The Wanderer: Part 3

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Roma arrives in Salmon Woods, a rustic fishing village built around a large lake and surrounded by mountains.  She's made enough money to buy a nice 2 bedroom house on the lake. 

After unpacking, she relaxes by taking a community boat out on the lake to do some fishing.

Roma has planted an almost perfect garden behind her house. Now she waters the plants early in the morning while still in her dressing gown and slippers.

While tending her garden she notices a couple of dead plants.  Having the the Green Thumb trait and level 10 gardening skills, she revives them.

After gardening she wants to check out the town, and starts by going to the park. There, she meets some of the towns people and gets to know them.  Later, she cooks up a pile of burgers and everyone grabs a plate.

Sitting across from her, at another table, is a balding man who she finds very attractive. She can tell he feels the same way.  Unfortunately, after meeting him she finds out he's Insane. 

In the evening she visits the Irish Rovers Pub and orders a drink.  There she meets Bart Sumner and sings karaoke with him. He's a Virtuoso and drowns out her not so great voice, but has no fashion sense and needs someone to dress him.

Later, he asks her to slow dance and steps all over her feet. He may have a great singing voice but he certainly can't dance.

Roma wants to sleep in a tomb, so goes back to Egypt.  At the base camp she checks the board but doesn't find anything interesting.  Her visa has given her 5 days to relax and explore.

She catches a few Egyptian moths and finds them very pretty.  Later, she takes a swim in the Nile River to cool off.  

Roma takes an assignment to photograph a pile of ancient coins. But, while exploring the tomb of the Burning Sands,  she runs into a series of mishaps. First she gets pulled into a sarcophagus and thrown out, then gets soaked in a dive well, has to dig her way through piles of rubble and finally gets caught in a fire trap. Shaken up and too exhausted to go back to the base camp, she gets her wish to sleep in a tomb.

The night before she has to leave, Roma joins a water balloon fight with Fikry and Inji Ameen.  Then sits around a fire pit with them and shares a veggie roast before going to bed.

Back home Roma visits the golf and country club for a drink.  There, she meets Darrel Schwart, a doctor. They have a lot in common and she finds him very attractive so she buys him a drink. Later they flirt, and become romantically involved.

Roma has come a long way from being homeless and growing up in group homes. Now she owns a home on the lake, is in love with a doctor and has traded her old bicycle for a brand new, red Yomoshoto Evasion car.  She likes Salmon Woods and intends to make this her permanent homeworld.

Its been about a week since she's seen Darrel, so she invites him out on a date.  In her boat she takes him across the lake to a secluded place. There, she spreads out a picnic basket with burgers and nectar.

They spend a romantic day together, and later watch the stars while talking about their dreams and ambitions. Darrel tells her, he works at the hospital and wants to become a psychiatrist for the local asylum.  Roma says she's a travelling collector/adventurer with a degree in Science and Medicine and hasn't decided yet what she wants to do.

Roma's been out collecting and dumpster diving and is in her work clothes when Darrel shows up to ask her out for dinner. Before she can answer him, she gets a phone call from the Fire Grill Bistro. They want her to go to France and take five photographs for their walls.  She tells Darrel, dinner will have to wait until she gets back.

In France, Roma tours around town taking photos for the Bistro. She takes one of the fountain in the town square, some flowers outside the cafe, and the Celtic Ruins.  

On the way back to the base camp she stops at the graveyard to explore the Catacombs. She has a terrifying experience leaving  her tired, burned, shaken, and wishing she was back home with her boyfriend.  With three days left on her trip, she decides to return home. 

Back home she goes out to dinner with Darrel. They enjoy good food, dancing and each others company. Then, Darrel proposes marriage, and she accepts.

Roma starts shopping for a wedding dress and finds one she likes. Now its time to throw a party and plan a honeymoon. 

The Wanderer: Part 4

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