't bite him.  He's diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder (Insane); Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Neurotic); Conduct Disorder (Mean Spirited).

Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes only has one mental illness, Schizoaffective Disorder (Insane). She's obsessed with plants and wants to be surrounded by them.

The next morning, Sammy finds an email from his ex-girlfriend, Tiara Angelista, in Bridgeport. She says her mother, Lala, has returned  home and wants to know if she was released from the asylum or escaped. After emailing her back,  Sammy and Snoop leave for Bridgeport and arrive in the early afternoon.

Before facing Tiara and her mother, Sammy goes to the diner for lunch.  A Hopeless Romantic, and wanting to get married, Sammy loves checking out the ladies. At the diner he meets Suzy Strummer and feels an immediate attraction for her.  Its not long before he kisses her, and she becomes a romantic interest.

Sammy tries calling Tiara but she's not home. So, in the evening, he decides to check out the bars. At Eugi's he meets another attractive female, Moxie Logan, and invites her to join him for dinner.  So far the night is going well...

After dinner, he orders a round of "Crazy" drinks and takes one to Moxie. Being a Party Animal, he's having a blast, dancing with two, very attractive, ladies and downing a few Crazy drinks. Suddenly, Sammy feels a little strange...

Across the room he sees a well known celebrity, and has an overwhelming need to impress him. His head is full of crazy thoughts as he comes up behind Big Hartley, and throws his arms around his head and grabs his ears.  When Hartley turns around, Sammy starts acting like he's on a horse, slapping his thigh and shouting "Giddy Up"....

Next, he begins panting like a dog and starts begging. Hartley thinks he's Insane and turns away. Upset, Sammy tries to strangle himself.

When the drinks wear off, Sammy goes to the bar for a soft drink. As he turns around he comes face to face with Polly Maloney, and is quite attracted to her. He introduces himself, then compliments her appearance.

Suddenly, without warning, she leaps at him and attacks him. They both fall to the ground as Sammy tries to fight her off, but she clings to him and a brawl takes place.  It ends when the bar closes and they get thrown out.

Outside the club he apologizes to Big Hartley for his bad behaviour. He explains, he had too many Crazy drinks and he's really not insane.

The next day he meets with Tiara Angelista and they discuss her mother, Lala. Sammy says he'll take her back to the asylum but he needs to find Ace Wilde before going back.

Later, he goes to the beach with Snoop and takes a swim to cool off from the heat. While swimming,  he notices a man jump into the water fully clothed and suspects this may be who he's looking for.

He grills some veggie burgers and calls everyone to lunch. Sitting across from the man he gets to know him, and learns he is Ace Wilde.

Sammy invites Ace back to his rented house and invites Lala over. While he's talking to Ace, Lala comes up behind him. Sammy feels uneasy having a crazy person right behind him, so he asks Ace what she's doing.

Not wanting to sleep in a house with two Insane people, Sammy decides to travel back home that night.  They all arrive back in Bayport later that evening.

Sammy takes both Lala and Ace to the asylum and leaves them with Dr. Macklamoor for their evaluation.  Lala suffered a mental breakdown after a bad romance, and has erased all memories of her ex-boyfriend. She suffers from Schizoaffective Disorder (Insane) and Immature personality Disorder (Childishness).

Ace Wilde started a new fashion trend with his flashy clothes. But, nobody knew his flamboyant attire was due to his Schizoaffective Disorder (Insanity).

Now that this case is closed, Sammy relaxes and checks for more work on his tablet.

Case Closed.

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