The Wanderer: Part 2

Roma travels to Simaui,* a South Sea Island with sandy beaches and palm trees.  Here, there are new things to discover and learn, until its time to move on.

Her travels and adventures have given her enough money to buy a small house near the beach overlooking the ocean.  The next day, Roma goes snorkelling, and finds some interesting and valuable shells.

*  Simaui is Sunlit Tides renamed.

Roma repairs the dishwasher, and does a few other renovations around the house. In the evening she plants a small garden with the seeds she brought with her from her last garden.

Roma gets a call from the Oceanview Bistro, asking her to go to France and get some frogs for their menu. Before leaving, she calls a few friends and meets them at the Coconut Club for dinner. She plays shuffleboard, and dances with a Len Tsang, a beach bum and a heart-breaker. 

In France, Roma checks the board to see if anyone else is looking for frogs. With an assignment back home and now one is France, she goes fishing. Roma spends most of the day by the lake, and catches enough frogs for both assignments.

When she delivers the frogs, the person wants steaks and lettuce, so she goes shopping. Then they ask her to go to Egypt and catch a couple of crocodiles!  First, she needs to return home and deliver the frogs to the Bistro.

Roma arrives home just in time to find a burglar running away from her house. Inside, she discovers her toilet has been stolen! The next day she installs a burglar alarm before leaving for Egypt.

Still having an assignment to fulfil, Roma travels to Egypt in search of crocodiles. In a small, isolated lake behind a pyramid, she catches all the crocodiles she needs.

Roma spends the rest of her time excavating dig sites, exploring tombs and finding valuable artefacts. 

Before going to France to deliver the crocodiles, Roma returns home to sort out her finances. She's collected enough artefacts, coins and treasures to net her over 20,000 simolians.  Next, she registers at city hall as a Self-Employed Collector. 

Roma arrives in France and sets out to deliver the crocodiles. Then the woman asks her to go to China and bring back plums. Roma doesn't want to go to China, but goes to visit an old insane man she met before. He has a plum tree and allows her to pick as many as she needs. Roma delivers the plums and returns home.

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