Ultimate Careers Lots

These Lots are made to work with Zerbu's Ultimate Careers Mod.   I also recommend you download the Tuning Mod, so that sims don't lose work performance when not using work related objects, or when leaving the work lot to perform work related activities.

Tutorial: The link to Zerbu's Ultimate Careers Mod above also includes a tutorial of how to assign these buildings to careers, which will cause sims in that career to start attending the open workplace or school, instead of disappearing into the rabbit hole.

Each workplace requires different EP's and possibly store content. The requirements are listed with each Lot. I've made them to fit on the smallest Lot possible for the type of building. I hope you enjoy playing them.

Note: None of the Custom Content is mine. Content has been downloaded from various creators. See favorite CC Sites on the right side of this page for a full listing of creators and links to their sites.

RH Rugs used on these lots are by Cazarupt at TSR.                                                            To change the name of the RH rug to match the name of your building/school, click on the RH rug >NRaas>Debug Enabler>change name.

Thanks: I want to thank brappl from NRaas for all her help, time and ingenious ideas in creating these Lots.

Setting filters for doors and gates on these lots (GoHere required) 
There are two ways to prevent unwanted sims through a door or gate.

Specify Sims For This Door
Click on the door > Lock > Everyone but myself (prevents the whole town from being on the Can side) Then,  click on door again > Lock > Specify sims for this door.  Remove your sim from the Can side  and choose those from the left side who can open the door. Move them to the right side.  (For restaurants I move over only my chefs and waitresses for those who Can open the door.

For setting a door filter:
Click on the door > Lock > Door Options > Create Filter (now unpause the game)
When the criteria list comes up,  choose all who can open this door (examples: Age, gender, species, CAREER  etc).  Now choose from the list that comes up (Career for example) > Accept > Name your filter.

Again, click on the door > Lock > Door Options > Enable/Disable Filter.  Also set Door Filter Type to True and Match all Filters to False.  Accept.  Choose the  Filter you named and make sure its set to True (You may have to click on it twice to enable it)  Accept.

Setting Door Filter Type to Allow  only allows those specified sims to enter.
Setting Door Filter Type to Deny  allows everyone to enter EXCEPT your specified sim.

UC City Hall (15x20)

This City Hall has everything  your political sims need for work. The main floor has a meeting room for holding town/counsel meetings. There's a coffee pot, tables, seating, a podium, megaphone and a video camera.  In the main area there's a whiteboard, for city planning, seating and a book shelf. Tucked behind the bookcase is a small bathroom. The stairs and an elevator take you to the second floor, where there are two offices, a Mobile Radio Station, a kitchen and bathroom.

Note: The rug in front of the elevator is the City Hall RH Rug and is fully accessible for sims to enter the Rabbit Hole.

Requirements: University, Late Night, Generations and Ambitions.

Game Play Tips:  When holding a town meeting, have a sim serve coffee, then, using ani's Have Coffee with Me mod, direct sims to grab a cup. Sims will then sit and drink coffee while listening to a speaker at the podium. Also, lock the door to the meeting room to stop sims from wandering all over the place with their coffee.  Watch ani's video on How to Hold a City Meeting.

You can also use ani's Tax Collector Mod, to collect city taxes from the town residents.  For more information on this, see Sarah Sims blog "How I Play".

For more suggestions and tips, see the Careers And Jobs Page at NRaas

City Hall Wedding Options: In the last two images I put the whiteboard upstairs and removed the seating. Then I added the Wedding Table from ATS3, (a donation item) and added a couple of flower vases. Next, I hired a random sim, a city hall worker, used the Office Poses, and stood him at the table, making it look like he's performing the wedding.


UC Public School (20x20)

This Public School has 4 levels and an outside area. The outside has a playground with a swing, a Jungle Gym, 2 spring riders and a hopscotch pad.

The Basement has toilets, lockers, coat racks, and the School for the Gifted Rabbit Hole Rug. (I renamed the rug UC Public School).

The main level has a lobby with an elevator, stairs, more lockers and coat racks. There's a classroom with a chalkboard, a podium and desks.  Next to this is an Art room with easels, a sculpting station and sketch books. Note: The paint splatters on the floor will be replaced by small rugs unless you download the package file for them.  Behind the elevator is a science room with a science station, chemistry tables, a whiteboard and a rodent cage. Just outside the science room is an outside shower - just in case your sims set themselves on fire.

The second level has a music room with a bass, drums, guitar, piano and stereo. Behind the elevator is a small library. There's also a computer area, a chess table and a canteen for hungry sims.

On the top floor there's a gym with toilets and showers, a treadmill, a weights bench, a stereo and mirrors for working out. Outside is a deck with telescopes.

Requirements:  University, LN, Ambitions, Generations and Pets (for the rodent)

Suggestions: If you have the dance ballet bar from the EA Store, you can place it on the mirrors in the gym. Outside, you can extend the play area and add the Soccer Net, and the Rock Climbing Wall  and other sports related items by placing this school on a bigger lot.

Download the No Stretch Mod so children can use the sculpting station and the guitar.


UC Stadium (20x20)

This Stadium has everything your sims need for work, including a Pro Golf/Sports shop on one side. The main level has lockers, a bench, a few weights, aerobics mat, mirrored walls and a small sterio.

In the basement there are more lockers, showers and toilets.

Upstairs is a full gym with workout benches, treadmills, chin up bars, exercise ball (chair),  a punching bag (deco) , a bookcase and a magazine rack. There's also a kitchen with tables for hungry sims.

Outside sims can play basketball, soccer, rock climb or bounce on the trampoline. Also outside is the Stadium RH rug.

Requirements: University (Sign over front door); Seasons (Soccer net); LN (Soap dispensers in basement); Ambitions (Chin up bars).  The Rock Climbing Wall and the Basketball Hoop are from the EA Store.

Suggestions:  Add the Ballet Bar to the Mirrors on the main floor.  Change the aerobics mat for the Yoga mat. Also change the Punching Bag for a functional one (WA required)


UC Business Center (20x20)

This Ultimate Careers Business Office has everything your sim needs to work. Washrooms are on the main floor behind the stairs. On the right side of the building is a bank, complete with two offices. One office for your Accountants, the other for a Loans officer.

The Left side has a board room where sims can use the White Board and Business Planners for their presentations. Behind the Board Room is an office for Architects.

Upstairs, there's a kitchen, two small washrooms and the Business RH rug.  A fully equipped TV Studio, with cameras, lights and Mobile Radio Stations, is available for your News Anchor sims.  On the left side there's a block of cubical offices for Advertising, Tourism/Airline careers, and a separate office for Comic Strip Artists.

Credits: Some of the items used for this lot are from Sandy at Around the Sims 3.

Requirements: Generations, Ambitions, University, LN and WA ( photocopy machine).

Gameplay tips: Download the Online Banking Mod  then, when sims are at the bank, they can open a bank account, pay bills and transfer money. (This mod also allows them to do these actions at home as well)


UC Observatory (15x20)

This Observatory can be used as either an Observatory, for those with ITF, or a Military Base.  It can be expanded to include Military vehicles, and other objects by placing it on a larger lot. Outside there's a rocket launch pad and a Space Ship.

The main floor is the command center. It has  computer stations and a Time Machine tucked into an alcove. Your sims can travel through time and return with all kinds of interesting objects, experiences and even a child.

The second floor has a kitchen, bathrooms, workout equipment, a podium and a megaphone.  This area is set up for Military Careers.

The roof has a large telescope and an Observatory RH Telescope. I've placed a rug on this level which can be replaced with either the Military RH rug or the Observatory RH rug (ITF required).

Credits: This lot uses conversions from sims 4 to 3 by Sandy at Around the Sims 3
Mural space painting is from The Sims Models.

Requirements:  Ambitions, Generations, University, LN and Seasons (space ship)

Download Misty's Observatory Rug  (part of ITF pack)


UC Police Department (20x20)

This Police Station has the police RH Rug just outside the front doors. The basement has showers, washrooms, workout equipment, mirrors, lockers and a whiteboard.

The main floor has a front reception police desk with a computer. The left office is a booking room. It has confiscated items, files, an old fashioned typewriter (computer) for typing up arrest reports, and an identification wall. (which is actually a reverse mirror).

The office on the right is for Investigators. There's an investigators case board, a computer, and two client chairs.

At the back there's two jail cells and a boardroom  with a huge crime map (a whiteboard that can be written on without images showing), a coffee station and a podium.

Upstairs there's a sitting/reading area, a kitchen, a small washroom, a Mobile Radio Station, and a game of Clue, to help train your sims detective skills.  The front office is for identification and mug shots. (the Identification Station works as a telescope). This office has a camera, video camera, an old fashioned typewriter, files and sketch pads.

The back office is the records room, which is full of files, documents and paperwork.

Requirements: LN, Generations, Ambitions, University, WA (for the photocopier)
The jail cells have All-In-One-Bathrooms from IP. If you don't have IP, change the All in Ones for a regular toilet, and use the Shooless Mod, to stop sims wanting privacy.

Credits: This lot uses conversions from sims 4 to 3 by Sandy at Around the Sims 3
Also, the Antique Office is by Cyclonesue at TSR

Optional CC:  Police badges/bullet vests Here.


UC Hospital (20x20)

This is a huge hospital on a small Lot with sheltered parking and a handicap space.

Main Floor: Waiting room, Doctor/Psychiatrist office, Lab, and Washrooms.
Second Floor: Staff room, Toilets, Maternity Ward, Nursery, Children's Ward, Play area.
Third Floor:  Small Conference room, Ward, Washrooms and Operating room.
Basement: X-Ray Lab, Physiotherapy room, Isolation ward and a Padded Psych Ward.

Requirements: University, LN, Generations, Ambitions.
Baby swing and Change table in nursery requires the EA store items or file from ATS3.

Credits: This lot uses conversions from sims 4 to 3 by Sandy at Around the Sims 3
Wallpaper pattern in Nursery/Children's ward by Greda at TSR
Red paint splatter in operating room by Aminovas


UC Science Center (20x25)

On the main floor of this Science Center, there's a reception and waiting room, a lab with chemistry tables, a drafting office, washrooms and an elevator to the basement.

The second floor has a kitchen, washrooms, a chess area, and a conference office with a whiteboard for scientific meetings.

The basement has an eerie lab with a brain machine, a baby cloning/science station, workbenches for creating artificial life forms, the body of an unfortunate female,  a washroom and a rodent for petting - NOT for experimenting.

Outside there's a group science station, parking and a dumpster (reserved for those who attempt to experiment on the rodent).

Requirements:  LN, Ambitions, Generations, University and Pets (for the rodent) If you don't have pets the rodent cage will just be replaced or won't show.

Suggestions:  If  you don't like the basement lighting and fog, just change the colour from Cyan to normal and, in buy/build mode with buydebug on, remove the fog emitter.

Options: Download the mod to gain Science Skills from the Chemistry Table Here.
If you want to use the University Group Science Object on another lot, download the University Project Un-hider Mod. Then the object can be found in buydebug/misc. University required for this.

Credits: This lot uses conversions from sims 4 to 3 by Sandy at Around the Sims 3
Some Antique office stuff by Cyclonesue TSR
The Chemical Lab from Severinka
And the female body is from Ladesire's Anatomy Theatre.


UC Theater (20x20)

This Theater is ready for your sims to enter the music and modeling career. The main floor has a lobby with shelves of candy (deco), a popcorn machine and a Ticket Machine. There's also a snacking area with a coffee counter. Two elevators will take you upstairs and down to a basement. The front of the Theater has an office with a side entrance, for Sims to apply for work, or audition. Behind the office there's a movie theater with a very large screen, seating and low lights.

The second floor has a kitchen, washrooms, and a music studio. Here sims can practice their musical skills, learn to be a DJ,  practice their dance moves with the Ballet Barre, and learn to sing with the Karaoke machine.

The basement is set up for the Modeling Career. It has a model's dressing room and a runway with lighting and cameras.

Requirements: LN, Showtime and Uni (for the 2 front large lights in the basement) .
The EA Store Freestyle DJ Booth,
The EA Store Ticket Machine from the Barrier To Entry System,
The EA Store Larger Than Life TV Screen,
The Popcorn Machine from Sandy at ATS3,  requires the original Popcorn Machine from the EA Store, OR a special file downloaded from ATS3
The EA Store Ballet Barre

Suggestions:  If you don't have the EA Store Larger Than Life TV Screen, but have Showtime, you can use the large tv screen from that EP.  If you have the Barrier to Entry System, you can add the Barrier doors to the Movie Theater and have sims pay to enter using the Ticket Machine.

Credits: The Neon Theater Sign is from Sims by Severinka
This lot also uses converted items from  Sandy at ATS3, and her Studio Equipment.
Antique Office items by Cyclonesue at TSR
Movie Posters Collection by cmdrsamu TSR


UC Film Studio (20x20)

This Film Studio has everything your Actor/Director sims need to become a celebrity. Out front there's the Professional Actor's Trailer, parking, a dumpster around one side and a screen scene on the other side.

The main floor has a small film set with lights and cameras. The little living room has a bookshelf and an antique typewriter (computer).  In the front of the main floor there's a Karaoke machine, dance floor and a Ballet Barre. At the back are two washrooms.

The top floor is where all the music for movies is made. This area has musical instruments and a DJ Booth. In front, there's a kitchen area, a set of computers for recording and editing music and a sound board (Chess Table). On the far left are double doors (Film RH Doors) leading out to a small balcony.

Requirements:  LN, Ambitions, Showtime, the EA Store Ballet Barre.
RH Doors Pet Fix version by Jynx (Movie Studio Doors) 
Replace Doors in the basement with the Movie Studio RH doors for this to show as the Film Studio. Doors must face out, not  into the room behind the RH doors.
The EA Store Freestyle DJ Booth,
And the Mod to unlock the Buyable Actors Trailer by Annika

 Credits:  Music Studio items from Sandy at ATS3
Antique Office typewriter by Cyclonesue TSR
Movie Posters Collection by cmdrsamu TSR


UC Culinary Pizzeria (20x20)

This Pizzeria has outside tables and parking.

The main floor has tables/seating, display cabinets with decorative pizzas and nectar bottles. The kitchen is set up with the Industrial Oven, Wood Fire Oven, a fridge, microwave, hot beverage machine, food processor, dishwasher and trash compactor.

At the side of the kitchen there's a juice bar and a washroom.
Outside is a grill, dining table, and the Diner RH rug.

Requirements: LN, Generations, Ambitions, MonteVista (Wood Fire Oven), The EA Store Its Business Time Industrial Oven.

Game Suggestions:  The best way to run this for the Culinary UC, is to use ani's mod Business As Usual Bistro Oven, (original store item required) and run this as a Pizzeria. Because the Industrial Oven is one of the career  objects needed to gain work performance, it is suggested you assign your culinary workers shifts to this object. You can also direct other workers to use the other objects, make pizzas in the Wood Oven and store baked foods in the fridge.

The kitchen is set up with two gates. With GoHere, from NRaas, you Can set a door filter to allow only the Culinary staff into the kitchen. This will stop other sims from helping themselves to coffee, food from the fridge and getting in your way.

Credits: Display cases conversions from sims 4-3, Sandy ATS3
Pizzeria items/furnishings Sandy ATS3
Deco meat shelf/meats by Ladesire's creative Corner.


UC High School for Teens (25x25)

Here's a High School for your teenage sims. At the side of the school is a playground which includes a Soccer Net, Chin Up Bars, Trampoline, and a Basket Ball Hoop.

The main floor has a cloakroom with lockers, a classroom, a principal's office with a whiteboard and computer for Teacher Career sims, a Library, two elevators and stairs.

The second floor has washrooms with showers, an Art room, Music room, and a Science room. The Science room has the Anatomy Skeleton, Chemistry tables, the Science Station and a Brain Machine.

The top floor has a Cafeteria, Computers, Mobile Radio Station, a Podium and washrooms.

Requirements: LN, Ambitions, Generations, University, Seasons.
EA Store Basket Ball Hoop.

Suggestion: After downloading, use Debug Enabler to add all skill books to the Bookcase in the Library, then your sims can study all they subjects the need.

Credits: Lockers from Severinka TSR
Sandy's Conversions ATS3: Art Supplies; Office Items; Hospital/Science Items; Telescope.


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  1. Avatar brappl says:

    What a great idea. I love what you have done with your Little Business Lots and am happy to see you creating Ultimate Career Lots and having them on small lots is awesome. Can’t wait to play with City Hall and look forward to seeing your next lot.

    Thank you so much for making these and sharing them with all of us.

  2. Avatar Misty says:

    These look amazing! I may have to check them out!

  3. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    Thank you Misty, and thank yo for all your wonderful creations 🙂

  4. Avatar Jay Jonewell says:

    These lots are great! I’m using them all in my game. Thank you so much for all of the work and creativity!

  5. Avatar brappl says:

    WOW … another great lot. I have all your lots installed and they play beautifully. Thank you for making and sharing your hard work.

  6. Avatar CasaNova73099 says:

    “The kitchen is set up with two gates. With Master Controller you Can set a door filter to allow only the Culinary staff into the kitchen. This will stop other sims from helping themselves to coffee, food from the fridge and getting in your way.”

    Where exactly do you go in MC to set this? Advanced, Intermediate, Basic?

  7. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    Hi CasaNova73009, setting filters is in Settings of MC but there is a better way. I have added instructions at the top of the page in the introduction on how to set door/gate filters. You will need GoHere for this. I will change Master Controller to GoHere in the summery for the Pizzeria. 🙂

  8. Avatar Crys Fitz says:

    Can these work as regular rabbitholes? (using rabbithole rugs of course)

  9. Avatar User2828 says:

    Hi, any chance these could be in .package format?

  10. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, in order to get all the things the way they are can only be done through sims3 files. I tried packaging them first and when I installed the package file most of the CC didn’t show up. So I had to do it in the sims3 form. Sorry. You could ask over at https://www.nraas.net/community/ on Chatterbox. Someone there might be able to help with that.

  11. Avatar Sam Sekyere says:

    REALLY APPRECIATE your time and effort this is absolute overwhelming if there is any way for me to donate please let me know how your a hero

  12. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Thanks Sam, that’s so sweet. Im glad you appreciate my work. I also appreciate that you would like to donate but its not necessary. I dont take donations. My reward is that others enjoy my work. 🙂

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