Cassiopeia Daxx

I decided to start a legacy game without following the normal Legacy Challenge rules. I've never played a sim through to the 10th generation before, so this will be a challenge in itself. 

I've chosen to play in Manihikki because its a beautiful Tropical world with Dive Lots, Houseboats, Mystery Islands and, I added a rundown resort from IP.

The Sim I've chosen to be the founder is one of my own, a female single parent with a toddler son. Let's meet them 🙂

This is Cassiopeia Dax'xoip (Daxx) and her son Rigel.  Cassiopeia believes she came from outer space and has alien roots because of her name, and she never knew her father. She's fascinated with the universe, loves to stargaze, search the galaxy and collect space rocks. She watches sci-fi movies, reads sci-fi novels and wants to work on a Starship. She became a single parent to her son Rigel when her husband mysteriously disappeared and was never found.  

The family home is where she lived with her husband until his disappearance. Its built on a nice size lot, has a thatched roof, 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and a small laundry room. 

Cassiopeia is Unflirty, a Perfectionist, Genius, Athletic, Charismatic and has No Sense of Humor. Her goal is to have the perfect mind and body.

Rigel is Neurotic, a Light Sleeper and Loves the Outdoors.

Adjusting to being a single parent, Cassiopeia teaches her son to talk. Then, she takes him to the local diner, sits him on a booster seat and orders lunch.

With a toddler at home, Cassiopeia is unable to work, so she decides to open a daycare until little Rigel is old enough to go to school.

At the end of the work day only one toddler was picked up by her father. The other little girl, Trisha Tang was left behind.  After two days it was obvious the child had been abandoned, so Cassiopeia adopts her.  In the morning she serves her son and new daughter breakfast at the kitchen table.

On the weekend, Cassiopeia takes the kids to the park and teaches Trisha to walk. While she's busy with Trisha, a neighbour puts little Rigel on the Spring Rider.

Later, Cassiopeia greets the friendly neighbour and talks to him about her Daycare. Trisha walks over to her brother and gives him a big hug.  The next day, Rigel ages up to a child.

Cassiopeia takes a night off and goes to the golf and country club to meet new people. She buys a party drink, and checks out who's there.

After a few drinks, she dances with a couple of single men and stays until the club closes at 2:00 am.

The next morning, while mum is still sleeping, Rigel gives his little sister a bottle, then chats with her about summer holidays.

Its winter and the snow is deep outside. So while Trisha naps, Cassiopeia takes Rigel outside for a snowball fight.

Trisha has aged up to a child, and over dinner she talks to her mum about going to the lake. She wants to learn to ice skate.

When the kids are in bed, Cassiopeia searches the galaxy. She loves to stargaze, and dreams of working on a star ship exploring space.

After Trisha grows to a child, Cassiopeia quits the Daycare job and goes to work at the Observatory. Now she's on the way to becoming a Space Cadet.

Feeling a little lonely, Cassiopeia joins an online dating site.  Searching through the profiles she finds an attractive man named Tarik Seal and sends him a message.  His profile says he's a great singer, a natural cook, a genius who loves the outdoors and, like herself, is a perfectionist. She can't wait to meet him.

The next day she arranges to meet Tarik for lunch at the Coffee Cup Diner.  When they meet, there's an instant attraction between them.  But, before they eat, Cassiopeia wants to know if he's married.

When he says he's single, they sit down to a nice lunch and chat.

After lunch, the attraction quickly fades when Tarik says he's unemployed and wants her to give him money to pay for the meal. That's when she discovers he's a Mooch, a trait he left off his profile.

It Saturday and everyone's up early. Cassiopeia remembers that Trisha wants to learn to skate, so after breakfast she takes the kids to the lake.

At first, Trisha has a hard time staying on her feet. Rigel tries to help but he's not fast enough and Trisha falls down.

After spending most of the day ice skating, the kids have gotten pretty good. Rigel can skate backwards and Trisha can do spins.

After dinner, Cassiopeia decides to give this online dating another go. She calls one of the men that sent her a message, and invites him over for coffee.

When Tobin Hodges arrives, she invites him in.  Over coffee all he can do is complain about her body type. On her profile she put "athletic" but he doesn't see her that way. There's an instant dislike between them and she can't wait for him to finish his coffee and leave.

Its a nice sunny winter Sunday, so they all go outside and play in the snow. First they make snow angels by falling backwards, but Trisha falls face down and gets a "frosty face". Next, they build a classic snowman.

Later, some of the neighbourhood kids come over and join in a snowball fight.  Then when they're all frosty, Cassiopeia makes hot chocolate for all the kids.

The weekend's over and Cassiopeia is back to work at the Observatory. She tests Zero-G in the Anti-Gravity room and tries not to throw up.  After lunch, she takes a trip to the past and comes back with an expensive book.

Cassiopeia decides to check her messages one last time before removing her profile from the online dating site. There's a message from a Tremayne Sample, who looks pretty normal, so she calls and arranges a meeting at the golf and country club.

They order drinks and chat. Tremayne says he wants to travel the stars and never misses an episode of Star Trek.  His interests include Sci-Fi, Astronomy, and time travel.

By the end of the evening, they've become friends and romantically involved. Not wanting to let this one go, she asks him to be her boyfriend, and he accepts.

When the club closes, they sit outside and watch the stars. Cassiopeia points to the sky and tells him that one day she'll be on a star ship, searching the galaxy to find out where she really comes from.

Tremayne is so taken with her, he proposes marriage, and the two become engaged.

The next day at work, Cassiopeia gets promoted to Planetarium Operator as a Star Guide.  While inspecting the portal at the back of the Observatory, she's visited by Emit, a Time Traveler. He invites her to work at the Observatory in Oasis Landing to improve her Advanced Technology skills, then gives her the Almanac of Time.

 Daxx: Part 2


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