These sims are all made in game and don't use any sliders, except for the in game ones. They have some clothing, hair and makeup CC, and are made with all expansion packs, except Supernatural, but no stuff packs.  The requirements are listed in the descriptions. 

Custom Content:  None of the Custom Content (Hair, Clothing, Makeup etc) are mine, they are all downloaded from various creators.

Please Note: These sims are in the process of being updated with the needed cc.

Ragman Brothers (Updated)

Ray and Freddy Ragman are brothers who were orphaned at a young age and survived by living on the streets as homeless kids. They make their living as Rag and Bone Men, collecting and selling anything they find in junkyards, dumpsters and around town.

Ray Ragman wants more out of life than being a Rag and Bone man. His wish is to grow the perfect garden and live off the land, instead of out of dumpsters. He's a Slob, a Great Kisser, Clumsy, Hot Headed and has a Green Thumb.

Freddy Ragman wants to live in the lap of luxury, and thinks he can do this by collecting other peoples junk and mooching his way through life. He loves dumpster diving and finding discarded valuables to furnish his house. He's a Slob, Flirty, a Mooch, Grumpy and an Angler.

Requirements:  University, Generations.

Credit to Creators:
Hair by kijiko
Clothing: Top by Eva TSR
Swimwear by altea127 TSR
Athletic/Swim shorts by Margeh-75


Chip Munk (Updated)

Chip Munk has always been chubby, making him a target for bullies. Socially Awkward and Shy, he spends most of his time reading books on crime.  He loves hot dogs, Classical Music and Spiceberry.

Chip day dreams about being an International SuperSpy, just like James Bond, surrounded by beautiful women, money and fame.  Can this chubby, Socially Awkward, Shy, Clumsy, Bookworm, Computer Whiz fulfil his dreams?

Requirements: LN, University (for traits)

CC Creators:
Hair by Skysims
Clothing: OranosTR (Everyday Top) | MartyP (Athletic Top)| miraminkova (Athletic shorts)


Fagin McNasty (Updated)

Fagin McNasty found an old abandoned house and moved in. He hates to work but wants to be Swimming in Cash. He Dislikes Children and thinks they're only good for working. He's Frugal and won't spend money, unless its for his own comfort; a Slob, too lazy to clean up after himself; a Schmoozer, who can be charming when it suits his purpose, and Mean Spirited when things don't go  his way.

Requirements: Generations

CC used:
Hair by Kijiko
Facial hair: Serpentrogue
Clothing: Everyday Top by Eva | Swimwear by Devirose | Outerwear Jacket by OranosTR
Athletic Pants by Margeh-75


Download his house Here

Runaways (Updated)

Three runaway teens met in a reform school and became friends. They come from different backgrounds, and rebelled for different reasons. Will they stay friend? What will become of them? How will they survive on their own?

Tamira Soyinka, a young African teen, was abandoned as a toddler and spent her childhood in many rundown foster homes. As a teenager, she was arrested for hacking the school computers and sent to reform school. There she teamed up with two other delinquents and broke out.  Tamira is  Athletic,  a Computer Whiz, Party Animal and Rebellious.

Viviana Rivera, a Mexican teen, ran away from home and was arrested for fighting. She was sent to a reform school and continued to cause trouble. When the opportunity arose, she broke out with a couple of friends.  Viviana is Brave, Inappropriate, Hot Headed and a Slob.

Cleo Papadopoulos, a Greek teenager, was promised in marriage to a fat, wealthy, mean spirited man by her father.  She reads trashy romance novels and dreams of having a family, but with  someone she loves. To avoid this disastrous marriage, Cleo rebelled and was sent to a reform school to straighten out. Instead, she broke out with two other teens and took off.  She’s a Bookworm, Family Oriented, a Daredevil and Rebellious.

Requirements: Generations, Ambitions, University

CC Creators:
Makeup: Prailine Sims Eyeshadow | Eyeliner
hairs by SintikliaSims | sims hairs  | sims hairs
Nails by NataliS TSR
Clothing by sims2fanbg TSR : Teen Sweater | Casual Top | Sometimes Top |  lillka TSR | BluElla TSR | Margeh-75hrekkjavaka (Skirt)


Hazel Nutt (Updated)

Hazel Nutt is a young adult who's  a little obsessive compulsive and has temper tantrums when things don't go her way. She loves to party, bake cookies and play with dolls. Hazel doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up, and has the Jack of All Trades life time want.

Hazel is Childish, a Great Kisser, Hot Headed, Neurotic, and a Party Animal.  She loves Cookies, Pop Music and Irish Green.

Requirements: Generations

CC Creators Used:
Makeup: Prailine Sims Eyeshadow | Eyeliner
Nails by NataliS TSR
Hair by Nightcrawler TSR
Hoop Earring: NataliS TSR | Snowflake Earrings NataliS TSR
Everyday Halter Top: Harmonia TSR | Formal Sequin Dress: NataliS TSR |
Athletic Top: Icia23 TSR | Athletic Pants: sims2fanbg TSR | Swimsuit: pizazz


Rosemary Sorrel (Updated)

Rosemary Sorrel grew up on the French Riviera as a very overweight child. When she became a young adult, she made some changes in her lifestyle. Now she’s physically fit, eats a vegetarian diet and studies herbs for healing. Rosemary would like to become a herbalist and help others improve their health and maybe, one day, find the secret to stop or reverse ageing.

She's Athletic, Vegetarian, Flirty, Charismatic, and has a Green Thumb. Because she loves to be around people, she wants to be Super Popular.

Requirements: Generations

CC Creators:
Everyday Dress by Lorandia Sims 3 | Leggings: Katelys TSR | Formal Dress: sims2fanbg
Swimwear: Altea127 | Athletic Top: All About Style |  Hair by Sims Hair | Nails: NataliS 
Formal Earrings: NataliS | Makeup: Prailine Sims Eyeshadow | Eyeliner


Snapp Sisters (Updated)

The Snapp sisters are devoted to each other. When Ginger left home her teenage sister, Brandy went with her. She knew Ginger needed to be taken care of. They say there’s a fine line between insanity and Genius, and these sisters know both.

Ginger Snapp went Insane when her fiancé left her at the altar. She still wears her engagement ring and occasionally, at inappropriate times, puts on her wedding dress. Besides being Insane, she’s Artistic, Charismatic, a Coward and a Hopeless Romantic.  Her Life Time Want is to have many friends. Being afraid of the dark, she feels safe surrounded by friends. She loves Disco music, Cheesesteak and the colour blue.

Brandy Snapp is determined to take care of her sister instead of committing her to an asylum. She’s a Genius, and will find a way to provide for both of them, even if it means getting a part-time job after school. She’s also Handy, Flirty and a Snob. Brandy loves Spaghetti and meatballs,  French Music and the colour White.

Requirements: Base Game

CC Creators:
Hair: Nightcrawler TSR | SintikliaSims |
Makeup: Prailine Sims Eyeshadow | Eyeliner
Nails by NataliS TSR
Accessories: Beaded Bracelet by MelissaMel | Formal bracelet: NataliS |
Engagement Ring: NataliS | Earrings: NataliS
Clothing: Everyday Liana Sims3 |Teen dress: Sim2fanbg | Wedding dress by BEO |
Teen formal: flower love | Athletic Pants: Sim2fanbg | Swimwear: Melisa inci |
Outerwear jacket: Ms Blue | Boots: Ms Blue |


Clouseau Family

The Clouseaus are in Law Enforcement. Simone met her husband while working on a case together.  She rescued him from a series of mishaps and realised he needed her. Since then, she’s always had his back, and sometimes can’t help laughing out loud at his blunders.  Strangely though, he always solves his cases.

Jack Clouseau is a French family man who wants to be an International Super Spy. But at the moment he’s a forgetful, clumsy police officer. He thinks of himself as another James Bond and imagines himself in exotic places, surrounded by intrigue and danger. He's Absent Minded, Clumsy, Ambitious, Easily Impressed and Childish.

Simone Clouseau is working her way up to becoming a Forensic Specialist in the police department. She has a good sense of humor, which helps her to see the funny side of her husband’s inept behaviour. She’s the woman behind the man but lets him think he’s “The Man”. She's Artistic, Brave, Computer Whizz, Good and has a Good Sense of Humour.

Charles Clouseau is a teenager and finds it difficult having two parents in Law Enforcement.  As a result, he’s rebellious and tries to act cool with his friends.  He only invites his friends over when his father’s not home, so they don’t see him playing “shootouts” in the mirror. He's Friendly, Loves the Outdoors, Flirty and Rebellious.

Peter Clouseau likes his parents being police officers, it make him feel safe. He’s inherited his mother’s sense of humour and enjoys playing with his dad. He's Shy, a Loner and has a Good Sense of Humour.

Kato is a large, playful police dog, that likes to jump out at people and scare them. But, he’s only playing, isn’t he? He's Playful, Aggressive and Hyper.

Requirements for clothing/Traits: University, Seasons, Pets, Generations.


Police badges by Severinka can be downloaded Here. (scroll half way down page)
Police vests (not shown) can be downloaded here


Planter Family

Herb Planter bought an old farmhouse online from a foreclosure sale and moved his family in. He wants to get back to farming, and teach his kids to be self-sufficient. But, his daughter doesn’t like the outdoors and is afraid of bugs. His son would rather go fishing and play with the dog. Can he persuade them all to share his passion for living off the land, or is he on his own?

Herb Planter grew up on a farm and loved working the land. But, when his father died, his mother sold the farm and moved away.  Now he’s not as happy as he used to be, and tends to be a little OCD about his garden. Herb wants to grow perfect fruits and vegetables and supply the town with his produce.

Olive Planter loves animals and became a vegetarian after visiting a chicken farm. She wants to Can organic fruits and vegetables for her family and sell preserves to the town residents.

Cherry Planter doesn’t like the outdoors because of all the bugs and would rather be inside. She likes indoor activities, reading, board games and chess, but can lose her temper if she doesn’t win.

Quince Planter is shy and, when around strangers, he giggles nervously.  He enjoys spending time with his dog Peanut, and often goes fishing.  He wants to be surrounded by animals, because he can tell them all his problems and they won’t tell.

Peanut Planter  was abandoned by a tourist and had to fend for himself. Then he found the Planters and became part of their family. He's independent, loves to play and is loyal to those who feed him.

Requirements:  University, Pets, (for traits), Ambitions, Generations


Potts Family

On a dare, Jack Potts proposed to a supermodel, and was surprised when she accepted.  Honey Potts thought she was marrying a rich business man who could advance her career, but was surprised to discover he was just an ordinary, tightfisted, man with no money and snores. Now they have a daughter, Flower. Can this marriage work?

Jack Potts is unemployed, but wants to be a Master Mixologist.  He's a Heavy Sleeper, Frugal, Nurturing, a Great Kisser and, being a Technophobe, he doesn't trust technology or want any of it in his house. He tries to save his money, only goes to cheap places and prefers to spend his free time playing with his daughter.

Honey Potts is a beautiful unemployed supermodel who wants to Live in the Lap of Luxury.  She's a Snob  A Party Animal, Flity, Ambitious and a Computer Whiz.  Honey is high maintenance, she likes to wear expensive clothing, drive expensive cars, have manicures, spa treatments and travel. She's use to throwing extravagant parties and having the latest technology.

Requirements:  Generations


The Pin Family

Lou Pin became a single parent when his wife died in a fire. He finds it difficult to raise a daughter without the influence of a mother, and take care of a toddler while working.  Lou wants to be a Fireman, so he can serve and protect the community. He's Brave, Adventurous, Athletic, Family Oriented and a Hopeless Romantic. In his spare time he works out at the gym to keep in top shape. One day, he hopes to meet someone special to help him raise his family.

Terra Pin lost her mother at a young age and had no guidance in how to be a little lady. Therefore, she turned out to be a tomboy. She never turns down a dare or backs away from a challenge. She's an Animal Lover, Daredevil and a Slob.

Bobby Pin is a toddler and likes Irish Green, Keylime Pie and Latin Music. He likes to play at the park, especially on anything that bounces

Requirements: World Adventures, Ambitions.


The Katz

Tom Katz and his wife Ali adopted a stray cat named Kitty. Tom loves to wander around town and play with stray cats, and often brings them home. His wife Ali katz, prefers to search through and collect items from discarded material. She likes to take risks and break the rules. Their pet, kitty Katz, is adventurous, hunts and plays where she's not suppose to.

Tom Katz is Brave, a Cat person, Flirty, Heavy Sleeper and Hydrophobic. He wants to become friends with at least 15 other cats.

Ali Katz is Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, a Hopeless Romantic, Daredevil and Excitable. She wants to travel and visit France Egypt and China... and more.

Requires: LN, Generations, Pets



Indiana Quatermain met his wife Sidika in an Egyptian tomb where he saved her life. Through his adventures he’s found many treasures, but will he ever discover the secret of his wife’s heritage?   Are  his adventures going to take him further than he ever dreamed?

Indiana has always dreamed of becoming a Great Explorer and finding lost treasures.  He loves archaeology, travel, solving mysteries and digging in the dirt.  He's Adventurous, Athletic, Brave, Flirty and Handy.

Sidika is of royal blood, a Turkish princess who rebelled against her royal family. Rather than become part of a royal harem, she chose to run away, find her own husband and raise a large family. She loves kids and wants to be a teacher. She's Rebellious, a Snob, Hopeless Romantic, Ambitious and Family Oriented. She wants to be Surrounded by Family.

Requirements:  World Adventures, Generations, Ambitions.



Spyro Buttinski is Polish and got his wife, Yenta, through an arranged marriage.  Now he has to put up with her constant gossiping about the neighbours. Turning a bad situation to his advantage, Spyro started writing Drama novels about all the things his wife reveals about the town residents.  He's Artistic, a Bookworm, Couch Potato, Flirty and a Coward.

Yenta is self-confident and flashy, she wears heavy makeup, bright colours and lots of jewellery. Being full figured, she squeezes herself into tight clothing. Yenta spends most of her time butting into other people’s business, eavesdropping, gossiping and revealing secrets. She will often be found snooping around town and peering into windows. Her desire is to become a Private Eye so she can get the goods on everyone in town. She's a Diva, Dramatic, Inappropriate, Perceptive, and thinks she's Irresistible.

Requirements: (for Traits) Show Time, University.


The Reefs

Rocky met his wife, Coral, while fishing.  He cast out and accidentally hooked onto her as she was snorkelling,  then reeled her in. It was love at first sight. Now this young, carefree couple love to hang out at the beach. They enjoy surfing, wind surfing, water-skiing and swimming together. These beachcombers make their living by selling what they find in the oceans.

Coral Reef was the daughter of Explorer parents,  but they disappeared off the coast of Paradise Island when their boat entered a thick mist. Coral loves Sushi, Island life music and the color yellow.  She’s Adventurous, Athletic, a Great Kisser, Loves to Swim and Loves the heat. Her Life Time Want  is to be a Deep Sea Diver.

Rocky Reef comes from a long line of Anglers, and wants to follow in their footsteps. He loves to hang out at the beach, throw beach parties, fish and barbecue up his catch for the crowd. His goal is to travel the world, catch all different kinds of fish and display a  perfect collection of fish.

Requirements: Ambitions, Generations, Island Paradise (for traits and LTW)



The Lollipops are a musical family of siblings. They all have the Virtuoso trait and have formed a band called “The Lollipops”.  One, though, thinks he can do better on his own. The rivalry  is on between Rock Star vs One Man Band or an all-girl group.  Will they stay together or go their separate ways? And who will succeed?

Molly Lollipop is the oldest. She loves music, bars, discos and night clubs. Molly likes to hang out with the men but avoids making commitments.  Her passion is to play music, especially Rock.

Dolly Lollipop is the twin sister of Holly. She's high maintenance and dreams of being admired for her musical talents, and wants to live in the lap of luxury.  Dolly likes expensive restaurants, rich men, spa treatments and designer clothing.

Holly Lollipop is quite different from her twin sister Dolly, she's the wild child.  Holly likes to live life on the edge. She rides a motorbike, plays with fire and doesn’t care what others think.

Wally Lollipop is the baby of the family. Growing up with 3 sisters, he always felt left out. He developed a complex and now wants to be the center of attention, its all about Wally. He crashes parties,  goes where the crowds are, and likes to perform, showing off his musical talents.

Requirements:  Generations, Ambitions, Showtime


Optional download: Audition for Band Gigs mod found Here.


Danaus and Cienna Berrymoth are brother and sister. They're Italian and grew up on the vineyards of Italy. Both are scientifically minded and want to study science.

Cienna especially loves the science of fermentation and nectar making. She not only wants to Grow the perfect garden, but wants to scientifically alter genetics and cross breed seeds to make them even better in order to make specialized nectars. She's a Bookworm, has a Green Thumb, Eco Friendly, Perfectionist and a Vegetarian.

Danaus loves the science of bugs and wants to be an Entomology.  He will often be found alone in the woods looking for bugs to study. Dan wants to travel the world, collect different bugs and scientifically cross breed them to produce a new species. He's a Genius, Adventurous,  a Bookworm, Loner and Loves the Outdoors.

Requirements:  Generations, University (if you want to play according to their background)


Orphaned Children

Breda, Nico and Mosi were orphaned when their world was destroyed in a meteor shower. Since then, they've been surviving the best way they know how.

Breda Magee is from a wealthy Irish family, but now lives with two other orphans in poverty. She's Brave, Friendly and a Slob.

Nico Ramirez is from a Spanish/Mexican family. He's Artistic, Adventurous and Inappropriate.

Mosi Madaki is from a Nigerian family. He's a Mooch, Daredevil and Computer Whiz.

Requirements: Generations, Ambitions


See their story played out in Derelicts of Rosewald

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35 Responses to Sims

  1. brappl says:

    These look absolutely awesome littlelambsy. I love it that your sims have a back story and that you have defined their personalities. I’ve grabbed them all and going to play them right away. Thank you very much.

  2. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    You are very welcome 🙂

  3. brappl says:

    I just had to come back in here to tell you I have all of your sims in game and they look wonderful. They were easily converted to Package files and I have them in my Library.
    The only clothes that did not display were items from either Late Night or Uni. I have those EP’s disabled in CAS.

    I have the perfect place for Freddie and Ray to work:|Ragtag by Vincent T over at MTS but they are going to have to work towards owning the store.

    Thanks again for all you have contributed here. You’ve made playing even more fun for all of us.

  4. brappl says:

    Thank you again littlelambsy. The Snapp sisters look like lots of fun to play. Love the back story as well as their names 🙂

  5. brappl says:

    I just had an idea (I do try to have at least one a month lol)
    Would you consider adding your sims back stories to the Household Description in Edit Function so it is included in the download?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I did in some but will make sure I do add it to all in future. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  7. brappl says:

    Love your Sims littlelambsy. I have set up a town just for them: Amesbury Pointe and am playing them based on the trait assignments and back story. Lots of fun. Thank you so much for these.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You’re welcome and that sounds great. I love that little world 🙂

  9. brappl says:

    Oh WOW … I just downloaded the last 4 you made available. Love them littlelambsy.
    The Orphans: I haven’t looked yet but are they the same as in the 7 Orphans I already have from you?

    The Wiki is slowly coming back up , no Chatterbox yet though. Talk with you soon and thank you again very very much.

  10. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    Thanks brappl, I’m glad you’re enjoying my sims. I’m trying to populate my town with sims but didn’t want to do random game generated ones. I’m having more fun creating these than playing LOL.
    The Orphans are the three homeless kids I used in my story Derelicts of Rosewald. In the 7 homeless kids you have, these 3 are part of that group, only renamed and made over.

  11. brappl says:

    Oh WOW … I did my daily routine checking to see what you’ve been up to and there they were, The Planters. Thank you so much.

  12. Ryan W. says:

    I just want to start off by saying that I REALLY like what you have here, it certainly eases the need for me to have to create a bunch of new sims myself that’s for sure, however, I appear to be having some issues making these sims appear as advertised. I know you said that the CC was minimal and I thought that it was downloaded into my game, according to my launcher, but yet when I place them within my neighborhood they turn into what I’d like to call: Bizzaro versions, or should I say less appealing looking shadows of what they’re supposed to look like?

    Am I supposed to edit them in the CAS mode with the debug mode in order to give them the proper look? Or am I just missing some CC that isn’t mentioned here on the page? Just curious, as I’m trying to make the most accurate representation of what was advertised.

  13. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    Hello Ryan, I’m glad you like my sims and I’m sorry you’re having a problem in game with them. Many have downloaded them and I haven’t heard of any problems. When I create them I use clothing and hairstyles from just the ones that came with the expansion packs and some custom content downloads. I avoid all store content and stuff packs. So there is some CC. The sims should come with all the custom clothing etc. I’ll look into this and see what I can come up with.

  14. brappl says:

    Hello Ryan W – I am currently playing with all of these sims. As long as you have downloaded the 3pack you should not be missing any CC. There were a few sims that needed some adjusting. Where littlelambsy is not using custom sliders you might want to consider trying to adjust them in CAS with the EA game slider options. It can get a bit tedious as sims are very difficult to create and again, where custom sliders are not being used and available for download with the 3pack the sims appearance might vary as we all have different base settings.

    Hope this helps you out somewhat and that you will be able to enjoy her sims.

    • Ryan W. says:

      I have all the Awesome and NRAAS sliders, the usual modding stuff and so far, up to this point, everything that I put into the game matches exactly what I download as long as I have the CC and the sliders to boot.

      I’ve since checked again, and once again, the hair of the characters looks different, the clothes are different, when comparing the two images in their house icons to the icons in the bins (Which, btw, are the RIGHT looks) you’d be quick to think that they were two different sims.

      Chip Munk’s hair was buzzed.

  15. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    Thanks brappl, that makes sense. Hope that helps Ryan, please let me know if you still have problems. 🙂

  16. brappl says:

    Quick question for littlelambsy
    I converted the Lollypops to a Library Package file. Where does the Music For Lollipops.package go?

    Thank you again for all your downloads here.

  17. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    You got me there brappl, I have no idea. I have never converted them to library files. If I did I would probably install them in game then add them to the library, that way they become a library file … wouldn’t they?

    • brappl says:

      HA.. Silly ME … The it is the shirt with the musical notes. I put the file in my packages folder in Mods.

      When I convert some 3packs I pull out the actual household, rename it and put it in the Library. When there isn’t a ton of additional content I use Merlin to see what the content is and if I don’t already have it I just rename it and put it in Mods/Packages.

  18. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    LOL it was a trick question. I think you’re trying to confuse me LOL

  19. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    @Ryan, this is where I got Chip’s hair from and it should have downloaded with the sim. Hope that helps.

    • Ryan W. says:

      Okay. I know for a fact now that I have this hair. Just for some reason or another the download didn’t want to load them the way they’re shown here.

      I guess this just means I’m going to have to edit each Sim individually with CAS to give them the proper hair. As for the clothes, I guess that isn’t as important. But… would it be at all possible to post .sim versions of these Sims? I’ve noticed that with those the look is accurate 100 percent of the time as long as you have all the CC.

    • Ryan W. says:

      …Or if not, would you perhaps tell me which CC belongs to who (Like you did with Chip, which, btw, THANK YOU)?

  20. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    I’ve never done a .sim version. If you tell me how to do it I will include it in the zip file for each future sim.

    • Ryan W. says:

      Hm. Then I suppose I’d just have to know which CC belongs to who and maybe which clothes if that’s possible. I don’t know how to create .sim files either. lol.

  21. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    I just googled it and it says the .sim files are saved to the SavedSims folder when saving in CAS, and are found in CAS. I do have all my sims saved to the SavedSims folder. I’ve just gone in game to check them out. Once I see they’re all there, I’ll package them all in a zip file and give you the link. Then you just put them in your SavedSims folder. Not sure if all the cc (clothes and hair) will come with them, but its worth trying. Normally, all the cc stays with the sim when shared in a sims3 file, which are what my sims are.

  22. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    @Ryan, here are all the sims, including the pets, in one zip folder. They’re all .sim files to be placed in your SavedSims folder. They should then show up in CAS library. As I mentioned though, they may not come with the cc and they won’t have the skills/jobs and inventory content that comes with the sims3 file. But, if you install the downloaded sims and add the .sim files it may work better for you. Let me know how it goes 🙂

  23. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    I hope they work, but if not I will try to redo the sims and give links to all the cc used so they can look like they do in the screenshots.

  24. brappl says:

    Hi LittleLambsy – Your updated Ragman Brothers are working perfectly. They look the same as their picture here and have all the clothing etc.
    I see you also updated the Runaways. I’ll reinstall them and get back with you. Thank you so much.

  25. brappl says:

    Love your Updated Sims littlelambsy. All your sims are wonderful. Thank you.

  26. brappl says:

    Hello Again littlelambsy. Would you check the link for the police badges. The page comes up with the could not connect u message. Thanks.

  27. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    Hi brappl, apparently the Sims 3 Updates site is no longer active. I’ve found them again and edited the link. You should be able to download them now. Also, I’m adding a link to police vests.

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