The Wanderer: Part 4

Roma throws a bachelorette party the day before her wedding. But the party doesn't go as she hoped, it was a disaster.  The invitation said "Dress to Impress," so one guest turned up in her nightie and bunny slippers.  One man in shorts spent most of the evening arguing with a brick wall and the other guests sat down and watched tv. 

With everyone doing their own thing, Roma changes out of her party outfit and orders pizza for all the guests.  She wonders now if her wedding is going to be as bad as her party. Is she having second thoughts on her marriage?

Saturday, Roma's wedding day. She dresses in her bridal gown and goes to the golf and country club. While the guests arrive, she orders a drink and thinks about the wedding. 

The time comes for everyone to take their seats. Darrel and Roma take their place under the wedding arch and wait for the guests to settle.

While the guests are finding their seats, Darrel has a silly moment. He forms his hands into talking puppets and chatters back and forth between them.

Roma is also having a moment. She takes one last look around to see if there's anyone more attractive than her "hand-talking" groom.

The guests are seated and the music starts. Roma and Darrel exchange rings and become husband and wife.  Then they cut the cake and serve it to their guests.

Roma has no regrets with her marriage, and while the guests are preoccupied, she entices her husband into the elevator for some fun before going home.

Darrel wants to travel abroad for their honeymoon, and Roma has an assignment from a client in France. She needs to travel to Egypt and China and convince one of the locals to  open their home to a poor traveller. 

They pack their bags and head to the airport and within a few hours arrive in Egypt.

Roma wants to get right to work but Darrel has other ideas - Honeymooners!

Having completed her assignment for Egypt, Roma takes on another. She's asked to photograph a floor trap for a travel brochure.  While she's in the Sphinx surrounded by fire, Darrel is out looking for Mercury.

Back home over dinner, Darrel says he wants to become a surgeon and plans to get his degree in Medicine.

At the library he researches universities offering scholarships and gets one in Science and Medicine.

Roma still has an assignment to complete. So she takes Darrel to China. There she speaks with  Shen Su and convinces him to allow Albert Fouchier to stay with his family while travelling.

Having finalised the arrangements in China for Albert, Roma spends time fishing with Darrel. At lunchtime, they enjoy a picnic by the lake.  Roma and Darrel spend the rest of their time sight seeing, collecting and exploring before returning home.

The night before they leave for France, Roma reminds Darrel of their honeymoon in Egypt. Their fun in the tent has resulted in her being pregnant, he's  going to be a daddy. 

The Wanderer: Part 5

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