Community Lots

These are small community lots that can be use for general game play, possible Ultimate Career assignments or businesses. Each lot will list the requirements, as well as acknowledgements for the creators of any CC used in these lots.

Note: None of the Custom Content is mine. Content has been downloaded from various creators. See favorite CC Sites on the right side of this page for a full listing of creators and links to their sites.

Galaxy Games (20x20)

This Arcade has everything your sims  could want and more. At the side of the building there's a couple of benches and a cosmic hopscotch. It has parking for a car and bicycles.

The main floor has two bowling lanes, a place to rent bowling shoes, pick up score sheets  buy tickets and popcorn (all deco items).  There's a cafe that serves coffee and goodies for hungry sims. With the "No Stretch" mod, kids can also buy from the counter.  Behind the cafe there are video, arcade and foosball games.

In the basement, sims can sing Karaoke, dance to the DJ and even practice break dancing. Next to the elevators there's a pool table, Dominoes and Monopoly games.  Also, there's a Bubble Bar, Dart boards, Shuffle board and Table Tennis.

Upstairs has washrooms.

Requirements:  LN, Ambitions, Generations, University, Showtime
EA Store Items: Freestyle DJ Booth,
ATS3 Sandy's sims 2-3 conversion Break Dance Floor, (Scroll down to Number 19)

Credits:  Karaoke Machine conversion sims 2-3 by Sandy ATS3 (Number 19)
Game Wall stickers by Opel5 TSR
Pool Table Accessories by Severinka TSR

Game Options:  This lot can be assigned to the Ultimate Careers for sims in the Video Game Developer Career. Assign sim manually to the Arcade.


Twilight Mortuary (20x20)

The Twilight Mortuary is a place where sims can go to make arrangements for their dearly departed,  place their tombstone in the graveyard or use the Mausoleum RH rug to explore the Catacombs. Outside, behind the mortuary are two toilets and a sink.

The main floor is set up as a reception/showroom, with a second room prepared for funeral services.  At the back of the room is a coffee machine.

The basement has an embalming lab to prepare sims for burial, and perform autopsies.  There’s also a coffee machine, fridge and bookshelves.

Requirements: LN, Ambitions, Generations, University.
Also required is the package file from MTS for the caskets (beds) in showroom.


  1. I suggest locking or putting a filter on the door to the stairs, to stop wandering sims from hanging out in the basement lab and using the fridge.
  2. Lot can be used with Ultimate Careers Mod for Miss Hissy’s Funeral Director Career. Career requires Athletic, Gardening, Charisma and Handiness to advance.
  3. Sims in the Funeral Director Career can use the bookcases (stocked with skill books) and the podium to increase Charisma; upgrade the computers, sink, outdoor toilets to gain handiness skills and plant Harvestable Flowers to improve the grounds and gain gardening skills.
  4. To have sims at a funeral sit down and listen to the podium speaker, have a sim serve coffee. Then, use ani's Have Coffee with Me Mod to call for coffee. Sims will grab a cup and sit down. Tip: Make sure all doors are locked during the service or sims will wander all over to drink their coffee.

Credits:  Sandy  ATS3: Police Station Items, Dinette Chairs, Counters.
Jomsims TSR:  Pizzaeria Table, Coffin Loveseat.
Sim_man123 TSR: Funeral Home Deco.
Buffsumm TSR: Embalming Room.
Fresh Prince: Hearst


Pit Stop Mechanics (20x20)

This little garage is perfect for sims who want to be mechanics and restore old cars.  It has deco pumps, car wash and a fully equipped auto shop. There's a main office reception with a waiting area, a washroom and a coffee counter.

Requirements:  LN, Ambitions, University, and the EA Store Car from Roaring Heights.

Options:  Sims can use this garage with the Ultimate Careers Mod and Miss Hissy's Mechanics Career.  Sims can restore the Classically Cool Fixer-Upper Car (from Roaring Heights) and sell it with ani's Savvier Seller Mod. 

Credits:  Car Wash by ruhrpottbobo TSR
Garage stuff by Illiana TSR
Gas Pumps by Murano TSR
Antique Office stuff by Cyclonesue TSR
Police Station items by Sandy ATS3
Paint Splatters (grease spots) by Aminovas Art Studio 


Custom Map Tag Here.   (Tagger required)

Doosy Dump Junkyard (10x15)

This little Junkyard includes junkyard spawners so your sims can salvage items, 3 piles of scrap to dig through and a cockroach spawner by the turned over garbage can.
Place and set designation to Junkyard.

Note: Ambitions Required.

Credits: Garbage Cans and old bike Cyclonesue TSR


Slumberland Cemetery (10x15)

This little Graveyard is ready for your dearly departed Sims. The stone pathway leads to a rusty, metal staircase behind the statue of the Grim Reaper. In the depths of the ground, your Sims can explore the Catacombs, tour the Mausoleum and Manage the Dead.

Note: Cemetery sign requires Ambitions.

Credits: Cemetery Sign by Syren at My Sims 3 Blog


Lido Park (10x15)

This little park has a play area for kids, an outdoor toilet, eating and cooking area, chess table, lounge chairs and a swimming pool with a water jet.


Ever Ready Fire Station (10x15)

This little Fire Station has everything a fireman needs to work. In the basement there's a workout area, a small washroom with a shower, toilet and sink, and a work bench.  On the main floor is the heart of the fire station.  The second floor has showers, toilets, a kitchen and a TV room. The top floor has a bedroom with more lockers, and a balcony with a fire escape ladder.

Note: Requires Generations


LittleWoods Campground (25x25)

This little Campground has everything your sim needs to rough it in the woods. The conveniences include:  Outdoor toilets, showers, picnic area with a grill, fire pit with stone seating , tents and a bonfire.

For fun sims can fish in the lake, play hopscotch, rock climb, play horseshoes, chess, relax under an awning  or nap in a hammock.

Includes lake fish spawners and butterfly spawners.

Requirements:  WA, University, Ambitions and the EA Store Rock Wall.

Custom Map Tag for this Lot requires Tagger.

Credits:  Camping equipment sims 4-3 conversions, Sandy ATS3
More camping items Sandy ATS3
Outdoor toilets, Majikgoldys TSR
Stone seating,  AnoeskaB  TSR


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7 Responses to Community Lots

  1. Avatar brappl says:

    This new lot is absolutely awesome. I love the layout and colors you used and all on a small lot!! Thank you for sharing your lots with all of us.

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    You’re welcome, glad you like it 🙂

  3. Avatar brappl says:

    Wonderful job littlelambsy and love the idea of using it with Zerbu’s UC mod. Thank you for another great game play option:)

  4. Avatar brappl says:

    I knew if I lurked long enough in here your Pit Stop Mechanics would suddenly appear. What a great job. Love the lot. Now I have to get that car 🙂

    Another “must have” lot. Thank you littlelambsy.

  5. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    You’re very welcome, glad you like it 🙂

  6. Avatar Diana Reid says:

    Hi I have most if not all of your lots. Question: one which is the herbalist always says is closed. Do you know what I need to do for it to be considered open. I use the Savvier Seller Mod with it.


  7. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear that. I’ve had problems with savvier seller with other lots (not mine) and can’t remember how I fixed it. You could post the problem on chatterbox at NRaas site. The people there are very helpful.

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