Little Houses

These are small residential lots for your sims. They are all fully furnished and decorated. The requirements are listed with the description.

All these little houses can be placed on a bigger lot to extend the outer area.

Note: None of the Custom Content is mine. Content has been downloaded from various creators. See favorite CC Sites on the right side of this page for a full listing of creators and links to their sites.

1. Tiny House, 2 bed 1.5 Bathrooms.  (20x15)

This little house is set up for a family of 4. On the main level it has a Kitchen, Living room with a small dining table, and a 1/2 bathroom.  Upstairs it has two bedrooms and a full bathroom.

Outside, there's parking, a barbecue with table and chairs, and a pool with deck chair loungers.  The backyard has room to grow a small garden.

Requirements:  LN, Ambitions, Generations, Seasons.

Credits: Sims 4-3 counter conversions - Sandy ATS3


2. Tiny House, 2 Bed, 1.5 Bath (10x15)

This tiny house has the same floor plan as house 1, but is on a smaller lot, and is set up for two adults and one baby. Upstairs it has two bedrooms, and 1 full bathroom. Downstairs is a kitchen, living room and a bathroom with a toilet and sink. Outside is a small backyard with room to grow a small garden and set up a barbecue.

Requirements:  LN, Ambitions, Generations, Seasons.


3. Spacious Family house with Basement (10x20)

This house may look little but has a lot of space on a small lot. The main floor has a full bathroom, kitchen, dining area, and a living room with sliding doors to the outside.

The upstairs has a full bathroom and two bedrooms. One bedroom has a double bed, the other has bunk beds and a crib. There is also a potty, doll house and toy box for toddlers.

There is a large, unfurnished basement which has the potential of becoming anything your sims want.

Requirements: LN, Ambitions, Generations.


4. Colorful Trailer Home (10x20)

This little trailer home has lots of color for your "Artistic, Bohemian" sims. Outside there's a barbecue area, lounge chairs and an outdoor shower.

The main floor has a living room, and a kitchen with a small dining area.  Upstairs there's one bedroom, a full bathroom and a tiny room with a crib. Off the bedroom is a deck with a telescope.

Requirements: LN, Ambitions, Generations and WA (for the wagon wheels)

Credits: Windows by Mutske TSR
Sofas by Pilar TSR
Wagon Wheels by Cyclonesue TSR
Sofa cushions by ung999 TSR


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  1. Avatar brappl says:

    Hello littlelambsy
    These are adorable. I love the layout and decor. What an awesome job. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us.

  2. Avatar brappl says:

    Another beautiful lot I did not realize I have to have. Thank you littlelambsy. And btw, love the colors 🙂

  3. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    Glad you like it 🙂

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