The Wanderer: Part 5

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With her France assignment complete and a baby on the way, Darrel wants to buy a bigger house. They find a nice 3 bedroom with a pool backing onto the lake. 

Roma has completed her lifetime wish to live in the lap of luxury. She now owns a beautiful lake view home, has money in the bank, is married to a budding doctor and  about to start a family of her own.  

To celebrate their move, Darrel and Roma invite a friend to go bowling with them. While Darrel bowls, Shawna and Roma discuss their pregnancies.

After a night at the arcade, they all enjoy a sweet snack before going home.

Darrel wants to get serious about his career so he enrols in the Science and Medicine program at the university.  

When he arrives, he thinks about what area of medicine he wants to study. Does he want to work with mental disorders at the Asylum, or at the hospital as a  paediatrician?

At the Meet and Greet Darrel meets the Mascot and thinks university is going to be one big party. 

The night before Darrel's first class, the dorm gets burgled. Darrel, having the Brave trait, tackles the burglar and knocks her to the ground. A fight breaks out and, with Darrel having the upper hand, she takes off before the police arrive.

Darrel's disappointed, nobody has invited him to any parties. Most of his dorm mates point their finger and laugh at him. So he applies himself to studying, conducting experiments and reading. 

All his hard work pays off. He gets his report card and has graduated with an A grade.

With his degree in Medicine, Darrel takes a job at the hospital as an intern. Having the Childish trait, he decides to specialise in Paediatrics'. In the children's ward, Dr. Darrel Swarts has fun playing with the kids before examining them.

One Sunday afternoon Roma goes into labor and rushes to the hospital. She gives birth to a baby boy named Micky.

When Roma puts the baby to bed, Darrel looks at his son and then at Roma. It seems strange to him that Micky has blonde hair when both his parents are dark haired. 

A few days after Micky is born, Roma joins the Astronomy Career in the Astrophysics branch.   While she's at work, Darrel takes Micky to the hospital with him and puts him in  the hospital nursery. He does his work in the children's ward and keeps an eye on his son.

At work, Roma time travels to the past, tests gravity and documents her findings. 

After work Roma goes to the hospital and picks up her son. Darrel has to work until 7:00 pm and is on call.

In the early hours of the morning Roma hears a strange noise and goes to investigate.  She's thrilled to find a female alien outside her house, but before she can get to know her, she disappears.

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