The Wanderer

Roma Landloper never had a real family. She grew up in group homes and homeless shelters and dreams of adventure, wealth and romance.  Now she's become a young adult and must leave the group home. She sits on the stairs and contemplates where to go and how to survive.   

She arrives on the Isle of Scilly,*  just off the coast of England.  Not having enough money to rent a place, she sets up camp on a vacant lot overlooking the ocean.

Roma is a bookworm, Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, a Great Kisser and Artistic. Her lifetime wish is to Live in the Lap of Luxury.

* Isle of Scilly is Eltham's Drift renamed.

After unpacking her tent, and setting up her living space, she needs to find food.  On a small beach Roma goes fishing, hoping to catch something for dinner. After a couple of  hours she catches a few small anchovies and roasts them over an open fire. 

The next day Roma finds some seeds. In the evening she plants a small garden so she can have fresh fruit and veggies.

One night Roma's hanging out with friends at the Harp and Shamrock pub, when, unexpectedly, Stein Svard, from Aurora Skies, asks her to be his steady girlfriend. Not ready to make a commitment, Roma turns him down. Poor guy, he's all dejected but he'll get over it.

Having escaped a commitment, Roma figures its time to take a trip, and arrives in France.

Excited about her first adventure, she changes into some shorts, a french blouse, puts her hair into a pony tail and heads out on her bike to the Celtic Ruins.  After 2 days of searching for a missing object, she finds it and completes the adventure. On the third day, its time to return home.

Her trip to France was a profitable one. Roma opens a bank account at the Bank of Scilly and deposits $9,000 Simolians.

Roma wants to make something of her life. So with the money she made in France, she decides to go on another adventure, to college. At the library, Roma scans the different courses, applies for a scholarship and registers in the school of Science and Medicine.

She arrives at the dorm with the other students, changes her clothes and puts her hair into a braid. Then, Roma attends the Meet and Greet, buys a muffin and meets the other students. One in particular catches her eye, Leonard Shelly, another Science major.

When classes start, Roma sets her mind on studying and improving her Science skills.

Her education is complete, and its time to go home. Roma graduates with a B grade, and gains the Handiness trait. 

Fall has arrived and Roma's garden has become dormant.  Rather than spend a cold winter without a home, she decides to travel somewhere exotic before moving on.

This trip takes Roma to China. She's looking forward to many adventures, hidden treasures and cash rewards.

Roma starts exploring in the Hall of the Lost Army.  Going deeper into the tomb, she finds herself in a dark basement with a wall of stone, upright boxes. When looking inside one, she gets pulled in, then thrown out, making her head spin. With no harm done, she continues until its time to go home.  

On this trip she was able to make over  7000 Simolians from found artefacts and cash rewards.

When the trip is over, Roma goes home long enough to pack up her things before moving on to her new home....

The Wanderer: Part 2

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